Sunday, 14 November 2021

Last Show of the Year



Alana said...

And what a wonderful show it is - love the colors and the sun angles (and the closeups).

Kris Peterson said...

Spectacular fall color! We don't get anything like that in SoCal. I have one persimmon tree that usually colors up nicely and it was starting to do so recently but then summer-like temperatures paid an unwelcome visit and the poor tree is dropping a lot of crispy brown leaves at a record rate. I loved your moss and lichen shots too.

Well Contained said...

Oh my, how beautiful. The beauty of fall is spectacular in your garden. I have been missing your posts and wondering if you had given up your blog and perhaps gone to instagram like the rest of the world seems to have. So enjoy your posts!

Hoover Boo said...

Such beautiful autumn color! That last photo in particular displays the glory of the sun on foliage. Thanks for sharing it--we don't have that level of glory here and it's wonderful to see, if only from afar.

Phillip Oliver said...

Beautiful colors! I love this time of year.

Lisbeths Haveblog said...

It may be the last show - but what a show :-)
When I think of Canada I see gigantic maple woods in autumn. Wonderful colors. Your garden is doing well too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Alana and thank you ! ... it has been a treat to have these colours just beyond the deck doors in the back garden .. I can never have enough of it !

Thanks very much Kris .. I understand your area just doesn't have the break to colder weather that we do to have the Autumn colours we absolutely love here .. I need 4 seasons .. but Spring and Autumn can't be long enough for me either .. they are my favorite !
I was trying for a clearer shot of the mushroom .. but the camera kept kissing the lichen ?LOL

Hello there WC ! No ... I am not moving to another platform, I like this one even if I have to blow the dust off once in a while ? LOL .. It has been a bit of a busy time here so I have been a bit neglectful ? .. but I really wanted to post some beautiful Autumn colours just in my back garden as luck has it.

Hello HB and thank you ;-) I love the play of late afternoon sun that enhances the glow of the leaves .. I could stare at it for hours if it would last that long .. but light is a fickle medium and moves so quickly ! You have to be fast to catch that perfect moment.

Thank you Phillip , it is my favorite time of year and can't last long enough for me .. I always want MORE of it ;-)

Hello Lisbeth and thank you so much .. even though it isn't exactly under my control it feels a part of my nature ? the love of Autumn and it's colours ... yes the garden is drifting to sleep mode ... time for that break !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Autumn Joy. Your garden looks delightful even during this time. I hope you are feeling well too.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh, so beautiful! Happy autumn/almost winter. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa and thank you ! .. I hope you are well and safe from all the craziness.
I have been meaning to do an email but things have been a bit overwhelming here .. I will get to it though !!

Thank you Beth! We have had rain and wind here since these pictures so it isn't as pretty, but it was wonderful while it lasted !

Nadezda said...

Hello, Joy,
beautiful show, I agree. Autumn is a pretty season.
Love the composition of light yellow hostas and red maple.

Snowbird said...

Oh my goodness, how delightful. Loved all that colour and the sweet little

RobinL said...

Joy, that colorful texture stroll through your beautiful garden was just a delight! November was beautiful here too, at least the first two weeks. Now it’s bare, and I wait for snow!

Nadezda said...

Dear Joy,
A merry Christmas to you!
May you and your family feel light and laughter, love, peace , health and joy in this holiday. I wish your Christmas be relaxing so that you can recharge for the new year. Happy Holidays!

gittan said...

Hi Joy! I haven´t been around the blogg-world for a very long time but I can see that your garden is still as beautiful as I remember it :)
Best wishes from Gittan in Sweden

Marie Keough said...

Hello there, Joy, Your garden is beautiful and all your hard work shows!💖 I also live in Kingston, Ontario and am mad about gardening! We moved into the city from the country about 4 years ago and into an apartment. There are no gardens around the building so myself and 1 other tenant have been doing some, "gorilla gardening"! Last year I missed gardening so much that I volunteered my services at a shelter in Kingston and it felt so very good to get down and dirty!! Can't wait to see photos of your beautiful garden this spring and summer!🤗🥰

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello out there !
Gittan I tried to leave a message on your blog thanking you for stopping by .. I think we have both been a bit absent in the blog world yes ? LOL

Marie .. thank you so much for telling me about yourself and what you have been doing !
I feel your restlessness with having to live in an apartment and not having your own space to garden .. that would make me sad. But ? I so get the gorilla gardening and I applaud you and you co-conspirator in that endeavor ! .. it is that "touching" (literally and figuratively) connecting, with earth and plants that fills something in us like no other thing ..
I have not been keeping up with my blog for so many reasons , but I will try now because you have given me incentive ! Thanks ;-)