Sunday, 7 April 2019

Getting Started

It is always hard for a Canadian coming out of hibernation to spark that garden madness that has to take over to "get started" .. especially after this long drawn out winter ..
New garden accessories never hurt in peaking said interest and perhaps a bit of drive ?
Some fun ?

The fish has a humorous purpose .. the bottom of a gutter down spout fits into it's "tail end" and the free flowing water rushes out of it's mouth .. hopefully away from the house as it should.
I saw it on Zulily and couldn't resist it ... as with the little cedar birdhouses ... can you ever have too many birdhouses ?

The new boots, gloves and pruners speak for themselves  .. but I just had to compound the haul with a few bulbs from Costco .. they know how to get to you after cabin fever ?

There have been some very pretty red/orange mornings that I have managed to catch as well

Today ... is hopefully the day I get out to do a few clean up jobs .. my hellebore bed is a catastrophe.
So that is my main mission .. however there is that hesitation for the very first day, of connecting to your garden, it is rather tricky ..fingers crossed !


Margaret said...

Great haul!! I purchased some Liatris bulbs a few weeks ago as well...and the gloves are such an amazing deal (and really awesome for my small hands too)!

I was out there all day yesterday cleaning up a bed that has been an on-again/off again a mess since we basically moved in 10 years ago (!!). I just never got around to it early enough in the season and then only ended up doing half a job, if you know what I mean. This year I vowed to finally get it done properly!

CiNdEe said...

All fun and great items. The fish is my favorite.(-: You can never have to many houses for the little birdies.
I love Costco's bulb selection. There again you can never have to many of those either!(-:
Hope your gardening today is a success!!! Raining here.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you don't end up like me and come dragging into the house all worn out. Your new pretties should keep you motivated. I like the fish idea. You must be pruning a lot. That is a lot of pruners, or do you manage to lose them regularly?? Or better yet have you help???

Alistair said...

All those gardening goodies to get the juices flowing, I was fair taken with the fish. Fabulous pictures of the sunrise. Very cold here today about 46f

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Margaret .. it was a great haul ! LOL and yes I haven't had liatris for a while so I thought it was time to step up my game on them for the busy insects.
I love those gloves too !
We got up Sunday and after 3 hours we got a lot done .. so it was a great start tying down some vines included hurrah ! Hope you are happy with your start off too : )

Cindee girl that fish made me think of you LOL .. I thought yup .. that would be a choice Cindee would make as well : ) The birds are already checking out the new houses .. so fingers crossed they will use them .. I love a bit of bulb baiting .. haha
Yup .. we had a good day yesterday thanks !

Lisa girl .. something extraordinary has happened for me with the Yin yoga .. I didn't feel like the living dead after my 3 hour stint .. and today I am not in terrible pain, like i usually would be .. this yoga is incredible for me !
I am a crazy pruner .. go through them like mad and lose them too .. I don't take care of my tools and feel very guilty about that .. so I have to be prepared .. I do love my Fiskers ! .. and yes .. I do have hubby help ;-) Garden PA !!

Hello Alistair : ) gardening goodies do indeed get the juices flowing .. inspires me !
Yes my rain spot fish is quite the catch right ? LOL .. I love him too !
Thank you so much about the sunrise pictures .. I struggle between houses and brush to get those pictures but they are worth it .. it went up to 17 yesterday but rainy and a lot cooler today .. on again off again weather for gardeners ;-)

Buttons alias Grace said...

Yes, you would need those pretty boots. Love your inspiration haul. I think once you start that is always the most difficult thing to overcome. Good luck with the weather. Have fun. Someday we will bump into each other in Costco.😊 hugs B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl ... I have no doubt what so ever we are going to BUMP into each other sooner or later ! ..this weather really has to make up for being so mean to us for so long .. I am stomping my foot here impatiently !! LOL Hugs back girl ! : )

Jason said...

Nice stuff to help start a new season of gardening. Spring will come, despite temporary reversals. You're having some beautiful dawns, I am rarely up in time to appreciate them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jason and thank yo for dropping by (I am remiss with visiting blogs with a few drawbacks happening here .. hope to make up for it soon tough !)
Yes .. Spring is desperately trying ot get it's foot in the door I think ? LOL
My line of sight for dawns has really changed .. it used to be much more dramatic but ? growth happens to brush and trees so I have to make do .. but I am happy to see that fire when I can : )


Hi Sweetie. Please don't be jealous of me. We've had so much rain. I guess I should be grateful that it's above freezing. I bought lily bulbs from Costco too. I have no idea yet where they're going to be planted yet and I already have a bazillion in the garden in various places. So it was an impulse purchase. You're right. They know how to appeal to us. I hope spring is good to you, even if it is late to the party. I miss chatting with you. Drop an email one of these days. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie .. I have to be happy you are happy .. and ? even though it is -1 this morning the sun is out .. the birds are (freezing) but SINGING ! .. I saw a brilliant scarlet cardinal in the back garden in the horrible windy rain we had yesterday .. so I know there is hope Spring is coming ? LOL
YES ! impulse Costco bulb purchases get us every time .. I love Casa Blanca .. hate the lily beetle ... but we never know year to year if it will be bad .. so blind faith for me this year!
I swear I will get an email done .. I think if it all the time in my head of course ! LOL