Thursday, 15 June 2017

Letting Your Garden Go Wild

This is my "wild child " peony "Green Lotus"
You can see it is not your typical peony .. it truly is a bit wild looking.
My garden is rather in a state of wildness ... far from my usual neat freak state .. but I have to admit it is doing fine without my constant attention.
If I am lucky I am able to get to it once a week for a few hours.
So far it hasn't swallowed the house up, fingers crossed we can survive until I can truly work in it.
Mean while, I do have clematis vines sneaking up through the deck floor boards .. vines are amazing.
Gardens and perhaps gardeners ? can go wild and survive nicely ... thank goodness !

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Spark of Happiness

Tulips and I have a some what strained relationship .. mostly on my side from great expectations to utter disappointment.
Thus not to much "tip toeing ? through the tulips" here in my garden.
HOWEVER ... these amazing ones I planted for Canada's 150th birthday have really brightened my opinion of "some" ? tulips.
I thought they deserved their very own special post .. enjoy !

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Misery in the Rain

I have yet to publish the kind comments from my previous post .. thank you to those fellow bloggers that stopped by  : ) I appreciate it !
I just wanted to illustrate how soggy and miserable we are with this cold rainy weather we have been stuck in for a while .. there is in fact a possibility of snow on Monday ... BIG sigh.
For now we feed the birds to help them along .. this poor Mourning Dove caught my attention as he/she perched on the rose arbor in the rain .. we felt so sorry for the poor drenched thing.

I won't have any decent pictures of our beautiful little Serviceberry because the rain has ruined the blooms ... what a start to the garden season ?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hiding from your blog ....

OK ... I have to admit I have been hiding from my blog because I have been a total slug .. but not without reason, but it is personal so I don't really want to go on and on about myself.
I was able to do a few hours in the garden today and it has been mind blowing.
The garden doesn't care if it is untidy or needs a bit of straightening up .
It GROWS despite me ... and in a way I am very glad of that .. no matter how much tweaking it may need it refuses to be off put by my neglect ...
IT IS ALIVE and KICKING .. phew !
But ? we are in for a ride with the weather ... it has been a weird Spring as it is but the rain is coming back with a vengeance ... up to 45 mm supposedly through Friday ...
I looked back at my old diary from last year and by the 7th I had already bought loads of herbs , soil, compost ... so I still have time to squeak by ? maybe ?
Mean while a few pictures to illustrate the garden is running whether I am caring for it or not !

The daffs are supposed to follow the curve completely , but I screwed up with the count to the other side .. and ? this is after some substantial rainfall so they look rather sad.
The allium have suffered with rainfall and are looking a bit SAD
My Red Majestic Corkscrew Hazel is a treat to watch as it's leaves unfurl and a few catkins are budding ... the sad part of my tree inventory is that I lost my Crimson Queen Japanese maple.
One of my oldest Japanese maples .. it stings to lose it .. and I'll never know the whole truth of what happened to it ... so I am on the hunt for a replacement once I get out and going again.
The hellebore have been a treat ....

OK ... I had to put this in for a laugh .. I am having a bit of a struggle with my picture files but there we go something on the side of smiling ?