Friday, 11 May 2018

So ? ... Now what ? ....

Spring has been on the ... shall we say ... snooze button for so long here in the Great WHITE North, that when it finally danced in I was ? .. is ? ... in full panic mode to GET THINGS DONE !

Saturday was "OMG!" day but with the help of the ever loyal , hard working ,Garden PA !
We were able to get a tremendous (for us) amount of work done.
Thank heaven for Garden PA and his miracle workings , especially getting our water feature cleaned and functioning ! .. the birds are happy with that sound of running water and the new birdbath that actually has a solar light in the column and lights up at night now how fun is that ?
I know .. they don't NEED that but we get a kick out of it :-)
Yes .. the metal crane is a bit corny but I developed an affection ? for it .. so it stands proud !
The draw back to all of this work is that I am still suffering for it, and yet ? planning the next deployment of garden tools and missions to accomplish ...
That is what we gardeners are so driven to do, each year has a different slant to the garden's own need.
It truly is a never ending cycle of "what can I do next, to tweak this garden into the Eden I so want to see."
My one dream will never see light though .. I am a frog fanatic .. to hear frogs in the garden would be absolute heaven to me .. alas we can not take care of a real pond .. but this water feature does create a lovely atmosphere .. so I am content with that ... for now ? haha

A few pictures to illustrate .. I wanted to do side by side comparisons of the new patio but I will have to do that another time .. even typing is painful so this is the best I could muster up for now !
I was just so happy to see the standard hydrangea not be too upset about the transplant I did with it.
Pink Diamond is the cultivar, and I don't expect it to flower this year, but hopefully next year.
Gardeners .. even in aches and pains are forever the optimists !
I had my 15 minutes of fame framed ... and that made me smile big time .. so even though I felt like I lost last year in the garden .. I have the photo to prove I did do something worth while.
My photo credit is tiny but it is to the bottom right side above the green square, beside the red circle.
I wish I had added CanadianGardenJoy because the people in the UK would probably just think I was British .. oh well ... I was just so floored with the whole thing .. who thinks straight in that condition ?
I really appreciated Lark's note with the pamphlet.
I had to make sure it was included in the framing .. she was wonderful through the whole process
In any case .. more hard work to accomplish before I can set the cruise dial and just putter in the garden .. every year I say the same thing but I really MEAN it this year !


outlawgardener said...

Thank goodness that the snowy blanket has finally been thrown off the beds in your GWN garden! Everything looks fantastic and your hard work is evident. So much to accomplish in our gardens this time of year. I feel your pain.

CiNdEe said...

So glad Spring arrived there finally(-: We are headed into Summer here. It has been hot.
The framed picture looks great. What an honor!
I am laughing about the cruise mode. When does that happen? For me it might be December. I do however look forward to cold rainy days.(-:
Work here never seems to end. I do take a stroll around the yard every night though and enjoy the scene.(-:
Happy Mothers Day!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is looking quite perky. I know the feeling of those achey muscles. UGH..It will all be worth is. I think your Crane (it looks like a Great Blue Heron to me) looks nice where you have it. One would really be there if you had frogs in your garden. I love your new patio. I can't wait to hear more about it. Don't over do....

Barry said...

A ghost from gardening season past....... I love that your photo was used by that UK nursery! Definitely one for the books Joy! Mother Nature has a weekend pass from her rehab stint....... there was a call for frost last night so imagine everything at the nursery having to be pulled in or protected for the night. Doesn't look better for tonight. I desperately want the garden season to be upon us, but at the same time, work and the new hand dyed yarn business have be chasing my tail at the moment and with Mother's Day and May 24 breathing down my neck......... we shall persevere my friend, we shall persevere!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Peter you are so sweet , thank you ! .. winter just didn't want to let go and then when it did .. Spring faux summer hit with a vengeance .. just the other day it reached 28 .. too hot and sun burny ? haha .. in any case .. the "ready set go " button has been pushed and we are in fast forward .. one extreme to the other yet again.

Hey Cindee girl .. Happy Mother's Day back to you girl .. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Yes that very evasive cruise button that I dream about .. you are too right, when does that ever happen .. but every once in a while we can stand back and enjoy the scenery we create right ? .. I know your gardens are amazing girl .. and with all that wildlife enjoying them too .. spectacular !

Thank you so much Lisa girl .. oh I so wish I could have the frogs and yes I might just have a real crane perhaps .. but then again the raccoon problem might start up again with "fast food" available ? haha .. yup .. the price we pay for creating our haven in the world but I love it too. Carry on girl ! LOL

Barry I love that you dropped by .. I left a lengthy comment on your blog .. your "children" are looking stunning as usual .. and you must be so proud of the success of the yarn adventure !! that is wonderful !! that is amazing to be spread all over the world :-)
Yes .. the weather is getting finicky again ..after going up to 28 just a few days ago .. it never ends with the surprises right ! hang on for the rise my friend !

Martha said...

Hi Joy! How wonderful about that frame. You certainly deserve to have your photos published. Your garden is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It should be featured in all the garden magazines. No exaggeration on my part. Your hard work has paid off.

We have NO garden here. This is the second house I've gotten with lack of flowers and trees and whatnot. I'm tired just thinking of all the hard work we have to put into this place. And I can't plant anything until we clean up and build proper flower beds. We don't even have a single tree on our property. *sigh* But one step at a time, right? Eventually we'll get there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martha girl !
Thank you so much, you are very sweet :-) .. it has taken years (and a scary amount of money .. eeekkk ! LOL) ..and it is changing all the time but you know how that is , you worked hard on your garden here!
Don't worry .. just look at that mantra I have on my side bar .. the garden or lack there of .. is waiting for you and when you are ready it will be ready too .. I know it will be a gorgeous one when you get started .. no worries there girl !

Pat said...

Yes, a different slant to the garden's own need BUT more so the gardeners own needs, strengths and happiness level. You're moving alone and it's looking wonderful. The helper is needed like it or not unless your "well to do " and can just point and give orders LOL. I've been reluctant to give orders, I mean ask for help LOL but it is needed. BTW I'm fine, surgery done and recovering.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl I am VERY glad you have the surgery behind you (no pun intended girl ? LOL) and that you are in the process of healing now ... yes, you would have to be too well to do for pointing and barking orders .. but then ? you wouldn't be a real gardener then would you ?
You have to commune with the earth and truly feel what you are doing to be a gardener .. and oh .. do I FEEL what I am doing ! LOL

Jason said...

I love the design of your garden - it looks great and ready for another season. Thank goodness winter is finally behind us. I know that antsy feeling of needing to catch up on so much so fast!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks so much Jason .. it has been a labor of love for many years !
Yup that antsy feeling can land us all in the country of aches and pains for sure .. haha
I enjoyed your post on that cheerful yellow poppy .. very nice indeed !