Tuesday, 29 July 2014

BIG Trouble .. a contract is out on me.

I normally don't try to whine about past troubles ... well, OK maybe a little.
BUT ... this morning ? it all came rushing back to me and sent a chill up my spine like nothing I have felt for ages ... (can't remember the last really scary movie I watched .. ugh !)
So what turned my morning into paranoia and a sense of ice cold fear ?
My most favorite, well "loved", garden shoes .. it doesn't matter if they were only $6 ..
They WERE well loved!
Just so you get the full atmosphere of the intended attack on my sense of well being, second shot.
So "who" am I in total, unhealthy fear of, after seeing the scene of the crime on such a pretty, but now
 UN-carefree morning?
On the 18th of July,two BIG black eyed bandits were strolling my back garden .. like some kind of inspection team casing the joint for further attempted "raids" .. for which there is nothing of the "food" type nature to snack on .. that mere fact could have aggravated them ?
I do have to add they did not destroy anything in the garden .. but the new fence is much too tall for them to climb .. this is the neighbor's fence.
A point of great agitation to them since this was even difficult to "haul" their collective butts up and over.
I can't begin to describe the cold calculated stare this particular suspect gave me when I "told" them to get out of my yard .. another set of chills u[ my spine ... brrrrrr !
Why do I think I am under contract with the raccoon mafia ?
We have even more than these garden shoes tucked away on the deck .. and yet ?
It was my beloved ones that were mauled ... a definite very SERIOUS message is being sent to me.
I may have to go under ground for a while until they forget about that morning I yelled at them.
Possibly a witness protection program of some kind ... I just know I'm a marked gardener !
Past history with raccoon mafia :
Previously, a few years ago, we had a raccoon "Bed & Breakfast" going in our attic unbeknownst to us.
Even with professionals working on the situation, it went on for THREE years!! until everything possible was secured and sealed .. the fact they can't set up housekeeping again may also contribute to the campaign against me ... see ? total PARANOIA has set in .. their plan is working!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reviews on New and Old Plants

I know ... why would I review an old plant? .. Because after a few years you can really sum up it's performance right ?
This year has been an odd one .. we had a bad winter with an ice storm that had us losing a few plants.
However this Spring and summer have been cool and rainfall has been timed rather well.
New plants have taken more easily and older ones seem perkier? because of this.
So on with the review.
Filipendula "Kahome" caught my eye while pouring over on line catalogs .. I have a standard one and it is very pretty when it is feeling good.
I like the idea of a mini-me and now I am just waiting to see what happens with possible flowers.
The foliage is very nice with red stems .. and I am a foliage gardener so that is a positive point for me.
Next is a hosta called "Great Expectations"
I planted two across from my new "Love Pat" which is of a bluer tint and looking quit slug proof.
Great Expectations center colour changes through out the season as you can read on the link.
I like the form of it and that margin with the center colour change .. they are both looking very nice right now so I can't wait for next year when they are a bit larger.

I became fascinated by a sedge for it's really "look at me!!" colour and form.
"Banana Boat" sedge packs a punch of colour in the shadier nooks of my gardens and I wanted a bit of continuity with placing three of them within so many sections of the shade gardens.
This is one area under the grape arbor .. placed with rodgersia "Cherry Blush",(from last year's aquisitions: )  The poor thing has been transplanted so many times it should be thumbing it's nose at me and leaving for plant heaven .. but? it is still hanging on .. thank you !
The silver leaf dogwood is there to "cool" things down a bit .. like I use my ivory buddleia.

Pink Micro Chip buddleia ... it truly is tiny, maybe tinier than I really should have gone with ? and to top that off .. I went with three of these tiny but very cute plants .. and ?
I had an idea of making a semi circle around pink "Scent & Sensibility" lilac.
Now wouldn't that look too sweet to stand ?

The brain storm :
Yes .. I know what you are thinking ... I will have to move the arrangement sooner or later but for now it is my eye candy !
The micro chips are blooming their little heads off so they do what the description says !

Cheyenne Spirit echinacea ... a smaller size but huge on WOW ! factor with the many different colours coming from the same plant .. which packs buds after buds.
I bought three or four ? of them .. yup .. lost track in the throws of my excitement .. sure, can we call it lust?
I haven't got a long view picture of them for some reason, but here are a couple of close ups.
The colour looks too close to each other .. sorry about that !
They do range from yellow gold to hot red and yes from the same plant, amazing right ?
Another can't wait to see it next year mental note.

Now for some quiet ? pictures of older garden plants that I still love !

I am still trying to imagine what it will look like with stone pathways instead of the grass ..

Monday, 21 July 2014

The buzz on Buzz Ivory & Friends

I usually have a honeymoon period with new plants in the garden ... then something odd happens and things aren't so sweet between us for reasons only the universe really knows ?
Having made that proclamation .. I can say it isn't so with Buzz Ivory buddleia ... it is a beauty and I would plant loads more if I had the sunny space for it.
I was a little hesitant over my pick of the ivory colour but no more !
It is perfect for cooling down some of the riot of colour in other plants that just party too long and too hard.
They need a calmer take on the area to tone it down a bit and "Buzz" does the job !
As for other plants ... some can be taken as a lead into Autumn almost ... I know, way too early but doesn't "Joe" and  "Helen" make you think of those days to come ?
"Baby Joe" blooms earlier ..
"Helen ... helenium" not sure which variety survived my intervention of "is this a weed or what" day
Thankfully it has a few feet in the ground still.
Petite Delight monarda also had a close call on extinction ... it was just one of those times I got carried away trying to unify a look to the sun strip ... and I still haven't yet .. but I am still working on it !
I'm throwing in this picture of a spirea flower just because it is so darn pretty !
More pink to top up the pink-o-meter ?
Inspiration clematis
William Shakespeare Rose after a rain shower
Kent Beauty oregano ?
OK ... I better knock off the pink parade or I will have the pink police after me for over advertising pinkness!
You have to admit though ... pink is pretty darn perfect in the garden !

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bouncing Baby Butterfly !!!

The timing was total luck but I had a hunch it was going to be soon.
Yes ... our bouncing baby butterfly cracked out of it's chrysalis and took it's time spreading it's wings and flying the proverbial "nest"  .... in my dill plant.

The morning moon was still out
 It was a pretty start to the day and having read about to be more vigilant when seeing the chrysalis turn darker in colour ... I put my dill plant up on the patio table so I could keep an eye on "Butty", hey ... that name was not my idea .. blame husband for that one !

See the chrysalis and the markings you can make out ?
I was reminded by a friend (Jen of Muddy Boots) that I forgot to identify the butterfly.
It is a Black Swallowtail
And now the show

Butty was born about 7:30 AM .... and flew away from home about 9:10
Husband and I took the time to watch the amazing story "unfold" in front of our eyes and it was worth every second of it.
I hope you too can see something this special too.