Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Nature's Poke

December isn't quite December any more .. but then what month or season is ?
We had what might have been a quaint picturesque Christmas scene for a few days
Ergo this back garden view .. a little dusting of snow.
Then things got ugly yesterday .. or the night before yesterday with weather warnings of an impending show down with mother nature's tantrum.
Freezing rain alert ... and THAT makes everyone nervous here ever since the 1998 ice storm.
We were living in Holland at the time but we saw the aftermath when we moved back here.
So seeing a little taste of it yesterday was not a good thing .. power flickered out .. loss of internet and cable TV (annoyed Garden PA .. he actually tidied up his tool shelf because he had nothing to do !)
So this is what it looked like

Amazing how each little bit is so evenly coated right ?
A tangled mass of branches with some old leaves caught up in the chaos, frozen temporarily in time.
But since the temps hovered at 2 , it melted .. thankfully .. until the next "poke" !


Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, gosh. It was a worry, wasn't it? I had bath, rather than a shower, and kept the water in the tub! You just never know.
Beautiful photos of the ice, despite the horror of it all. We were 10 days without power in Osgoode in '98.

CiNdEe said...

Brrr that looks really cold.
Been cold her but nothing like that. How long till Spring?(-;
Happy New Year to you!!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

ICE is a scary word in the weather world. It is a beautiful thing when you don't get enough to destroy or disrupt life.
Happy New Year Joy.

Buttons alias Grace said...

Happy New Year my friend. Beautiful. hugsGrace

Jason said...

That freezing rain can be so beautiful when it clings to the branches - but so terrible for the plants!

Snowbird said...

Goodness me, that does look cold! How annoying losing power like that.Here's to some milder

RobinL said...

Ice storms are scary things, but so pretty to look at. We are having the winter that wasn’t. There was a bit of snow back in the fall, but nothing since. And it’s been warm too. So weird for January. Can’t help but think that Old Man Winter is out there just biding his time...