Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It Isn't All About Flowers

I have been gardening for quite some time ... taken courses .. seen other countries and how they "garden".
And ?
It never ceases to amaze me how we "start out" on our journey with certain attitudes.
To where we are now, and the flexibility to where we will be in the future.
Meaning our perceptions about "what makes a garden that will make us happy?"

If you would have told me , say ten years ago, that a rock sitting on a piece of driftwood growing moss would make me VERY happy ... well I would have said what have you been drinking ?
The older you get, the more you appreciate all forms of "life"
That doesn't mean we don't have lines drawn in the sand about how a plant should perform though.
I have far less patience for a plant that is totally blah and not living up to what it was to be intended for.
Thus the logic is "the older you get, the shorter your life span is becoming(don't get depressed now!), and the more bang for your buck and pleasure you want from your garden plants"
I think that cuts right to the chase ?
On that road though ... driftwood, some what a metaphor for life really ? rocks, and moss, have a place in gardens more and more .. getting back to natural settings makes us relax more in our gardens I think.
So "No Virginia, it isn't all about the flowers any more !"

Monday, 25 August 2014

Me and My Meme ?

Well there you go ... this is how I feel about my meme idea guys ... LOL
Some one else was in possession of my brain when that idea went to town.
We are all so swamped with "life" adding another chore to it doesn't seem fair when I don't even remember to do it !
So Thank you all VERY much for trying to participate , I really really appreciated it : ) but it is now closed!
Hurrah !! haha

OK .. now I can just post on my garden now and you all can relax ?
I have my landscaper on deck the latter part of this week (he promised! .. he went on vacation out west and didn't let me know ... but he was very contrite about that when I finally nailed him on the phone ;-)
So ... what will the back garden really look like ? will it be such a change of atmosphere with the stonework?

There is also stone work going on in the front and side gardens but the back is really going to change.
Do you second guess yourself until you want to scream too ? ... nah ... it is going to be "a good thing"
Fingers crossed tightly !!
Mean while ... the garden is surviving without my constant attention .. I am MIA a lot of the time right now as it is ... so I just have to enjoy what I can ...
The buddleia (except for Grand Peach Cobbler ... second year and it still is LACKING presence)
Buzz Ivory is amazing and Nanho Blue is it's usual wonderful self .. a bouquet to prove it !
My office smelled like honey for days .... it was amazing !

Other richness in the garden are some plant combinations ... a Parsley fern with a gorgeous heuchera
 Rozanne with a wee Little Lime
Compassion rose (note to self .. self get rid of that black netting for heaven sake!)
I love the seed heads of this cutie clematis  .. remind me of whirlygigs ? pinwheels ?
This cimicifuga's flower wands bloom very late in the season and are high ... the fence is 8 feet tall so you can see how close it is to the top ... the scent is wonderful as well.
I'm hoping these transplanted babies are happy where they are and make it through what ever kind of winter is going to surprise us as usual?
Lastly my baby Tiger Eye Sumac ... too cute right ? .. another "fingers crossed" over winter situation.
So ... hopefully the next time I post I will have pictures of the stone work .. I'm feeling a bit nervous about it all .. so a HUGE fingers crossed for that one !!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday Garden Review

I should have done a time scheduled post for today ... instead I am throwing one together in a panic because I totally forgot my own little meme .. now how sad is that ?
I had a rather stressful day yesterday so I was totally thrown off .. BIG DUH !
That is my story and I am sticking to it !

So what is my garden theme today ?
Creating little vignettes in your garden.
I love the sense of wandering through a garden but feeling like you are entering different "rooms" of the same house .. the rooms vary due to different sun values or position or even just the inventiveness of the gardener to arrange a setting that gives you pleasure.
My hat goes off to all the Fairy Garden(ers) ... those tiny jewels are absolutely amazing !

One of my most favorite areas is that of our rain barrel section where I have trained a Tiger Eye Sumac with ferns , heuchera and hosta ... and a rambunctious vine that I have to keep an eye on.
I threw some blue glass beads in the dry stream bed to keep the fish company .. added some rustic lanterns and a little piece of drift wood and voila` a little scenario is created.
 This mirror was such a great find at one of our stores called  Home Sense ..
It is very heavy and will be coming in the house for the winter, I don't want it to crack or get damaged.
The colour blends in and the design is interesting.
The reflection is the icing on the cake !
The different size rocks mimic a very small dry stream bed ... I am just a big kid that still loves to play with rocks so that is another reason this is one of my favorite places in my garden.

This is is how it looks from the back .. I plan on adding Japanese Painted ferns to the Ostrich ones because I find what ever bugs love munching on the Ostrich ferns do NOT like Japanese ferns .. so a natural pesticide!
I will also replace Fire Island hosta with something more slug proof .. those poor hosta have put up with enough now.

I find in my own garden that every so many meters there is a subtle change in "atmosphere" that you can play with to creating different "rooms" even in small gardens ...  just go with your instinct about how you think you would like it to look .. add those special plants and little garden art objects .. and just enjoy !

Monday, 18 August 2014

Why you shouldn't post when you are exhausted ....

I just spent a few hours in the garden trying to deadhead and neaten up after the rains had poured on like there would be no tomorrow .. that movie Noah is still playing right ?
So I drag myself into the house after doing all what I could think of .. well, maybe a little less, because I have not actually MOVED plants yet.
I was just too tired ... who would know all this tidy up would suck the life out of you ?
Well again I knew that was a possibility, but decided that the garden screamed for  attention..
I did what I could ... and took pictures yesterday while it was still such a gray day everything looked lack luster but what the heck ... well all have those days right ?
My hibiscus .. plain Jane that she is, in a white single layer skirt .. is beautiful to me.
It had a little bit of "I am going to pout after planting" aka yellow leaf drop .. but wow .. I am loving the bountiful flowers she is bestowing on her little kingdom right now.

So simple and sweet, you have to love her for being that way !

How about some whimsy from the Dollar Store ?
See ... I told you I should not post when tired ... I can hear screams from here !

I  love this grass .. must try to remember the name ... planted it last year ... will look it up some time !
Just a little tad of colour .... yes, Canadian spell colour this way !
One more shot of said colour ... eyes right to the bird !

Sparkler echinacea still lives in my garden .. I really wonder at it's life span ... see ? doom and gloom with the life span thing when tired .. but this coneflower is a beauty in any case .. also very hard to find now a days.
Now just some shots of how the garden survived the deluge of rain we had
 Yes .... still no landscaping done ... I swear that our company went on vacation and forgot to tell us.

You might notice some "digging" in the mulch that I actually didn't notice when I took the pictures ..
Too many gangsters in the neighborhood to pinpoint the exact one .... but ?
This guy hiding behind his tail ? ... prime suspect ... look at the size of his clawed paws !!!!