Monday, 2 November 2020

The last of the garden .....

 It just seems fitting to start with a few leaves that I pressed ? .. I was lucky to remember to do that !

A scattering  of colour
Brown is the new pink for Fall ?
That incredible crimson to the left is Red Dragon Japanese maple

The BRIGHT orange Japanese maple is "Waterfall
Some JM need sunshine to bring out vivid colour .. but this one does not, and it shines doesn't it ?
The Solomon's Seal has that ghostly yellow that draws your attention too.
The Japanese forest grass compliments all the plants, the different tones and textures are so appealing. 
I am so glad I had a chance to plant more this season, especially with what happened and is happening.
Some hosta changes colour and then collapses .. and some don't ?
The small bright red bushes are blueberry shrubs.
Dwarf Fothergilla is one of my favorite shrubs .. an all season kind, beautiful in Autumn !
Inaba Shidare Japanese maple is gorgeous, half red and half green still in this shot.
Dwarf Goats Beard is AMAZING for Fall colour .. I have two older ones with a hosta in between.
One goes fiery red like this and the other gold .. figure that one out !
The dark purple barberry really helps contrast those colours.

This anemone "Curtain Call Deep Rose" bloomed its many heads off until the "last call"
I would recommend it highly .. but I am wondering if it will come back as strong for next year yet.
I have had problems with anemone before so I will hold my final judgement yet.
Even at that ? it was so gorgeous, I wouldn't mind that much if it behaved like an annual.

Finally the November 1st evening moon .... a difficult catch, in between cloud cover and focusing.
I am such a fan of the moon, and I am so happy to photograph a some what decent shot.
I have a few more bulbs to plant and then I am calling it quits for winter .. such is a garden in a four season part of the country.


Phillip Oliver said...

Beautiful fall color - it is sad to see it go!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those leaves are gorgeous with those fall colors splattered all over them. You will be happy to have them to look on this winter.
Your garden still looks nice. We had a killing frost/freeze yesterday. My garden is definitely gone to sleep. Of course as the weather would have it it will be up to 70 a couple of times this coming week. I will try to get out and get my autumn chores finished.
I hope you are feeling well. Cheers...

Jenn Jilks said...

Your garden is beautiful year round! The header is striking!

Nadezda said...

Dear Joy,
I was surprised to see this November moon - it is so mysterious.
Your Red Dragon and Hydrangea are truly autumn colorful plants. Perfectly!
Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Phillip and yes, even though we love the colours, it is such a quick process and it is gone before we know it or are ready to see it go .. I am already thinking of next Fall!

Hi Lisa girl .. I love keeping something of such a gorgeous season and garden books are perfect for that ! Yes the garden kept going (even though I wasn't in it often ) for a long time but I think the high fence I have in the back worked as a micro climate device ?LOL
We are supposed to have a week of gorgeous weather (I am grateful to have it to be able to finish chores and planting !) that last big push to put the garden to bed ! Thanks girl ;-)

Hi Jenn and thank you ! That is my Englemann Ivy .. it is AMAZING in the Autumn, I love it.

Hello again Nadezda girl ;-) Thank you so much ! This is an unusual event in October when the month had 2 full moons .. the second is called a Blue Moon .. I missed capturing a golden Harvest moon, but this was a great treat to see.
Stay safe and healthy too !

Linda said...

Beautiful fall colours in your garden. Each season has its own beauty.

Hoover Boo said...

Best wishes for a good winter that prepares your garden for an ever more beautiful 2021 spring. Great moon shot.

I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful fall foliage color. Thank you, it cheers me up!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda and thank you ! You are so right, every season holds it's own beauty ... now the long wait for Spring right ? LOL

HB you are more than welcome ! and thank you ;-) .. I'm just so sad you guys have to suffer through such tough times over there. I truly hope over the next few months the tide turns and things go much better for you all.

Snowbird said...

Oh my goodness,what a feast for the eyes, how lucky you are to have such beauty around you, although you put the hard work in creating this nagical garden. A pleasure to view it

Snowbird said...

Lovely shot of the moon

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Snowbird ! ... it took 20 years to get it to this point .. and now I really have to slow down which is frustrating .. but it makes me appreciate it more and more this way .. I love taking shots of the moon .. I think I am moon crazy ? there is actually some sort of term for that I think ! LOL