Monday, 15 September 2014

Garden "explosion"

The work is grinding on ... I have yet to transplant plants and plant those daffodils I couldn't resist at Costco ... I am a daffodil person .. they are my favorite Spring flower .. keep those fancy prancy ones and just give me those big sunny smiles the daffs put out no matter the weather !

So ... the work ....
 Kingston is "Limestone City" so limestone is our backbone here ... I love it !

Wayne is finding nice BIG chunks of it and it is coming together slowly but surely : )

Mean while the garden is exploding with the cooler weather ....
This area has to be "edited" big time.

Little Lamb is "pinking up" nicely ...
One of my favorite spots is on the clock .. I have to pick up the mirror, clean and store it before the really cold weather sets in.
Dazzleberry sedum has been gorgeous ... I wish I had picked up more (isn't that usually the case eh?)
I love sedums in general and I finally pinched them back enough this year so they are not flopping.
They look great with everything.
Back to the grindstone ! ...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Finally !!!!

They started yesterday morning .. Sept 9th ... I had to wait until they left for the day to take a couple of pictures because I wasn't feeling well.
Today I have to get on board and talk to Wayne about the design as it is going ..
They started in the back first ... so these are "in progress" pictures and two special stones we found along with special butterfly that afternoon in the garden on Nanho Blue buddliea .. made me SMILE!

The sod lifted out
Weed barrier and stone dust
Gorgeous limestone

First stone heart
Second stone heart
Too cute to believe !

Special guest butterfly ...

I am a happy gardener ... thank you for all the comments I have yet to publish (forgive me for being slow .. being unwell really put a crimp in my routine) this has made me VERY happy though so I am trying to catch up !
More pictures to come as the progress continues !

Monday, 8 September 2014

I am Frazzled

I am frazzled ... things have gone wonky for me lately ... the blog and garden have suffered for it.
I chased down my landscaper yet again this morning and he swore he and the crew would be here tomorrow morning ... I think I told him I would cry if he didn't show up .. my mind was so fried I am not totally sure I said that but I know I was feeling it.
Once you announce on a public forum that you are having landscaping done and some readers become interested ... you commit yourself darn it !!
So ... IF they actually come tomorrow .... in a few days I might have some before and after pictures.
If they don't show up ??? ... you will hear me sobbing where ever you live !!
Mean while, a few of the non black spot plague roses ?

This is my favorite picture of Ilse Krohn .... kind of dreamy atmosphere

Julia Child
JP Connell