Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The "Light" of White in the Garden

I am an unabashed ? fan of white in the garden .. white doesn't only mean white flowers, white foliage etc .. it also means to me variegation such as vines
Variegated Porcelain Berry
... and variegated Kiwi
I have more variegated plants but only so much room with this post before the snoring starts ?
So just two examples that brighten up the garden in terms of variegation .. stay with me !

When does all of this white start up with the garden season ? .. because that is a factor you really should look into when you are planning pops of white to keep that cool relief working for you.
First it was the hellebore ...

.... then the brunnera
... then epimedium
... a touch of good old fashioned white Bleeding Heart with variegated Solomon's Seal
 ... merging with tiny stars of white moss phlox
... moving on to glorious Goat's Beard how can you not admire THAT !
... then ... a tinier look alike in the astilbe family
... moving again... to a glorious rose
...... on to ... Summer Lace hydrangea that first shows white and changes to pink ... to deep rose pink
... to .. one of my favorite shrubs in the buddleia family Buzz Ivory .. OK .. not pristine white but nearly when it first arrives .. and that scent of honey is amazing

.. then to ... my Eyeliner lilies, avoiding the dreaded beetles because it has no scent which is a pity though.
Casa Blanca makes up for the lack of scent .. I am thinking it might be safe to plant more of these gorgeous flowers .. I haven't run into any beetles this year or are they messing with my head I wonder? ....
Henrii comes back with more blooms ...
A seemingly plain white hibiscus adds a cool freshness ...
Even though Ilse Krohn is not completely white after aging a little (we all have those issues?)
She is gorgeous wandering her way up the arbor bench.
I love the idea of a "moon garden" off set on it's own, with only white type plants" but I don't have the room to dedicate to one .. so I plant "white" with it flowing through the months with variations of it unfolding to catch my eye.
White isn't the absence of colour .. it is the presence of a sense of freshness.
I can't imagine my garden without that  ...

Friday, 31 July 2015

Smiling Surprises

I am wading through a backlog of pictures that need there five minutes of fame .. or so they are telling me ..  I am stuck in neutral ... behaving more like a cat than a gardener right now.
All I want to do is nap ... but in those rare moments when I am in the garden I am smiling.

I had planted "a" day lily amongst the helter skelter of plants in the ally way .. not thinking of what is this day lily ??  I have no idea ... but stick it in the garden and let it do it's own thing .. I might just figure it out when it blooms .. that happens more and more these gardening years .. argh !!
Well it BLOOMED and I was wowed by it .. such a gorgeous pink (in soft morning sunlight)
Of course I fell in love with it and thought I should have dozens of these beauties .. that is the slippery slope I fall on when the love affair happens with a plant smiling away at me.
I have to rein in that lust and behave myself .. but really .. it is a beauty !

Next the gaggle of geese that line the ally way .. they are in my mind anyways .. too cute to believe!
I have a secret fear of chickens and geese so this is as close as I will come to them.
Gardening does seem to be a type of therapy for nonsensical, silly fears at times ..
I mean really, what is so scary about chickens and geese ? .. go figure !

All time favorite golden rod aka solidago is "Crown of Rays"
It is so well behaved I can't believe it .. it is generous with it's flowering because you can cut the finished blooms off and it will behave like the ever ready bunny with more.
Another reliable beauty is this hydrangea "Summer Lace" .. I love "lace caps" and this blushing girl is one to have if you are a fan of that form.
It helps hide the AC unit and turns a stunning deep pink as the blooms age .. why can't I age that way?!! .. well .. not deep pink , but I would have taken the stunning any day !!

The front garden is holding it's own so far .. although I have deep guilt over my Bloodgood Japanese maple getting a bit crispy ... watering can be a huge job I run away from, but Garden PA is wonderful about offering .. phew ... a load of brownie points for him !!
Quickfire hydrangea (in the back) is another well behaved shrub .. I am thinking that it will be replacing Pinky Winky (yes .. laugh .. get it over with .. I can't even get the whole name out without Garden PA snorting over it .. I would like to meet the person who named that hydrangea !)
In any case .. Pinky Winky is a pain .. it spreads and falls way too much (no picture for that reason!)
The front garden is rather chaotic .. no real plan .. I just plunked plants that I liked and there they live.

Alright .. enough of me droning on about the garden .. now for something very special.
I was given a wonderful handmade gift that was totally unexpected .. aren't those the best kind ?
A gorgeous quilt in a pattern called "Toss the Bouquet" ..
The card enclosed reminded me that I would be wrapped in a bouquet of flowers during the hard cold winter that always seems to last forever each year.
That was such a comforting thought .. the flowers .. fighting off old man winter !

Marg you are such a generous talented friend and I so appreciate having this beautiful gift from your hands ... thank you again so much !

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Help with plant ID ?

I feel like an idiot ... which happens far more than I let on of course.
This episode of "garden DUH?" is especially driving me nuts.
Apparently this plant for which I have no idea what the blank it is  ... is driving me around the bend.
So ... if one of you wonderful gardeners could put me out of my misery and tell me what this plant is I will be forever grateful ... and yet totally embarrassed ? go figure eh ?
Here are some pictures of the beast (it is tall .. straight ..foliage  reminds me of veronicastrum but I know it isn't) ... BIG sigh !

It doesn't need staking right now ... but for the life of me I can not think of what it could be ..
There are three of them so I must have planted it deliberately but some how the height either was not correct in the description (which if course I don't have or I wouldn't be in this situation ? argh!)
It is "unfolding" what may be flower buds eventually from the top.

So .... if anyone of you know what this plant is ... put me out of my misery PLEASE !

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bits & Pieces of the Garden in Mid July

I just wanted to post some pictures of the garden before I totally get back logged with overwhelming myself with too many pictures and nothing sensible to say ... so away we go !

Eyeliner Lilies

Some Shasta daisy crept into the garden some how ?

More yellow was catching on ...

Chartreuse took over ...

A riot of colours .. better seen by the "eye" than in photos really

Some cool white and a touch of blue

 An amazing rose

A perfect moment in time for it

Amber Jubilee Ninebark is remarkable .. I had it "stuck" in the wrong place for two years and now it is coming into it's own in a better placement ... don't you love it when your brain WORKS ?

The colours are so much more intense when you see it in person !

Almost following the same colour palate is Copper Cascade heucherella .. gorgeous !

Now for a laugh .. my Sweet Autumn monster in training !
Looks like a person the arms are much longer and fuller now.. it should be an unusual show if it flowers the way I hope it does ;-)

We do have grapes which will be promptly eaten by the birds when almost ripe ..and a few that are too ripe which gives way to "drunken" insects .. I hate having to call all those taxi cabs for them!

Over all the garden is doing well ... I have some "oops" things going on but I will make notes and trying to reorganize in the Spring .. for now my main theme is just keeping it going .. that in itself is a big job ... phew !