Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What about November ?

The snow has disappeared for a tiny break I am sure ... it will be back with gusto no doubt.
I feel sorry for the people in Buffalo with the pounding and after affects they are going through with the record breaking "dump" of snow they had.

Here ? ... our bags of garden refuse/leaves are still waiting patiently to be picked up.
Kingston is not one for rushing things .. but really ?
I am lucky Garden PA stacked the bags so tightly and well together.
I have noticed other bags have been tossed and blown around.
I am very glad not to chase ours down.

So what about November ... I am already overwhelmed and SICK of Christmas commercials and that ridiculous Black Friday business.
How many people will be literally crushed with that perpetual greed in motion.
I know I sound harsh .. but isn't anyone else thinking the same thing ?
We already have way too much stuff ... and the "stuff" machines keep rolling it out and the "stuff" people keep buying it ... and then sweating out the cost afterwards.

OK .. I am off my soap box it is safe to come out now ...
I catch November skies once in a while because they can be dramatic ..
They remind me of the conversation in the movie "The Girl with the Pearl Erring" ...
The artist Johannes Vermeer tried to explain the complexity of how many colours there are to clouds to the servant girl .. it made me pay more attention too now.

I know ... they seem boring and just cloud like ... the naked eye is far better at catching all the intricacies and shades that hide and occasionally dance to the edges of them.

Then the poster child for November skies with a tree's bare branches meant to make us shiver?
Time for those comfy warm pajamas !
How could I write a post without mentioning "gardening" ... once a year it happens ?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Snow Day Hits

Well ... snow day did hit on this past Sunday and I managed to "crunch" my way through it in the dim light trying to find a few pictures that might be of interest ...
I am so glad that Garden PA and I got as much done as we did ... now it is up to mother nature as to how my garden survives this winter.
Today ? Tuesday the 18th is COLD and very windy ... compared to the quiet engagement of snow to earth this past Sunday ...
A few pictures to illustrate the white blanket .... brrrrr !

The gate seems so far away from this view
This view does too ... you can really see the height of the fence now that the garden is bare ...
I am hoping the micro-climate advantage might just kick in .. I actually got my mini rhodos sprayed with the anti-desiccant spray for the winter ... yahooo !
I wish I had cute some of Little Lamb flowers when they were that amazing deep rose colour . but even in a rust colour they are beautiful !
Buzz Ivory butterfly bush was amazing, especially for it's first year here .. I am going to get another in a nice deep colour for next season .. they are addictive !
Even under a covering of snow they are pretty : )
Julia Child tried so hard for just one more flower ... sweet little rose is a keeper !
Ilse Krohn climbing rose is a wonderful plant .. so glad to have a few in the garden !
My major hellebore bed here will be my first "must see" in Spring .. fingers crossed !
My "redone" bed in a constant trouble spot will be holding my attention for some time.
I truly put a few more seconds than usual in planing it ... I'm a helter skelter gardener at times so this is an experiment in patience ?  what the heck is that ?? LOL
I miss my garden already but ... I have all winter to get in better shape than I was this year .. which was beyond terrible .. BIG sigh ! ..
I so want to be able to tackle the garden in much better condition for 2015 !

Friday, 14 November 2014

Putting the Garden to BED

Well ... the pressure is ON ... this is the only day (Saturday's forecast changed of course .. argh!),
We have to do the back garden clean up !
There was a hard frost last night and it is still chilly out .. a balmy? -2 in fact at 9 AM.
So .. we are waiting a little bit before bundling up and trying to get this mission done.
Usually I don't do an intense Fall clean up ... I leave the leaves on the border gardens to comfort them through winter.
BUT .. after all these years I have wondered if that was right when I see how leaves block moisture to the ground and keep said ground and plants "frozen" longer with that smothering insulation, as Spring try's it's best to arrive.
Therefore knowing how "antsy" I was to try out a new method, Garden PA was SO sweet and picked up mulch, plus dirt (to fill in lean areas) to see if my theory might just be the right one for the garden.
I really want to get this done and see next Spring if I see a difference.
I wanted to find one of my pictures to illustrate the garden going to bed.
I dug up an old one with a sleeping plaster face from Spring, quite a few years ago..but it is cute !

Good night sweet garden ... may your rest be peaceful and you wake up refreshed and beautiful !
Fingers crossed today will go well.
Tomorrow, and a few days hence I am sure, I will moan and groan but it will be worth it ;-)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014