Friday, 22 May 2015

Still Not Caught Up .....

There is a frost warning tonight ... I am not too worried since I don't do a lot of annuals .. all the same we worry about fruit/food farms that could be affected .. so here is to crossing all our fingers that it won'y happen !
My pictures are behind by a few days .. and the plants just keep running that marathon of growing and growing and wandering.

One of my most hated jobs is having to take the time to tie up vines .. clematis to be precise ..
I love the different types and I am a sucker for collect more each year.
Then I say some VERY naughty words as I bend and twist and break green tape to tie the vines running away from where they should stay.

Garden PA was able to get our Basalt Bubbler going today ... a lot of crawling around and testing outlets and digging up extension cords to find some naughty creature had chewed through one which was the trouble maker that delayed the glorious sound of running water
Kudos to my Garden PA and BBQ Master !! Thank You : )

Now for some miscellaneous pictures just for the heck of it ?
Too cute right ?

Some Victorian charm to my Bittersweet vine.

Morning light through my Tiger Eye sumac.. it's leaves are even larger now !

I have a thing for ferns .. this Parsley fern is very crinkly and grows much bigger .. I had just cut it back to encourage fresh growth on it.
I have hooked Jen from The Light Laughed on them now ... that Ostrich fern did the trick ! haha

Some shady characters ....

I can't wait to see these crazy allium bloom, let alone how my little Fringe tree will grow !

I have about six or seven different bugbanes  .. the two here should not do well because they are under a some what mature tree which loses all it's flowers, like so many yellow peas fallen on the ground ...
A site that is too dry, too sunny at times .. but yet thrive they do, along with astilbe and hosta and the perennial of the year geranium .... darn what was that name again ? BIG sigh !

My "toddler" Tiger Eye sumac , across from the water feature ... there is something poetic about how it looks to me in this picture graceful.
That is it for now ... I have so much to do this weekend in the garden it makes me shudder ... but?
I know it will be so worth it one day this season to sit back(for a few minutes?) and enjoy how it looks.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Disappointments and Surprises

Well this rollercoaster weather has been beating me senseless which is not a hard thing to do since I am always just half way there as it is.
We didn't have Spring ... or was I the only one that missed it ?
No Spring showers ... that is my biggest disappointment ... along with not being able to have my ace in the pocket for a corner of my garden ... Godzilla fern ... poor Dawn from GardensPlus had to break the news to me that her suppliers crapped out on her ... I feel more sorry for her having to tell those customers they aren't getting "it" ... my stand in though was generously nodded towards hosta
 "Ripple Effect"  .... interesting foliage and colour.

Now for the surprise ? ... remember our chat on potting tables ? .. long story to this which I would rather NOT go into because I look like the bad guy.
In any case Garden PA thought he saw the perfect table for me (while I was sleeping story), bought it and put it together and was happy to surprise me with it ... well I was SURPRISED let me tell you !

To give you perspective of how big it is
It is a great potting table and after the shock of him NOT having me there to tell him what I thought .. well ,,, all wives know what I mean right ?
We are just setting up the deck at the moment ,, so it looks bare and I have to keep the table up here because the patio is being worked on .. I haven't broken it in yet.

Mean while back at the farm ....some pictures of what is happening ... good grief still much more to happen too ... I am sweating bullets even now !

I love my Lamb's Ears border ... I know everything is supposed to be curvy but I am a straight and to the point type of gal ... they are so soft and fuzzy wuzzy ... who wouldn't love them ?
My son and DIL gave me this really cute ceramic mushroom last year ... I love the blue pop of colour especially with the Tiger viola.
Parts of the garden are becoming a jungle ... some "editing" has to go on to let understory plants have a chance of rain ? and sunshine.
Wood phlox is really pretty under the hellebore ... and when it gets tired I just shear it back.
My baby Tiger Eye sumac is holding on .. it survived this past winter so I think it is a super hero !
Morden Glow elderberry brings a pop of colour between the greens and the lacy foliage is very striking.
Even with collecting so many more plants that I shouldn't be .. I am collecting garden art as well.
I couldn't resist this Victorian looking bird cage.
Under my biggest Tiger Eye sumac I have this gorgeous ground cover succulent and lantern.
You just feel it when combinations work.
The water feature is not up and running yet .. but that will come and the birds will love it.
So for now that is whats up in my garden .
Waiting to have the pathways corrected .. have the gate done properly .. it was put on backwards.
Plus a number of things that would have you laughing ... our new contractor said he couldn't believe we are taking it so well ... but hey ... life is short and this time it will be done right.
One year I just want to play in the garden and not have any massive "To Do" projects.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Major Mistake of the Season

OK .. we all do something really stupid each year of the garden season .. come on, you know you do!
Mine ? ... I was so hyper about my worm casting compost .. I bought wet bags.
Take my advice and never by wet anything in a bag but especially compost ...
I was so worried that other gardeners would catch on and it would sell out that I was thinking go ahead and use it ... worst mistake ever ... just too unreal to spread around and I swear I will never do anything that stupid again ... NEVER !!!

Mean while I moved on and bought more plants .... another very "iffy" situation .. but I thought I knew where each one could go so of course I grabbed them
One in particular ...."Junior Walker" catmint .... hadn't come across it in my winter research but wow!
I love Walker's Low but it could be a beast so I think this one might just fit the bill ..please ?
Angel Tiger Eye Viola
Dalmation Bellflower (campanula)
Alpine geranium (Erodium)
Tiny Rubies Pinks (Dianthus)
Diamond Frost euphorbia (annual)
So yes ... I got caught up with collecting some jewels and probably more ....
Here are some pictures (I haven't planted them yet though ... too much going on !

Meanwhile we had two weeks of "summer" heat which made the plants go utterly NUTS and grow like crazy so I am way behind in having them under control ... thus the work this morning and my intense exhaustion ... I just can't seem to do what I used to be able to do and it makes me crazy !
More pictures

Today ? ... these plants are even much bigger is insane how they are growing !

This one barley cracked the soil a few days ago and now ? it is flowering !

The bags of compost were finally spread this morning .... again I will NEVER buy "wet" compost EVER AGAIN !!!!

Fiddle-heads are every where .... this is the Christmas fern.

All the spirea are BIGGER .... the Goatsbeard is BIGGER  .... it boggles the mind ... sigh !

Hellebore are crowding the raised bed .. this is only a third of it ... wood phlox and campanula are edging the border ...

Jade Tiger   is rather striking ...

The Epimedium are up and about to flower ... I hope to catch some pictures of them.
You could barley see them last week ...  it is amazing when plants go "crazy" ?

Bleeding Heart, Astilbe, Hosta, Heuchera, Gold Creeping Jenny, more Goatsbeard .... on and on !

I have a lot to do with my dry stream bed .. but this is how the plants are jumping up at me even now.
It is supposed to rain tonight so I am hoping for a full rain barrel to keep the raised bed ,oist !

OK ... that is me for now ... I am so very exhausted ... and ? what fails when you are in the garden ?
Housework ... laundry .... GROCERIES !!
Garden PA has been cooking so I am very lucky ... but we really need to get groceries so that is a must for tomorrow ..... BIG sigh !!
Does anyone else go through this ???
PS ... the new company should be here early June so the flagstone pathways will be done the RIGHT way instead of being the beast they are now .. talk about the "trip" factor !

Monday, 4 May 2015

May is here ... but .....

OK .. I can finally write a post without a cold weather snow gripe .. amazing eh?
Now I can write about the conflict of weather verses getting the deck coated in time.
Verses what will happen when it is time to dig up the old path and lay in the new one ??

I spent from 7:15 to 1:45 watering the gardens on Saturday .... edging my way around the mess on the patio .. because the deck had to be cleared out to be cleaned and sealed, which is a good thing!
This was my garden PA's "need to get done chore" and it is finally getting done ...

But the weather is warm .. plants are reaching out, the trees are dressing up and where is that thing about Spring showers happening .. see ? I do have a complaint but as I said it is in conflict because it has to stay dry to finish the deck ... BIG sigh ... the new hose is great though so I'll soldier on.

How about some pictures ?
Every day it changes .. so even today this has expanded !
My Pearl Bush is not looking good though .. anyone else with a "slow" budding one too?

The standard Bleeding Heart has volunteers filling out spaces for me, which is great.
Who doesn't like them ? .. lots of little Sweet Woodruff too along with Gold Creeping Jenny.

The hellebore bed is filling up FAST ... I have to find a few more front fillers that tumble a bit.
I have Woodland Phlox and beautiful small campanula ... plus moss phlox .. if they get dry or messy all you have to do is cut it back fro fresh growth during the season.

The ally way side is filling up with day lilies and a few other goodies ... I bought native  plants at Loblaws .. three Trillium ! (right lower area) ... trying to start a patch of them yet again ..
I have had no luck with the hellebore bed area for them, so maybe this side will work ?

My dry stream bed is a mess and very naked right now ... the Fire Island hosta are coming up nicely and I have those copper necklaces for them to deter slug mafia !
Pinot Gris heuchera  is looking good ... it is an older gal but she still pumps it out for me : )

Things don't look "pretty" right now ... it will take a few weeks ... and then the new contractor will be working on the stone paths ... last year was a disaster ... you get what you pay for and just because a guy ploughs your snow and talks nicely about gardening ... doesn't mean he actually knows what he is doing !!!!!!!!
So yet again this Spring has been a total CF on most fronts but we are so hoping by mid June things will have settled down and I can just play in the garden like I have dreamed of for years and years and years ..... BIG sigh !! and yes Garden PA can go fishing without me whining about something?

Meanwhile here are some "other" pictures

The moon has been amazing for a few nights when I can remember to LOOK and grab my camera.