Sunday, 26 June 2016

Layering and Lounging ?

We are in the throws of a hot summer weekend .. although I managed to actually get some gardening done early Friday before the heat really knocked me on my blank ?
I thought I might chat about how much I like to layer plants/shrubs/roses.
A great deal of my garden is in a layering affect ... it just seems like a natural thing to do.
Some shrubs that go well together :
Sorry I was shooting in morning shadows so the plants look rather bland and dark when they aren't.
The bees love these small yellow flowers of the diervilla
The unopened spirea flowers remind me of intensely hot pink pearls ?
My spireas look fabulous this year .. flowering like crazy.

Layering here starts with the Yellow Wax Bells or Kirengeshoma partner with lilies (Casa Blanca) then to astilbe .. heuchera .. hosta .. ferns .. Gold Creeping Jenny .. creeping sedum.
The trick is try try and find smaller forms of the plants you like to sweep downwards.
I still have to tweak that but I am getting a pleasing affect (for me) so far.
Amber Moon astilbe is a bit large for the affect I want to create but I have fallen hard for that fabulous colour it has so I trim it up to try and fit it in a little less conspicuously.
You can see I even go as flat down with Hen's&Chicks for fun. 
If you look left to right you can see I tried to compliment Curly Fries hosta with a similar leafed one.
I think it is Little Miss Sunshine, which I have transplanted way too many times.
This poor rose lives  in the ally way of neglect .. heat and drought and forgetfulness... guilt guilt !
Yet it insists on blooming and looking wonderful .. it catches my breath with it's determination !
Russian sage, oregano that blooms with amazing little white flowers, blue bell flower, alchemilla mollis .. they just look right altogether.
Though the colours are muted in shade .. I love the way it looks coming in from this direction.
Well ... this is too short a post to really get into layering but who wants to be glued to the computer when you should be enjoying your garden ... right ?

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Glow in Your Garden

Sometimes you are VERY lucky to catch just the right light ... it doesn't last long at all so you have to be prepared to lug your camera around even if you are just doing a quick "walk about" to see how your plants are progressing.
Luck is the key word .. I have lost that advantage in minutes, even seconds and have kicked myself in the proverbial butt many a time .. there is something about that "glow" that is magic.

My young Tiger Eye sumac was such a beauty during this time frame in the morning .. not that it isn't a beauty the rest of the time mind you .. but in magic light it was special.

 "Junior" Fringe tree is growing up fast this season.
Surrounded by this spectacular Schubertii allium , with the light filtering through ? again SPECIAL!

    How could I post without one of my favorite Japanese Maples with said light just about fading.

Light can be mimicked by the colour of your plants plus the site they are situated in .. say a shady corner ? .. the "All Gold" Japanese forest grass plus other light coloured plants can brighten a dark area with their presence.
I am hoping it will fill in nicely one of these years ... eventually ?

Speaking of light ... I was running out of it when taking the rest of these pictures ...
In any case .. I had to break up my beautiful huge Pinot Gris heuchera in this spot so I could plant some hopefully gorgeous Black Form iris I bought on sale from Vesey's .
I had some gorgeous blue Siberian iris here before, so I am hoping the dramatic black iris will really stand out ... yes .. I know what you are thinking ... that Piglet grass is going to GROW .. yup, there will be some "rearranging in the future but for now this is it.

Speaking of black ... my Black Lace sambucus has managed a couple of flowers.
I have to find a better place for it to live some year .. the finches and other birds use the poor thing like a springboard in a play ground .. new growth is constantly broken off .. guilt guilt !

So far so good with this standard hydrangea .. something I have never tried before.
Plus ? I have moved Sun King  gazillion times .. OK ... 4 or 5 times in the real world sense.
It is supposed to be cranky about that sort of abuse but so far it hasn't died on me .. fingers crossed!

 Before I overload this post with nonsense one last "glow" in the garden is this beauty  (run of the mill now, with so many new cultivars of baptisia) .. that blue is a show stopper in the garden at the moment because there aren't a lot of flowers and variety of colours out right now.
When the sun hits this in it's special way ... well you gotta' know ... it is SPECIAL !

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Time for more WORK ! ..OOPS !

Well here it is the day after a huge rainfall yesterday morning .. sunny but a bit windy which I would wish it was NOT .. but you have to work with what you've got right ?

OK .. funny picture from yesterday (after the rains) .. Mr. Chips our summer out door "pet" came to visit Sophie , well .. ok .. came to gather more sunflower seeds but the visit was of course his way of being polite to her ?
He even stood up on his hind legs at the door to press his nose there .. giving her kisses ? haha

Next our crazy cardinal with gathering more goods for the nest.
I had to take this picture inside the house through the deck door , through the posts of the railing.
I can't believe I got it .. neither can he ? haha
I'm throwing in a Goldfinch picture just because they are so pretty !
More "wildlife" ? ... "Spider on Henryri" is this composition .. sounding rather artsy fartsy
I would like to find as many spiders as possible and put them on my roses where those unmentionable aphids are driving the said roses and I CRAZY !
Thankfully I bumped into another gardener at a garden center, who is having the same problem.
Some years are worse than others as we all know ... ugh !

The best stand up, long lasting peony I have is Green Lotus.
I think the wrinkled structure of the flower actually strengthens, and extends it's life span.
I may have to rethink the plain white one I have ... hum ?
Ant is prop in picture just for the fun of it since "little" garden life is included in post.

Well ... I have to go to work .. fingers crossed I actually get some done !

PS ... Well today turned out to be way too windy and a few rain showers .. so tomorrow ??
ALL fingers and toes crossed

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Garden PA To The Rescue !

Yesterday was a banner day garden wise and Picasa wise ...
What  ??? I mention Picasa when I moaned and groaned about losing it in the wake of a new computer and Windows 10 !!!
Well ... some how while I was hacking away at the jungle, Garden PA managed to retrieve Picasa for me from my old files that were transferred, hidden in secret on here.
My HERO !!!!
Talk about HAPPY ? Ecstatic !! ... so one leg up on photo editing from a program I was so happy with.

OK .. so back to the jungle .. the pictures I am posting are a couple of days old so they don't translate to how crazy the growth got with actual rain happening here.
June's weather is what May was supposed to be and vice versa .. go figure ?

Shady picture but showing the Goat's Beard blooming ... one of my oldest plants times two.
I have a thing of buying two of plants I really like if coast allows that is.

Schubertii allium are bursting forth and have that wonderful light scent I love.

Twinkle is beginning to TWINKLE

Another shady picture but it seems to really highlight the veining of Pinot Gris.
This is another "old" .. hum ? "Senior" ? plant of mine that yet again needs to be divided.
Sadly I lost half of my Tiger Eye Sumac but it is trying so hard to regrow the one "arm" left of it.
I have some "baby" trees  ... can't seem to stop collecting them but a different one is the Fringe Tree.
I can't wait to have it grow up enough to put out the scented white fluffy flowers.
Warsaw Nike is stretching out between two supports and still groaning about room .. he is a beast but a gorgeous one so I have to try and treat him? right !
Long view from the back gate .. it is hard to believe how BARE this was just a few months ago.
Note to self ... stop all the groaning from February to May !