Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Moon not in June ? plus plant adventures !

I don't have pictures of the three large, gorgeous Hakonechloa "Aureola" macra that I stumbled on at Costco yesterday .. actually it is a rain day today and they are getting rained upon in their pots placed strategically near their new homes in the garden.
Boy ... was I excited to see them .. I grabbed three but wished I had grabbed five .. I know, GREEDY !
I think it was a surge due to the lack of plants available this year .. good excuse right ?

On to the moon of late July

I wanted to have the full moon but we have been in the middle of bad weather to the extent Sunday afternoon there were constant tornado warnings.
Kingston was lucky and we were on the fringes of that activity thankfully.

Speaking of shiny objects (albeit in the sky) I managed to have a patch of Casa Blanca not so decimated by the dreaded beetle, in the ally way.
Close ups are almost too bright ? one in the shade 
One in the bright light
What ever light ... I am totally hooked on these beauties.
The rest of the garden is surviving the heat and humidity and advancing through the stages of later summer .. meaning I am so excited to see if the Pink Diamond hydrangea standard will draw those Monarchs in like last year .. I did see one in the garden the other day !
This is the view from the deck .. those buds are maturing !
Speaking of buds ..anemone Curtain Call Pink (2 plants in the sun strip section) are looking promising.
Coneflowers, geraniums, grasses, sedums, everything seems to be saying "look at me!"
Native Culvar's Root (Veronicastrum) is very straight and upright in contrast to the low mounding Dogwood shrubs that brighten the shady section by the arbor on the right.
Inaba Shidare Japanese maple looks like it is beginning to transition towards the redder Autumn colour which is so pretty to see .. I am just grateful it is happy in it's position in the garden.
Despite being a shade plant, it has such a glowing presence (it may not display very well in this particular picture, but I swear it is amazing to see this aralia cordata Sun King "pop" in such low light.
I rarely get pictures of the front gardens because when I start working .. I WORK ! and forget about the camera.
Since I have major "moving" of plants to do in the front, I thought I would show my errors of squeezing in too many hydrangea (actually more so of just getting them planted to "fix" the next year ?)
However .. my one happy planting that I created was the regular size Quick Fire with Little Quick Fire  at it's feet .. I really like that combo .. but ? I squeezed FIVE Bobo within this bed and YES that is way too many and not planned correctly f or their growth .. but as I said, a major mission is going to happen.
I  have a lot of tulips to plant in this bed .. as a mass planting of the same tulip, plus daffodils at the base of this raised bed .. gardeners never think only of static plan .. it is always pushing to the next season constantly.
Dare I say multi level garden chess ?

I had to give a shout out to my very first Japanese maple "Bloodgood" it is going on 20 years old now.
It has withstood all sorts of horrible weather and stuck by me while I experimented with this bed through thick and thin .. you have to love a loyal plant/tree like that right ? or was it luck ? LOL
Not the best of pictures, but I wanted to show Mrs. Harvey clematis will not quit blooming .. 
This year she has been at it for weeks and weeks, it has been amazing .. what a gal ! LOL

So this is my first post on the new Blogger format ... they MADE me DO IT !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love seeing all that is going on in your garden. I may stop my tantrum and start posting again. I miss doing it from time to time. Your garden is so full of interesting plants and so weed free. My garden is a big mess. I can't seem to get myself going even on this cool day. I have an old Bloodgood J. Maple too. It is about the age of yours. We probably both bought them when they were the height of J. maples at that time. Now days they have so many more varieties. Pretty but not much good for the environment. Like those Culver's root in your garden. They are gorgeous and a native. I am leaning toward natives now. The CR in my garden are about finished blooming. I am so glad to hear the tornadoes missed your area. They are so destructive.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lisa girl and thank you ! ... It is a little bit trickier to maneuver this format but I am surviving it so far. Hey .. believe me .. there are WEEDS ! LOL .. I just manage to point the camera in the other direction ? Yes .. when I got my first JM .. this Bloodgood .. it was a tiny little girl and now she is coming into her own .. I have two more Bloodgood and then a few other varieties in the back gardens .. I have a guilty pang that they don't really contribute to the environment but they contribute to my well being as a garden ? LOL .. I love them !
I do love my native Culver's Root .. it really stands up to everything and it is pretty to me even if it may not be as flashy as some new ones.
Yes .. the tornado warnings were flashing on the TV all afternoon(Sunday) .. it did make me a bit nervous .. things can happen so quickly .. I feel for the people that have to live constantly with that threat.

Jenn Jilks said...

I really enjoyed your garden!
Those were quite the storms. Happy for a few sunny days, here.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jenn and thank you :-)
Yes .. we h ad some rough weather .. rain was welcomed and a few cooler days .. back to the oven again I am sure though ? LOL

Jason said...

Mrs. Harvey is a star! And I'm so glad your Casa Blanca escaped the Lily beetle. White flowers are always rather difficult to photograph in full sun, aren't they?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jason ... she is indeed quite the star of that obelisk ! .. yes white flowers are the most difficult to photograph to capture their details , a little shade helps a great deal.
I plan to get more aggressive with that darn beetle next year .. I just hope I can find neem oil some where !