Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Blazing new trails ....

I'm not a great philosopher .. what I have to say isn't at all world shattering or unthought of.
The world is a very different place than it used to be just a few months ago.
We all have to adapt and change our way of thinking and living as a socialized creature of habit.

This is a hard thing to do .. I forgot for a few moments, in a small store, and invaded the 6ft. rule of another woman for which I was soundly rebuked .. and it shocked me for a while.
I simply forgot for a few moments , but she was right .. plus she couldn't have known that I was more in danger of her than she would be of me .. but that is neither here nor there any more.
It is simply a case of CHANGING a whole way of thinking when venturing out for the necessities of life.
More often than not Garden PA is the brave soul that does the shopping .. some of my friends know the reason why .. but again .. we do what we have to do, and do it the best way we know how, to help ourselves and others.

Some times we get reprieve from all of the "news" ..
I experienced a beautiful one this morning when I looked out my bedroom window and saw a gorgeous sunrise hidden behind branches.
I was a sight to be seen, with my window screen popped out and me leaning over, in all my "I just crawled out of bed" glory .. poor Sophie expecting breakfast, had to skirt through my galloping path to grab my camera from my office .. but look at those glowing limbs in the sun !

Those moments are precious .. and so is the garden as it wakes up ..we are so lucky to find such solace in nature, I never want to forget that ... even as I have burned the 6 ft. rule in my brain, which I hope never to forget again !


CiNdEe said...

I was just thinking of you. Glad to know you are doing o.k. This whole thing is crazy it is hard to believe. I am staying home. Stay safe Joy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is difficult to remember that. I so agree that Nature is the way to combat the feeling of being cooped up. Nature is where I usually want to be anyway.

Snowbird said...

Oh my, what a splendid sunset.Nature is amazing and helps us forget what is going on in the world right now. You may have forgotten to keep your distance but there's no need for people to start shouting!!! When we go for our walk, it feels like a game of chicken...who moves out of the way first. Struth, how did it come to this! Take good care of

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee I have meant o get over to you .. sorry I am so late .. I swear I will as soon as I finish answering the comments ! Yes .. we are home bound except if we need essentials.
But at least I can play a bit in the garden .. soon ? Stay safe too Cindee ;-)

Lisa .. I have been drawing on the beautiful country side I saw as a kid .. by the sea and the forest as well .. even as a child I found such solace in those environments .. my garden brings me a lot of happiness .. even Garden PA draws from it too.
Stay well and safe ;-)

Hello there Snowbird ;-) nature is such a healing entity .. I will never forget that element in my life that I am so grateful for ! I am laughing about the "chicken" game while walking way out where you are in the country .. but life has come to that for now. It should shake people awake to go through such devastating times, sadly even when we get to the other side .. people have a tendency to forget so damn quickly .. take good care as well .. don't forget a time out for yourself too though !

Jason said...

You are right, those moments are precious, and we should savor them.