Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August "Ugh!" finally gone

August has been my downfall with the gardens .. I didn't water enough and I paid the price with losing the greenery of my astilbe ... I have huge vacant patches in my shade gardens.
I feel so darn guilty about it all but I totally shrivel in the heat and it has been hot and so DRY !
I don't have the right to complain as much as the poor gardeners out in BC though ... that is serious hot dry weather that no joking should be made of ..

So ... the last garden pictures of August ?
Scoff as you may ... the old standard red geranium with a burgundy spike and white euphorbia that isn't quite in the picture .. they hung in with me even when i didn't get them watered.

The Bittersweet vine known to us as Medusa was trying to crawl into my birdcage to avoid trimming.
A touch of sweetness ? .. was Little Miss Sunshine's flowers ... fresh looking and oh so cute.
The heat did bring out the dark colours of this sedum and the coreopsis beside it didn't seem to mind it either ... plus we all know lavender loves it so no complaints there !
I have to try and divide this sedum because it really does make an impact statement with that colour.
I crave balance so two on either side of what ever I put in the middle (maybe Gold Bar Miscanthus that I have tucked away else where ) now that would be a wow ! picture .. the wheels are turning !
You can see my Autumn Joy sedum needs to be divided .. sagging in the middle  .. hum ? like me, is not a pretty site .. too bad I can't divide myself and get rid of the sag !
I have too many Black Eyed Susans around the arbor bench so they will be transplanted.
So many plants to swap around .... and yet I have ordered some more ... go figure ?

Does anyone know how long anise hyssop is supposed to live because I think I might have a record here .. I had divided it as well a few years back.
This one is going on 14 years old ... isn't that impossible ? it is one of my original garden plants !
I have been taking pictures in the dull morning light ... the flash went off with this one so colours look a little washed out ...I trimmed out the Japanese Maple for better breathing .. poor thing was just too stuffy !
OK ... another crazy original plant is this ajuga ... it with stood the crap thrown on it from the landscaper and came back even stronger ... I wish I had what ever it has been "drinking" ?
Little Lime on this side of the garden has been doing great ... there fore I am moving the poor little skinny kid Little Lime from the other side of the garden over here so it has a decent chance !
So far so good with my Autumn ferns ... but the true test is whether they will show up after what ever this winter will throw at them .. been there done that, lost that before ... we shall see !
The Heuchera and Heucherellas keep swinging no matter what so thumbs up on them !
How about a moon shot for a change ... we missed the super moon for Saturday night because it was overcast .. but this one happened the next night .
How about this weird one ?
OK ... just one more blast of August sun rising .... can feel the heat radiating from the picture !
Now if only September would behave itself ?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mystery plant revealed finally .....

Well it took it's time but finally the question of the mystery plant is settled

Yup ... almost a weed, poor goldenrod's reputation is ... but ? .. this is a tough spot in my garden.
Dry, bugs from hell (why they are so bad here I have no idea but they are!) ..
I have no tall plants in this exact spot .. standard maculatum Joe Pye is a bit further down.
So I may let it stay there as long as it doesn't become a pest ..
I wish I knew what the original plant was that I thought I was buying ?

Thank you to all of the bloggers that tried to identify it for me .. I appreciate the help !

Monday, 17 August 2015

Too hot ......

Records were broken in Toronto today with the temperature ... we might not have broken any here in Kingston but I can tell you it is TOO hot !
Already I am dreaming of a cool crisp Autumn soon ?
Mean while I have tried to snap some pictures of the garden in areas it isn't looking fried ?
I fell in love with Julia Child all over again ... the tiny blooms are actually oregano flowers ..
It is the perfect place for herbs where it is sunny, dry and hot !

Another oregano is Kent Beauty ... it's tiny blooms can almost be missed ..
This picture isn't the best but it gives you an idea how complex the miniature bloom can be.
The bees are loving the dry hot weather .. and the second bloom of Lavender Towers
Little Lime is trying it's best to keep it's many flowers up in the air .. a good rain will have them nearly down on the ground ... but I doubt we will be in store for a good rain yet !

The red sky that morning did not bring any weather warnings other than heat and humidity yet again.
A bit of an abstract look through my bedroom window/screen.

The Tiger Lily bulbs bring that fiery orange into the garden.
I love how they curve backwards on to their stems.
The grapes are getting sweeter ... soon the birds will be enjoying them way too much !
I have to make notes with what plants have to be moved around ...
I have left Schubertii allium skeletons still in the garden from Spring .. they have been so fascinating to me plus a source of support for some free flowing flowers.
This shot reminds me of Autumn ... the lighting and the tan grass seed heads ..
Last look with my Tiger Eye Sumac glowing  ....

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mystery Plant (still waiting)

Well ... this is the longest WAIT I have ever had to have a plant revel it's true nature to me ...
I guess that is the way of all living things ? ... but this one is stubborn and I had to move it.
So it might be even more hesitant in going through the process of giving "birth" ? to it's flowers.
I think it will survive the shock though.
Around August 6th  was this shot ...
I think the shape is my like the lythrum that Eileen suggested but until it flowers all bets are off ?

We have finally had a rain day, well over night for sure ... phew !
I hand watered from 8 AM to 1:30 PM without a break on Sunday and I am feeling every bit of it now ... I have never had to cut back so many astilbe because they fried in my shade section ugh!
Otherwise though some nice pictures of plants before that hiccup ?
My beautiful thalictrum is using the Royal Purple Smokebush as it's support.
I couldn't resist the "balloons" of flowers still not opened ...
A bit of a dramatic shot of my daisy in morning shade .. I still have my dried allium in the garden.
They do support some of the plants amazingly ... it was my most fascinating plant of the year and I can't wait to see them next Spring again !
The coneflowers are gorgeous as usual and that scent in the air is wonderful ... the pollinaters are enjoying it too !
I am waiting for September to swap out and rearrange plants .. this border needs help!
There are hidden treasures buried in over the top plants  like Solar Flare echinacea to the left.
I am not complaining about its growth it just needs another place or my little treasures hidden in it need to move ... one or the other is going to happen !
A sure sign of the seasons progression are the "black rattlers" from Blue False Indigo.
Glamor Girl Phlox has done well ... resists the powdery mildew thing so far.
It is the only Phlox I have for now.

This is a very understated little tree treasure of mine.
It has been putting up with dry shade for a few years now and I appreciate that very much.
Spring brings out the beautiful purple foliage that progresses to green by summer.
It has wonderful twists and turns and I help it along with that .. a bit of fun shaping it to how I like it.
So it is a bit of a waiting game  with the mystery plant ... I will post pictures as soon as it makes up it's mind to let us all know what it intends to be !!