Friday, 24 April 2015

Between a Rock and a Hard Place ?

This picture was taken on a warmer and sunnier day ..... before the white stuff fell again and punched my poor garden heart square in the chest,.

Sad and sorry "Dave" the original garden gnome in a very depressed state .. WG aka weather gargoyle not far behind .. my "prostrate" Canadian Hemlock pretty much saying it all without uttering a word ....  the blue ball ... pretty much a VERY blue ball.

But ?
A new water fountain to play with when the weather decides what it intends to do .. frankly I have a few other choice words I would rather type but my keyboard might blow up ?

Mrs. Robin looking VERY fed up with EVERYTHING .... including the "who ever sits on the nest owns it" game which is being played with the canoodling Mourning Dove pair (actually they are a threesome but I avoid those terms since this is an open blog ?) long story that started out years ago .. the three Stooges as in Mourning Doves .. I think they have an adult kid that just won't leave home.

Last shot the night before the snow event ... bare bones Tiger Eye sumac ... sad little guy but he will cheer up in a few more months .... I hope .....
So there we are .... a total of 16 bags of wonderful worm cast compost waiting to be sprinkled on garden like good old fairy dust to work a miracle .... I hope ?
Spring ? where the hell are you ????????????????????????

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Earth Day ... happened on a cold and windy day darn it !

OK ... I am in a cycle of whining here and I have to stop ... soon !
But here it is Earth Day when I usually plant something significant and happy to remember this special day on.
This day how ever .... sucks !! BIG time ... I wish we had the weather we had last week, then I would have been celebrating !!
However I scored on finding my favorite compost ... let me tell you it is hard to find !
Thus my "green mobile" was loaded with the second haul of 8 bags ... making 16 altogether.
 You know it is a gardener's vehicle when it is loaded down with compost, soil or mulch .... or the best part .... plants !! (which isn't happening soon at this rate !)

We have a new family that moved in under terrible weather conditions .. we have our fingers crossed that they will stay safe and warm in their new digs on the trellis of one side of the deck.

I hope you other gardeners are having a nice Earth Day ... with no snow ? or cold rain .
Fingers crossed for better weather again and SOON !

Monday, 20 April 2015

Amazing garden art find !

Today is a good soaking rain day .. we really do need it .. even with all the snow we had we were beginning to dry out.
So I am very grateful for the rain .. although all the bags of compost I strategically placed around the garden .. not so much .. wet compost is going to be messy to say the least but there it is.

OK .. so this really neat garden stake amazed me ... Home Sense is a dangerous store for me to go in.
Hubby just stays in the car and lets me go nuts ..(long story short my car battery had to be replaced so poor hubby was the driver of the day) .. many bags of compost and soil were loaded in the back.

So ... this amazing find ? I have never seen one like it but what a great idea !!
It is made of coloured glass plates and a small bowel to make it look like a flower.

The only thing I would change would be to cover the nut/bolt thing in the middle.
It is on a plain garden stake which can be a bit odd because it is top heavy.
But it is beautiful when the sun hits it and the light glints ...
I am lucky I find something really different almost every year to put in the garden.

Mean while the garden is jumping ahead ......
These vines are cut back a bit finally.

Hellebore are reaching out ... leaves were cut back severely because they were a mess .. no point in having them in that shape !

My first and oldest hellebore ... "orientalis Christmas Rose"

I wasn't sure about this little guy from last year .. but here he is bursting forth ready to show off !

I am very grateful for a rain day ... I am exhausted .. poor Garden PA is too .. we all need a breather to be able to get back to it again ? haha

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The race begins !

Well before I could even stop moaning about snow in the garden, it was gone and we had so many glorious days of warm weather it was ridiculous ... but oh ! .. I loved it even with the aches and pains and SO MUCH to get done yet.
Mission for today .. my favorite compost is on sale ... worm cast compost is perfect for me .. no troublesome seedlings and what now popping up .. sad how you can get so excited about compost but I am truly EXCITED !
Mulch is on as well but that is the last thing I will be doing ... but it is wise to catch it on sale and stock pile .
YES .. I am a hoarder of garden necessities !! compost , soil, and mulch ... and sorry to say yet another brand new hose ... we will learn our lesson yet with bring it into the house and not just the shed.
One mission of the day are the vines .. scary vines !
It will be a wrestling match for sure but these guys along with the Bittersweet one are tough old birds and need the law laid down to them .. sharp pruners and a steady hand with a plan Stan !

A nice thing to see .... which I totally forgot ? I planted this bleeding heart in the hellebore bed last Fall and it seems to like where it got plunked !
I have a lot of Woodland Phlox growing in and out of the hellebore .. filling in blank spaces .. too bad I can't squeeze it into my head's blank spaces !

Peony "Flame" is bursting through the soil ... nice red shoots and promising to look gorgeous I hope!
I have two other peony in the same area ... still unsure they will be smiling at me this year .. fingers crossed !

Last ... my beautiful crane made it through the winter ... I wasn't sure whether to bring him in or not .. I wanted it to "weather" and he did manage to have snow way above his neck .. so he is officially a CANADIAN Crane indeed !
WE have to wait a while to start the water feature up ... freezing weather and snow is not done with us yet !