Monday, 21 July 2014

The buzz on Buzz Ivory & Friends

I usually have a honeymoon period with new plants in the garden ... then something odd happens and things aren't so sweet between us for reasons only the universe really knows ?
Having made that proclamation .. I can say it isn't so with Buzz Ivory buddleia ... it is a beauty and I would plant loads more if I had the sunny space for it.
I was a little hesitant over my pick of the ivory colour but no more !
It is perfect for cooling down some of the riot of colour in other plants that just party too long and too hard.
They need a calmer take on the area to tone it down a bit and "Buzz" does the job !
As for other plants ... some can be taken as a lead into Autumn almost ... I know, way too early but doesn't "Joe" and  "Helen" make you think of those days to come ?
"Baby Joe" blooms earlier ..
"Helen ... helenium" not sure which variety survived my intervention of "is this a weed or what" day
Thankfully it has a few feet in the ground still.
Petite Delight monarda also had a close call on extinction ... it was just one of those times I got carried away trying to unify a look to the sun strip ... and I still haven't yet .. but I am still working on it !
I'm throwing in this picture of a spirea flower just because it is so darn pretty !
More pink to top up the pink-o-meter ?
Inspiration clematis
William Shakespeare Rose after a rain shower
Kent Beauty oregano ?
OK ... I better knock off the pink parade or I will have the pink police after me for over advertising pinkness!
You have to admit though ... pink is pretty darn perfect in the garden !

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bouncing Baby Butterfly !!!

The timing was total luck but I had a hunch it was going to be soon.
Yes ... our bouncing baby butterfly cracked out of it's chrysalis and took it's time spreading it's wings and flying the proverbial "nest"  .... in my dill plant.

The morning moon was still out
 It was a pretty start to the day and having read about to be more vigilant when seeing the chrysalis turn darker in colour ... I put my dill plant up on the patio table so I could keep an eye on "Butty", hey ... that name was not my idea .. blame husband for that one !

See the chrysalis and the markings you can make out ?
I was reminded by a friend (Jen of Muddy Boots) that I forgot to identify the butterfly.
It is a Black Swallowtail
And now the show

Butty was born about 7:30 AM .... and flew away from home about 9:10
Husband and I took the time to watch the amazing story "unfold" in front of our eyes and it was worth every second of it.
I hope you too can see something this special too.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Old to New and Things to Come

The old back fence
The new back fence
Yes ... it is a whopping 8 feet tall and I am loving every inch of it.
All I have ever wanted was privacy and a secret garden  ... this is helping !!

The moon Friday night was amazing !
It was a "Super Moon"

This is a longer shot of my mirror vignette for Leslie of Leslie's Garden
My pea gravel is still in the two bags waiting to be used ... I have to kick my projects up a notch to get them done before the snow flies ? haha
I don't know if this is a long enough shot Leslie but it gives you and idea of proportion perhaps ?
Mirror mosaics on your shed would really be pretty ! .. and maybe planting ferns in between that bee balm would help fill the area out when you have to cut it back ?

 My two favorite pots this year .. Kent Beauty oregano, and the strawberry pot with variegated sedum plus Hen's & Chicks

One of my favorite solar lights are the "cat-tails" .... they GLOW at night !

Overall things are coming along but it seems so late in the season that we are finally getting there ... and yet we have the stone pathways to get done to really make the garden shine .. if the weather would cooperate that would be nice ?

This veronicastrum "Lavender Towers" is TALL and gorgeous .. and I know if I dead head I will get another shorter show of it again which is nice !

Another plant .. well a shrub if you are getting technical ... when cut back, then becomes so darn pretty again is that Copper southern bush honeysuckle ... the colour of the new growth is gorgeous and picks up the spirea new growth colour too ... now how cool is that ?

The next big show (I hope) will be the lilies ... the new Black Eyeliner ones with Polaris .. fingers crossed no lily beetles will visit me (I'd like to swing a tiny baseball bat at those thugs)

The sedums are blooming away and don't care how many times I have managed to step on them by mistake ... let alone the work men who put the fence up ... a few plants did suffer a few OUCHES but they are coming back ... BIG sigh of relief !

Overall not too bad  .. it was a thrill to have the fence up and sit on the deck without an audience or us having to hear idiots shouting on their cell phones ... some people are just too stupid to live when entire conversations are heard publicly, which should be private ... huge DUH ???
OK ... I'll put the meaner side of me back in the box and just sign off as a good willed gardener who finally has that fence she wanted  ... ahhhhhhhh !!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out with the old, in with the new ....

You may not notice anything unusual about this picture ... but my back fence is "missing".
It is funny how "naked" you feel without your privacy ... even if it was an older and shorter (doesn't that happen to all of us as we age ?GASP!) than normal fence, it set boundaries.
I am a person who needs a clearly defined personal space thing ... so even though it won't be long before the new fence sections will be up .. I am feeling a little strange without my barriers ?  Silly right ?
In any case I am just so happy this has begun and looking forward to seeing how it will look when it is all finished ... BIG sigh !

Meanwhile ... all 5 bells have finally opened and here she is !
First time I have had 5 buds on this beauty and all opened methodically and very determined !
That spider web just had to get in the shot ... hope that spider is happy !
Who wouldn't love that freckled face ?
What else is new?
My passion for using a "garden" mirror (ever since I saw other gardens with mirrors) has driven me crazy.
I have wanted to use one in my own .. just had to do it.
So there it is in all of it's glory!
I found it at Home Sense on sale ... it weighs a lot, has to be concrete or something gravity loves to pull down .. I swear my arms are longer from playing with it ! .. but not knuckle scraping long ;-)
I love how it looks and it's reflection of the Asian lantern .. still want to play with it a bit more no doubt.
It will be one piece of garden "art" I will not forget to bring in the house before winter !