Sunday, 19 October 2014

Always a Price To Pay ......

Well ... the luck of the Irish never ceases to amaze me ... meaning the opposite of luck to the fullest!
It has been raining consistently when ever construction is trying to get ahead of the game with the new fence ... let alone the final details of the pathways.
Plus .. when the "boss" left ... care was NOT taken with my garden plants and one was totally trampled on to leave for plant heaven ... one of my favorites that I was so happy to find.
When I saw it was gone , the first thing I did besides moan and cry ... I called the company I got it from and asked if they would have it again .. and there is a possible maybe to that one .. I hope so!

I just have to suck it up and get on with appreciating the fact that we are able to get this project done at some point and time ... that I will have the privacy that I so wanted.
You can always buy another plant to replace one ... but I got attached to that little fellow and the potential it had to be a wonderful specimen plant in my garden .. but never mind ... BIG sigh!
Rain ... rain and more rain ... making for a miserable time to do this but it is shaping up.
Yes ... it is a rather massive fence .. the topper which will be added eventually will make it 8 ft. tall.
I did say I wanted privacy right ? .. our next door neighbors are fine with that though.

It actually helps support the vines on the arbors .. and might even contribute to forcing more of a warmer micro climate that I can test with some plants that are of a higher zone than 5b.

Even on a gray day like this I appreciate the amazing colour of my Tiger Eye Sumacs ..

 The Inaba Shidare is glowing red ....

It is so nice to see some colours popping in parts of the garden still ..
I still have bulbs to plant ... garden clean up if it ever stops raining.
Our Pacific Sunset maple is almost the last tree in the neighborhood to drop it's leaves so that takes patience ... other wise ... even with my lost calycanthus ...
I can't wait for next Spring to play in my secret garden !!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Turkey Hangover Tuesday

Well there goes another Thanksgiving ... nice and quiet just the way we like it ... the house will smell like turkey for some time though .. I wonder why they don't make an air freshener in "Roasted Turkey" ? ... hum  ...?
In any case .... the crew are finally working on the new side fence ... the sound is rather deafening at times ... a little matter of concrete on the neighbor's side with a flurry of "Oh my god I have to call my neighbor at work to ask her permission to crack the concrete ... which I am sure will add to our bill but it has to be done to have the fence uniform .. BIG sigh!" ...
She is a gem and has no problem with it  ... and the beat goes on from there.

To get away from all of that I thought I might post some pictures I took a few days ago .. a new aster "Blue Dragon" really pops in the shade garden .

 Eupatorium rugosum or Chocolate Snakeroot for us fans of chocolate anything ?
I have had this plant for a lot of years and no matter what it is a blooming machine every Fall for me.

I have this amazing reblooming Lilac (for which I have to back track in my garden log for the official name .. fingers crossed I can find the name amongst my ramblings ... because this tiny flower that finally got a chance to bloom just about knocked me down ... it overpowered my memory cells and made me think I was back in my childhood when I first caught drift of old fashioned lilacs ... I can't even describe it ... I was totally in awe.
It may just be  "Purple Be Dazzled" Lilac, a compact reblooming Lilac ... with a scent that will wow you!
It was introduced in 2013 from Sheridan Nurseries for one of their 100th anniversary specials.
I love it !

I have to mention William Shakespeare rose .. it put up with being relocated and some times that were not exceptionally good for it ... drying out and a few pesty aphids .. but it is a rock and blooms it's many petal flowers for me.

I can't get over how dark pink Little Lamb went this year .. aging gracefully and in FULL colour must  be it's moto ?

Well ... there are some highlights of the back garden .. and the noise continues on towards my fixation on fencing ... aaahhhhh ! it is going to be just right .... I hope ?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Shadow Shot Time

I had taken a leave of absence from my favorite meme .. I think I might be able to join in again now: )

Monday, 6 October 2014

Bursting at the Seams

The front garden is bursting at the seems .. but I still have some "editing" to do ...
I didn't catch the landscaping crew fast enough to request a band of vacant soil between the raised bed and the limestone pathway ... but maybe that is a good thing ... I can't plant more.
Although ? that band was meant for my daffodils ... BIG sigh !
The pathway is looking good but it also has editing to do , some stone is not quite right.
I couldn't let my vines on the arbor grow because it had to be straightened and secured in the ground properly ... still yet to come.
I love my ornamental grasses and some BIG ones to come ... literally BIG as in two "plugs" of
Giganteus Miscanthus  from Botanus in the Spring ... they have been quietly growing and making me smile BIG time ... I am going to have a "secret garden" entrance like a true secret garden jungle?

........ and one more ..... but of my original love, Karl Foerster .. feather reed grass .. a traditional beauty that looks great any where !
The golden seed heads look so beautiful when the sun shines on them.

Little Lamb hydrangea and Orange Velvet rose are trying to out do each other this year I think!

Time to take in my mirror ... all the fancy garden lights and ornaments ... time to put the garden beds to bed .. do the last plant swaps ... bulb planting .... time to just let go until next Spring.
Kind of sad .. but the rest is needed ... and I will have an almost unrecognizable garden with the limestone paths and new fences .. what I have hoped and planned for .. for so many years I can hardly believe it has happened !
Proves you can dream garden dreams and they might just come true  : )