Saturday, 1 February 2020

That Touch of White

It is that time of year when gardeners are becoming obsessed with any connection to plants and gardening .. so much so, that this non indoor gardener has crumbled and invested in an LED desk grow light.
It is waiting for me at our Lee Valley store ... and yes, I think I will be hunting down an African Violet to go beneath it.
I have been a serial killer of African violets, but this time may be different due to the loving and caring grow light .. right ?
Other brain storming I have had .. well , lack of impulse control is more like it.
On-line plant purchases .. it always starts out rather innocent but then ? it becomes almost manic.
Excuse # 1 .. I loved my white tiger lily "Sweet Surrender" from the past two years .. it seemed LONELY.
Gorgeous right ? .. but lonely .. serial planter of one(s) ? .. so now I have 6 more coming.

Excuse # 2 .. Another lonely lily problem .. Roselily Corrolla
It is in dire straights for the company of more .. three more are coming to the rescue.
Yes ... I suffer from lily beetle angst .. but I am ready to battle for the sake of these beautiful lilies.
Thus the picture of another white lily from the garden, surrounded with greenery that screams the need of white lilies.
The art of white accent pieces, makes a "spent" astilbe and assorted greenery look amazing to me.
To illustrate that I am not totally lily mad .. I have had other white plants in the garden.
There is no denying what impact white has in a garden.

I have invested in "Swans in Flight" Siberian iris.
I just happened to run across it while "consuming" (the only way to describe what I do to catalogs) the inventory for Gardens Plus.
Who can resist such a pop of pristine white to accent the other plants in the garden ?
The ironic bonus is exactly that .. a bonus from Botanus (lily order) .. they give you a hosta root.
The hosta name is "So Sweet", which has (wait for it) sparkling, white flowers.
Ok .. enough of the white .. it is literally WHITE outside here as it is, but this did seem to be the "cure" for a bit of garden obsession or should I say plant obsession.
By the time all my ordering shows up at the door .. I will be overwhelmed and groaning about how I went over board .. meanwhile a gal can dream .. right ?
Why make this year different from any other, in any case


Jenn Jilks said...

These are beautiful photos.
I saw this on sale at Lee Valley (online, at least( and suggested my daughter get one. She has an orchid at work and it hasn't bloomed since she became manager and secured an office with walls!!

Snowbird said...

What gorgeous images! You have me laughing, I always go a little crazy too but I just love all your purchases, looking forward to seeing them all

Lisa at Greenbow said...

One must not have any lonely Lilies in their garden. That would be cruel. You have a marvelous collection of white flowering plants. So nice. It is 60F here today. It feels like spring. There are lots of crocus etc popping up. Spring is on its way despite it being supposed to fall back into the 30's tomorrow. Crazy but lovely weather.

Buttons alias Grace said...

Oh, I love everyone of them. I can see it is easy to shop for the spring. You have a great eye for beauty. I do hope this year will be easier to grow things. Hug G

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen and thank you very much !.. Yes, it was an on line sale that got me hooked. I hope your daughter got it because that extra light is also great for us during these dark winter months .. and especially if she hasn't a window to her office !

Hello there Snowbird and thank you ;-) I have a couple more "purchases" to talk about ... lord, it never seems to end with me once it starts ? haha .. cross fingers they will all "find" the right home and look great too.

Lisa girl hello there ! Ah yes, another lily fan knows what it is like .. and this thing I have for white lilies .. of course I have Casa Blanca tucked in from years ago too.
I can't imagine how gorgeous that weather must be, but we will be STUCK in winter mode a long time yet .. months in fact , so wow ! on your weather for sure !

Hello there Grace ;-) thank you so much, I am trying to spread my excitement out evenly ? so it will last and I have just the right momentum to enter the real work phase ? LOL
I so wish I could walk through your beautiful woods !

Jason said...

I love white lilies, and also white flowers generally in a shady garden. My favorite white lily is 'Casa Blanca', but that white tiger lily is wonderful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jason .. my first white lily was Casa Blanca and I was totally enamored by it !
Then a few others later .. I found that Sweet Surrender white tiger lily has me taken in totally ! .. funny thing about Casa Blanca .. I thought I was buying a nice big bag full of them form Costco .. it literally said so on the label and picture on the bag .. they turned out to be a much shorter , maybe patio ? sized white lilies ... it was a bit of a shock, I like the taller lilies .. but they being so white and beautiful captured my heart and I kept them in the garden serendipity ? LOL