Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Last Jewels of the Garden

Toad-lily is an Autumn jewel in my garden .. it reminds me of an incredibly durable orchid.
It survives our winters .. our hot humid summers .. our in-between weather that makes you wonder what will happen next.
It looks so intricate and delicate , your eyes can't help but be drawn in, to study the form it takes.
Least of all those hairy , spiny options that also makes them look like a plant in the "Little Shop of Horrors" .. maybe it wants to bite you while you get that close ?
These pictures are shot in natural light and it seems to enhance a glow the flowers seem to have from within.
These shots are taken with a flash because this part of my garden is in deeper shade and timing for enough natural light is difficult, and it lasts literally minutes.
Can you notice the water droplets ?  the morning sprinklers had gone off and left them with "tears".
Other jewels are the berries from my Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine.
The colours run rampant from very pale blue with freckles , deep blue, and finally purple.
The deep blue is an amazing foil against the green of the foliage.
I also think of "future jewels with benefits".
Iris pumila "Cherry Garden" was a new addition this Spring.
The foliage stays fresh all season along side this amazing also new heuchera "Northern Exposure Amber"  I am definitively getting more of these !! , plus Blue Mouse Ears hosta and sedum.
This is like money in the bank, with the hope the iris flowers will look gorgeous in the Spring.
Little Lamb is on her last legs of looking so darn "pretty in pink".
Her foliage is finally taking hits from the cold nights .. so the flowers will soon turn more brown than pink, sooner rather than later.
Ok .. technically ? these jewels are water droplets caught in a spider's web.
They still wowed me all the same .. especially the bottom ones that absolutely glistened like diamonds.
A jewel of another kind is the tenacity of a rouge Japanese Painted Fern that decided it was going to not only exist, but thrive in one very difficult situation "between a rock and a hard place"?
This hydrangea standard, "Pink Diamond" the name is rather fitting .. was a meeting place of jewels from the insect world .. It became a Monarch Butterfly Magnet !
I will never forget how many I saw enjoy the nectar alongside the hundreds of other pollinators.
It was the highlight of my garden year.
A few shots of the last days of glory for the back garden before I started my cutback and clean up for the winter.
I'm thrilled to see moss grow between the flagstone path.
A visual slice of garden pie, coming out of the ally way, to the back garden.
I've had some wonderful chances for great moon shots.
One very colourful morning by sheer luck, right place at the right time !
One very windy, dark, "Halloweeny" type night with leaves silhouetted, against the great shining orb.
Last night's shot of the moon while hanging out my bedroom window.
Don't ask, it's better not to know.
Thankfully for the neighborhood ? no one had to see me do those gymnastics !

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Slow Drift into Autumn

I haven't been in the garden for ages .. I tweaked my lower back with it's very cranky discs that are eroding badly .. I kept at my yin yoga but I should have known better to just completely rest.
Why do we repeat mistakes continuously through out our lives knowing better ? LOL

In any case .. I did manage to catch some photos ..
There was talk of the wonderful Harvest Moon .. my pictures are not the best but I was battling circumstances and ... hanging out my bedroom window at times .. yes quite the spectacle, but at least it was dark out ? :-)
 It was only on the 14th that I could capture almost decent ones .. when it was rising , it was the most unbelievable orange yellow (again from my bedroom window with so many obstacles from my neighbors hedges and trees) my husband thought it was a coloured solar light .. he was amazed.
  Take note of the white asterisks to see the rough edge of an impact crater .. click on the picture.

What about my garden ?
It has been thriving so far .. without my constant worry and fussing .. huge sigh of relief on that !
Hydrangea are stunning .. Little Lamb here .. my first love.
I missed getting pictures of Pinky Winky (that name still slays me) was AMAZING ! deep rose  with white tops , something I did not expect because that is what "Strawberry Vanilla" is supposed to be known for .
Phantom (above) is on the small side for now but will be quite large when it matures ... as will the two Berry White hydrangea (all paniculata) that I have planted against the side fence
These are both new to me as with all the Bobo (maybe 6 of them ? eeek!) I went a little overboard buying those ones ...what can I say.
But they are not the only plants that draw in the pollinators .. hosta flowers perplex me at times.
Some of them I cut off so they won't drain the plant itself too much and others I leave to let these little creatures get as much goodness as possible.
The garden is doing its thing .. hopefully waiting for me to do my thing ?
Colours and light are shifting .. almost a dreamy characteristic.
Korean Wax Bells are blooming just as they should this time of year.
And .... fascinating tiny scenarios of water bubbles cupped by lichen, now how beautiful is that ?

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Monarch Magnet

Lately it is hard to wrap my mind around a post but Monarchs have been absolutely insistent that I do something about that !
This has been the most spectacular "Monarch" year ever in my garden and all thanks to the hydrangea standard "Pink Diamond" planted by the deck, reaching up to the banister.
First it was the incredible scent of the flowers .. not overwhelming, just a fine waft of their perfume.
Then the "traffic" of pollinators and Monarchs became amazing.

They share very well most times, unless the buzzing seems to annoy them.
I am more than happy to see these little bees also get the nutrition they need as well.

Wind had been a problem for these tiny miracles, but they are stubborn little creatures and kept at the tree until they had their fill of nectar for each visit.
Their story is profound, considering the migration journey through generations of their kind.
How they do what they do, for such a delicate, tiny creature, that has to battle so many obstacles plus nature herself, to get to their end result, makes you wonder "what isn't possible" ?
The wings are so vibrant yet with an almost transparency that you can see the outline of objects through the other side .. see the shadows  ?

I took so many pictures that trying to choose the "right" ones to tell the story has been difficult.
I am so glad I got to see this event in my own garden.
It gives me hope that some turn around is happening for their survival, perhaps thriving at some point, if things keep changing for their benefit.
I will do my part and make sure they have "food" in my garden.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

 The sky, the light, and the shadow values of August are changing from summer to early almost Fall?