Saturday, 9 May 2020

The impossibility of snow ....

Well ... what can I say ... and the fun doesn't stop yet .. we had more snow today, May 9th.
Meanwhile .. my utter excitement of finding some great native plants at one of our local garden centers .. well I bought them Tuesday May 5th and planted them May 6th.
A variety of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, white, red, and yellow trillium .. I wish I had gotten more !

The full Flower Super Moon happened along the way .. the last super moon of the year.
I am going to add metal stakes to the areas with the new natives since they tend to disappear with the heat of summer .. I don't want to mistakenly dig where they are.
I read that the yellow trillium looks especially good next to Jacob's Ladder.

Arisaema triphyllum should make a nice little colony behind a bright red Japanese maple here.
I'm hoping the contrast of red trilliums look great against the green lacy leaves of Waterfall Japanese maple .. although it will take a while for leaves to unfurl  in time ?
Epimedium "Purple Pixie" plus Angelina sedum almost echos the colour tones of Fall when emerging in the Spring .. I don't mind at all being reminded of Autumn.
Lichen, moss, and a variety of other not so obvious plants are always interesting to me.
They are all alive and well so far after winter .. but winter seems to NOT want to let go, even after the first week of May .. I worry what else we are in store for with all that is going on.
Meanwhile ... I am going to enjoy my garden ... snowfall and all !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This will be one spring we won't forget. Snow in May is a dilly. It is pretty though you must admit. We have had only the cold that precedes the snow. My patio looked like a ghost town. I brought all the tropicals up by the house under the eave and then covered them. They look a little sad but far. Everything else seems to have fared the cold ok. It didn't get as cold as was predicted thankfully.
How could you resist more of these beautiful plants!!!! I think I would have went wild buying them. I want to divide my trillium

Margaret said...

The snow was a surprise, wasn't it? I haven't gone to the nursery yet, but it's on the list for this coming week...hopefully the weather cooperates.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl ... I read your second comment (I mean to email you too !LOL) .. no worries !
You made me regret not grabbing more (I am going to try but I doubt many would be left)
We had this snow and it was like a gut punch to me .. what was going to be a potted fern for the front has turned black so that is up in smoke ? LOL
My geranium pots with a mixture of fillers will be ok , I think, .. I just cut out the dead parts .. most leaves and all flower stalks .. fingers crossed they will come back .. I really liked them.
All the perennials will be fine .. my trilliums still look great .. I worry about my Japanese maples and the flower buds for the crab apple and a few others .. but what can you do right ?
We just weather the storm and work with what we have .. big UGH !!! LOL

Hello there Margaret ;-) .. well they warned us but I was SO HOPING it wouldn't happen .. I think the lake affect here in Kingston added to it all.
I want to visit the centers again even though I have mail plant orders coming .. you can't keep a gardener down ? LOL

Snowbird said...

Goodness! Snow!!! It is pretty though, but here's to warmer weather. I just love, love love all those plants, what a windfall!!!Looking forward to seeing how they grow. That's a marvelous picture of the super moon, so

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks so much Snowbird :-) .. yup .. we are CANADIAN EH ! LOL .. I know too well we will switch so quickly to summer weather with NO Spring .. and that is sad .. I will have to be on my toes to keep things alive and well.

Jason said...

Those Trilliums are such fantastic plants! I hope they do well for you. They are slow to expand but worth it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Jason .. I have always loved Trillium (no matter the colour) and yes, you have to be patient with them .. but they are so worth the wait when they glow !