Sunday, 22 May 2016

Work till you drop day !

I need to get plants into the garden (let alone take on some potting issues) .. I want plants to be in place before the water system is installed so this weekend is perfect ? to run myself into the ground.
But at least it is something I love ... however the  HUGE ouch situation can be a worry.
So some of the plants screaming at me :

The plan started with the big containers you see to the left .. to go in our wooden half barrels with added filler plants .... who's idea was this again ? .... I should really think things out more for now on!

I kept an eye on the tulips I have been waiting to see open ... they are such a tease !!

The yellow ones did open a little more into the afternoon but I was too grubby to fetch my camera.

My Red Majestic is unfolding it's gorgeous leaves in shiny dark purple .. what a show off ?

I have a curios situation with a "sort of" trapped plant that doesn't seem to be bothered that it is trapped .. I have had advice that it will not survive .. yet some how it does !
You go girl !!

The scent of my white daffodils
is a bit heady when working in the area ... but I am loving it !

The hellebore bed is very packed further up ... at this end you can see more with out trying to figure out "what is what" ????

Still a few pretty flowers left ...

My one azalea starting to unfold ever so carefully ....

This tiny gem was asked about last year .. such a simple little plant but big in the eye candy department ? .... breaks up all the huge hellebore leaves etc ... cool and refreshing !

Another "cool" white flower is epimedium "Niveum"

I love plants in miniature ... Little Lanterns columbine is just to cute for an under planting with my Japanese Maple in the raised bed.
A friend of mine shares the same thoughts about how darn cute they are.

I planted ONE "wood phlox" years ago and it has made itself right at home , lining the hellebore bed.

Another "sneaky" multiplier which I do NOT mind in the least has been a freckled violet on the ground side ... it took a few hits this past winter as did many plants that shocked me.
Long view of some woodland attempts
A few dramatic mixes of colour

Soft and soothing now

I did manage to getting all the potting and planting done today ... but that meant regular garden chores did not get done ...I can never get ahead of this insane season when it starts off like a jackrabbit .. or crazy chipmunk like our Mr. Chips ... MORE vitamins please !!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mishaps and Marvels

I have been in such a funk ... I have been taking pictures of the garden but seemingly overwhelmed by them and not being able to choose either pictures or words to illustrate how my garden is springing ? into Spring ?
Weather has been a BEAST .. not near enough rain but thank heavens Garden PA is the saint he is and has watered for me .. we BOTH can't wait for that irrigation system to get going !

I am now looking at what losses have happened ... I lost a small colony of Ostrich Plume astilbe which was one of my favorites and I can not for the life of me figure out why ?
I have never had anything like that happen before especially with astilbe .. they are so reliable.
I have a big sad vacant patch

A garden friend of mine had a fun trip to Sheridan Nurseries yesterday and found some goodies .. Among them was an astilbe called "Mighty Chocolate Cherry" ... now she has me thinking THAT would be a great replacement .. but finding an exact plant here could be problematic .. hope ??

Other plants that have suffered are my small Japanese maples ... some look quite sad .. but I am hoping they will respond with water and kindness ?
My HUGE tulip planting of Queen of the Night surrounded by Antoinette is looking amazing and we are so hoping it flowers the way I saw it in my head when I thought of it last Fall.
It is hard to see but Antoinette's foliage has a thin white lining and multiple flower heads.

Other garden goodies
 Epimedium "Niveum" is glowing in the shade
Wood Phlox
A new dark foliage astilbe Chocolate Shogun Astilbe

My ancient Jacob's ladder is still hanging on and looks amazing each Spring still.
I know most of you have been here done that already with your Spring bulbs but that is how far behind we have been with the rest of you gardeners ... but ?
I have a big box from Hortico that I have to open and plant so my next post will be on that.
In the mean time just "Spring" still dancing in my garden ?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I'm "stuck"

Last Saturday I worked so hard I think I literally crawled up the deck stairs and managed to get through the doors where I just slumped into a hump.
The "unmentionable" WET compost stayed wet, those nasty "so and so" bags of you know what !
I was determined to use them all before Sunday's rain was going to fall ... dragging those bags around and yet again, working with wet compost was another "treat" I swore I would not do.
And yet I (OOPS!) did it again ... shame on me !
But what is done .. is done, yet 12 bags was not enough.
I have to finish what I started I swear I won't go on about it ... I'll just grit my teeth and do it.

I have been "stuck"  ... worn out from Saturday's marathon ... and some other complications.
Even picture taking has also been stuck ... these pictures are from April 24th ...
The garden has been leaping ahead since then so this are rather .. behind  the times ? but still pretty?

I know ... I keep taking Jade Tiger pictures but it fascinates me !
Even as it ages Berry Swirl (I hope it is that ?) looks amazing

I didn't think my "Dutchman's Breeches" aka dicentra cucullaria  was still alive and kicking but it is!
Isn't it gorgeous when you can take a plant picture against a blue sky ?
These guys have progressed much farther now and leaf buds are bursting .. so nice to see after staring at bare tree limbs for what seems forever ?
Garden PA got the rain barrel up before he contracted some incredibly wicked gut-bug .. poor guy was really under the weather for a week ... by some miracle I didn't get it ... phew !

Friday is supposed to be a banner day weather wise, so I want to get more done .. soak the dry roots of King Kong poppy (3 of them from Vesey's finally arrived) and my Costco clematis.
I think it is time to do some planting ... now that is the FUN bit I like ... and then there is still more weeding of those unmentionable maple "wings" a bazillion fell this past year .. poor water feature needs some help too ..
A wonderful part to the garden that is going to happen this year is an automatic irrigation system!
Garden PA insisted .. snort giggle ... mainly I think because he knew it exhausted me watering four hours by hand and then he would be stuck with it .. so we are both happy to have some HELP from the amazing world of sprinklers and timers !  Party Time !!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Again ??????

OK ... what is with me or what is with my favorite compost ?
Why can't we make each other happy on our first encounter of the season .. it should be love at first sight or touch , right ? Spring is supposed to do that for us right ?
Nope ... here I am again with 12 bags of .. hum ? .... overly moist ? worm casting compost.
The tiny perk being it is on sale ... but some how that doesn't cut it with lugging heavy wettish ? bags.

Thankfully Garden PA is on the spot helping me out ... fixing the flat tire on my poor wheel barrow.
Laying said overly moist bags out in this FREAKISHLY HOT weather we are having.
It went up to 22 degrees Sunday and I turned on our air unit to combat my .. hum ? overheated state.

Bags getting a sun tan ?
Relaxing ... laying down
What you don't go through for your garden ?

A new BEE friendly device we, I (being) the foreman and Garden PA (being) the "doer", installed it for me.
Two nails and presto! but hey installed sounds better , right ?
"Solitary Pollen Bee Nest" .. from Lee Valley .. with a chart and tracking info to up load on Canadian site that is recording all the information they can gather to find out what is truly happening to these bees.
Fingers crossed they will like it, move in set up their satellite TV and enjoy the stay ! Go bees !!

Mean while ... garden clean up is stalled due to a few appointments etc ... life goes on even though my garden brain is humming along like a steam engine ... hard to sleep at night when you keep thinking of all the chores you have to do .. argh !
I did get some done .. the front and part of the ally way ... but with loads more to do, it keeps eating at me until I get it done and by the time I do get it done, I will have had it done a hundred times in my imagination ... no wonder I am exhausted ???

In other news Garden PA put up the rain barrel and a little higher for me so I don't become the Hunchback of CanadianGardenJoy garden when filling my water can .. phew !

My plan of surrounding Queen of the Night tulips with Antoinette seems to be working which is a
MIRACLE !!! ... as long as they can actually flower I will be over the moon, go tulips !!

So now for more gratuitous flower pictures of the hellebore nature, since most, OK .. just about all my bulbs are not at the flowering stage as so many of you have "been there done that"
We Canadians in south eastern Ontario are trying to catch up !

Jade Tiger is a rather dramatic DIVA with that dark edging ... seems to be a good bloomer this year with lots of buds showing ... again hopefully they will get a chance to bloom !

OK .. one more picture is of a smiler ... for me ... because it is Kent Beauty oregano coming back after a second winter and that is special since it is such a picky, sensitive plant .. zone 6 !
I must have plunked it in just the right spot !