Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to Garden While "MIA" ?

I have been absent  ... missing ? ... invisible ? ... gone ? ... on Mars ?  ..... out of action.
August was a total failure with a lack of communication between the garden and I.
I hung up the phone and refused to answer ... too hot ... too dry ... too MUCH !
Now September is almost over and I am scrambling to make it up to my beloved gardens ...
I have tried to sweet talk it ... throw chocolates (are you kidding ?) can't send it roses, how embarrassing would that be?
Picture how awful I have been to it in this photograph :
Orange Velvet growing like crazy, and me not training it as I should be, horizontally like the rest of my roses ... but last Friday I did try .... VERY hard to catch up  ... on one section of the sun strip.
The heat and droughty ? conditions seemed to make the roses grow like gangbusters ...
I had some beauties defy me and bloom fantastically ... almost thumbing their noses at me.

I have made a short list and stuck it on the fridge ... well two pages and I know there is more to add.
So far I have only been able to attack few major ones in the sun strip, fingers crossed it will grow the way I imagined it in my head.
Special thanks to Dawn at GardensPlus for getting those Scottish Fantasy day lilies to me.
You are a gem !

I learned that you can cut a major flower stalk off a thalictrum and it will put out another and bloom gorgeous stars of flowers all over again !

I learned that I had these pretty purple asters STILL ! after thinking I ripped all of them out (by mistake!!)  ... stop the shrieking ! .. oops ... that was me ... ugh !

That my dark (cimicifuga)  bugbane twins survived me not getting water to them as often as I should have ... bless their little hearts

That this newly renovated (dug up, cleaned up, replanted in a logical fashion I so hope!) is a GOOD thing ... and will look amazing next garden season ... and yes ... I have so much more to do it makes me shake in my garden shoes thinking about it.
There is a lot you can NOT see under the sea of black mulch !

More BIG sedums to dig up and split ... and the amazing hyssop to do the same thing to, if the bees would just leave it alone for a little while ... they have been so kind and harmed me even in the middle of so much action going on ... bless their tiny hearts too !

My Garden PA has been their life line too ... he has watered when I simply could not ...
He is my go to man when I am kneeling and can't jump up like a spring (again who am I kidding ?) to hand me things that I need ... like the pruners way down the path or that damn trowel I keep hiding on myself.

In between all of this .. I took pictures of the moon ... and our giant spider guarding the deck door.
I wanted to do a special affects shot with the moon and the spider ... this is the best I could do at the time ... I know ... small minds are amused by small things ?

The best thing that has happened lately has been some rain ... not a lot .. but better than nothing !
Another good thing is supposed to be cooler temperatures, starting tomorrow ...
So I am starting again tomorrow!

I couldn't resist this picture .. Ms. Spider has been an amazing creature to watch.
She had to redo her web(a number of times) after some of us have walked into by mistake ...
Believe me , no one wants to do THAT on purpose !

One last picture of the moon ... Saturday night when it was supposed to "howl"
I hate that you can have only one object in focus for a shot like this but there it is and I do love it!
So  ... that was me in a nutshell ... so much more work to do ... pictures and posts will have to wait.
I do love to blog about how I put my garden to bed though ... so that will be the theme of whatever I can get on "paper" !

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August "Ugh!" finally gone

August has been my downfall with the gardens .. I didn't water enough and I paid the price with losing the greenery of my astilbe ... I have huge vacant patches in my shade gardens.
I feel so darn guilty about it all but I totally shrivel in the heat and it has been hot and so DRY !
I don't have the right to complain as much as the poor gardeners out in BC though ... that is serious hot dry weather that no joking should be made of ..

So ... the last garden pictures of August ?
Scoff as you may ... the old standard red geranium with a burgundy spike and white euphorbia that isn't quite in the picture .. they hung in with me even when i didn't get them watered.

The Bittersweet vine known to us as Medusa was trying to crawl into my birdcage to avoid trimming.
A touch of sweetness ? .. was Little Miss Sunshine's flowers ... fresh looking and oh so cute.
The heat did bring out the dark colours of this sedum and the coreopsis beside it didn't seem to mind it either ... plus we all know lavender loves it so no complaints there !
I have to try and divide this sedum because it really does make an impact statement with that colour.
I crave balance so two on either side of what ever I put in the middle (maybe Gold Bar Miscanthus that I have tucked away else where ) now that would be a wow ! picture .. the wheels are turning !
You can see my Autumn Joy sedum needs to be divided .. sagging in the middle  .. hum ? like me, is not a pretty site .. too bad I can't divide myself and get rid of the sag !
I have too many Black Eyed Susans around the arbor bench so they will be transplanted.
So many plants to swap around .... and yet I have ordered some more ... go figure ?

Does anyone know how long anise hyssop is supposed to live because I think I might have a record here .. I had divided it as well a few years back.
This one is going on 14 years old ... isn't that impossible ? it is one of my original garden plants !
I have been taking pictures in the dull morning light ... the flash went off with this one so colours look a little washed out ...I trimmed out the Japanese Maple for better breathing .. poor thing was just too stuffy !
OK ... another crazy original plant is this ajuga ... it with stood the crap thrown on it from the landscaper and came back even stronger ... I wish I had what ever it has been "drinking" ?
Little Lime on this side of the garden has been doing great ... there fore I am moving the poor little skinny kid Little Lime from the other side of the garden over here so it has a decent chance !
So far so good with my Autumn ferns ... but the true test is whether they will show up after what ever this winter will throw at them .. been there done that, lost that before ... we shall see !
The Heuchera and Heucherellas keep swinging no matter what so thumbs up on them !
How about a moon shot for a change ... we missed the super moon for Saturday night because it was overcast .. but this one happened the next night .
How about this weird one ?
OK ... just one more blast of August sun rising .... can feel the heat radiating from the picture !
Now if only September would behave itself ?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mystery plant revealed finally .....

Well it took it's time but finally the question of the mystery plant is settled

Yup ... almost a weed, poor goldenrod's reputation is ... but ? .. this is a tough spot in my garden.
Dry, bugs from hell (why they are so bad here I have no idea but they are!) ..
I have no tall plants in this exact spot .. standard maculatum Joe Pye is a bit further down.
So I may let it stay there as long as it doesn't become a pest ..
I wish I knew what the original plant was that I thought I was buying ?

Thank you to all of the bloggers that tried to identify it for me .. I appreciate the help !