Monday, 14 June 2021

Subtle Beauty

Last year was the first year I was able to get my hands on fresh sturdy native plants. Sadly this year due to whatever elements , the case was not so. However it looks like at least one of my Arisaema triphyllum aka Jack in the Pulpit is a happy camper in the shade section of my back garden. It is just foliage for now but I can be patient when I see such healthy greenery. Subtle but definitely saying "I'm here !"  Ghost fern at the back, toad lily, Japanese Forrest grass, epimedium, brunnera , astilbe .. well it has lots of company.

Stand by Me bush clematis is not that subtle because it's beautiful blue stands out immediately. The flowers are small though and it is indeed a "bush" , so no long vines for the eye to follow. What you see first hand is what you get for the season. Lots of pretty blue flowers followed by wispy seed heads that are quite attractive too.

The early evening light in this part of the garden does tend to wash out the intensity of the blue, plus they have only just opened up recently. The deepest blue is actually the bud.
Ironically bush clematis Twinkle has a beautiful blue that will develop as the flower ages at the base of the flower. I was in a rush and took pictures too soon to show that feature and ? I took pictures in the shade. Not the best rule of thumb to display such a pretty flower.
You just have to imagine a beautiful blue rim at the base of the flower ?
For something so subtle you don't know how it happened ? A Japanese Painted fern some how self seeded ? implanted ? itself between the stone border and the walkway.
Not so subtle partial view of the voluminous back garden .. blue is a stand out colour isn't it ?


Beth at PlantPostings said...

Lots of exciting things happening in your garden! I really like the stonework and the pathways!

Phillip Oliver said...

Beautiful! What is the blue groundcover? A campanula?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your red, white and blue theme is very attractive to me. Love all the colors and forms. Jack-in-the-pulpit is a wonderful early spring/summer plant. When it matures and starts making those big lovely seeds you will fall in love with it. A fern self seeding anyplace is fantastic but this in the crack of your walk is outstanding. What a treasure.

Nadezda said...

Hello Joy,
I love blue color in the garden as well. Your blue small flowers (are they aubrieta?)are stunning. I remember your garden path along the house, it was shady with some flowers. Now it's a wonderful road full of interesting plants. Well done!

Jason said...

Your garden looks great as always. Jack in the pulpit I think of as a quirky plant, but I like it. We have a couple tucked away in our shaded garden. I like it when they turn red with ripe fruits. I definitely want to incorporate that blue bush clematis into one of my beds! What conditions does it like?

Kris Peterson said...

I adore shade plants and I'd love to be able to grow any of the lovely specimens shown in your first shot. My former tiny garden was almost entirely in shade but my current larger one has relatively little to offer and our increasingly dry conditions have made it difficult to find plants to fit the spots I have. I've killed more ferns than I can count. The bush clematis are very appealing - I've failed with all but one Clematis thus far but I'd like to see if I can make the bush type happy. It's water requirements will be the chief difficulty :(

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Beth and thank you ! Yes .. were are switching gears into summer so plants are changing eventually.

Hello Phillip and thank you ! .. yes it is a camapanula , I can't remember the exact cultivar but it is my favorite.

Thanks Lisa girl .. funny , a lot of times I don't think of the colour as a grouping more of a "I like THAT !" type of moment ? haha I am so looking forward to what Jack is going to do, I just hope it stays happy where it is. Yes ! I have more ferns that have done that and I have no idea how they do that ! Lady's Mantle is doing it to so another bonus ;-)

Hello Nadezda and thank you ! Yes blue really stands out doesn't it ? and it is a campanula I can't remember what kind but it is my favorite. I like how you worded my "road" of plants! Thanks ! ;-)

Thank you Jason ! I am waiting for Jack to do his thing .. I think I have another one tucked in there too. That bush clematis doesn't seem to be picky at all .. it has gone through some dry periods and some wet ones too and it doesn't seem to be affected one way or another. I am zone 5b here .. so no problem with harsh winters. You should be fine with it !

Hi Kris, I completely understand that your conditions there are not reliable for shade plants on the whole. However you have a spectacular garden ! truly a gem so that is the route your plants take and thrive in. Yes .. clematis can be tricky but if you can keep your eye on this one for watering, I think it would look gorgeous in your garden.

Hoover Boo said...

'Stand By Me' and 'Twinkle' are lovely--do you grow 'Rooguchi' as well? I saw that one in the PNW--very fetching. The non-climbing type all might need more chill than SoCal can provide, but they are thriving in your climate.

Your side yard looks wonderful--soothing and cool on a hot day with the blues and pure, fresh greens. A particularly pretty Campanula.

Snowbird said...

Those greens are so beautiful together. I love the bush clematis, so delicate. What a beautiful fern, lucky you that it planted itself there. Oh my, how stunning your garden is looking. Not a weed in

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there HB and thank you ! ;-) I haven't found Rooguchi yet but I will keep an eye out for it, you sort of get hooked on bush clematis once you start collecting them ! I think the cooler temps compared to SoCal is a key to their thriving .. yes this campanula is my favorite .. I have "Waterfall" in the front and ally way but it gets rather gangly, not as neat as this one.

Hello Snowbird and thank you ;-) I have some amazing self seeders that surprise me because they appear as if my magic ? LOL .. believe me, I have WEEDS ! lots of them !! LOL

RobinL said...

Such cool and refreshing colors happening in your garden right now!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Robin yes then it was nice weather with cool colours .. but now we are on a roller coast of nice one minute and steam bath the next .. at least the garden is getting nice natural rain water, but I know that dry weather is coming so I am thankful for the sprinkler system !