Monday, 19 January 2015

Sooner or later ... it had to start

OK .... I'm on a "high" and what makes a gardener "high" in the stark icy stage of winter when there are so many more days of such said winter ?  PLANTS ... on line that is .. virtual plants (for now) that will eventually arrive at my doorstep in a couple of months, as in the "real deal" LIVE plants that scream " what the blank were you thinking at the time you were drooling on your keyboard and repeating "I am sure I have special spaces for them ... again and again ... special SPACES for them!
And this is only one company I deal with ..
I am still waiting for my main source of plant euphoria to come on line with the new catalog.

So what did I order ? ...
Nothing that screams overtly SPECIAL ... see ? I was calm and collected when I did the deed.
So that means I had a useful purpose for each and everyone of them .. that is my logic and I stand by it!
Hortico was first my rose connection until I tried out a few perennials last year.
They were BIG and healthy and gained my respect (other than a few back and forth substitutes) and always the chase for another Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose .. as I have yet again requested if they can get their hot little fingers on them I have begged for one in my customer notes. PLEASE!!!

OK .. so Panicum virgatum "Prairie Fire" and "Shenandoah" ..
I have a thing for these two fiery grasses.

Gardeners that aren't fussy about grasses probably wonder what the big deal is ...
I guess you just have to be a "grass" lover to lust after them.
Plus Japanese forest grass "Hakonechloa" macro All Gold
How can you not love this mop headed beauty ? .. I truly NEED good healthy large specimens for my shady area .. I have had bad luck trying to find fuller ones so I am gambling that Hortico will ship ones that I can fall in love with.

Can you believe I have not had a corydalis in my garden yet ? .. what was I thinking ?
So Blue Panda ... Barry aka sweetie ... I am finally getting around to it !

Geum triflorum ... I saw a picture of this a few years ago and it has always been at the back of my garden mind that this is such a neat little plant with spectacular seed heads I just want to have one that badly so if by chance ?
It is also called "Prairie Smoke" .. amazing eh ?
I have two filipendulas .. one is a medium size.. my mind is blank as to it's name .. blush blush
And one is the smaller "Kahome" phew !
I wanted the taller filipendual rubra "Venusta" .... the taller the better so it can be admired and fussed over.
There is another cultivar called "Red Umbrellas" which I would love to get my hands on .. maybe some day ?

The last plant is yet another climbing rose (in my head the common sense brain cells are screaming at me .. really should take something for that headache it is causing me !) ..
Roses are work ... and I should know better ... because I do have roses and I have dug out roses and I have also said no more roses (unless it was Zephirine D !)
But .. and there are always a but ? ... I stumbled on one there ... almost thornless, amazing citrus scent, unusual dark colour (violet to blue) .. highly disease resistant (very important) cold and shade tolerant.
*I just realized from Jennifer's comment that I did not name this rose !
"Veilchenblau" .. German breed.
One "con" is that it is not a repeat bloomer ... sniff sniff , I will manage some how.
Packed full of "pros" though .. and old (1909) fashioned rambler for which I have a few places I could plant it .. I want that scent to perfume as much of the garden as possible.
So my dirty secret is out ... I have placed my first order of the season .. I swear I will behave myself and when ordering again (because we all know I am all about the "just one more order"thingy)
I will stay calm cool and collected .. and visualize the "space" I have left to place plants.
And no ... I wasn't born yesterday ... I mean what I say .. honestly ..  I swear ... I will hold the tiger by the tail ... and all that good stuff !

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Craziest "Garden" Picture I Have Taken ......

It is VERY cold out there ... -23 with a "feels like" -30 rating.
Thankfully it isn't windy or the windchill would be insane.
Speaking of insanity ... well, cabin fever is beginning to set in a bit .. I am actually thinking of "cleaning up" my picture files .. organizing ... thinking of what plants I might be able to squeeze in the garden ... now that makes me shiver with delight !
Chris from Canning Perennials is going to have her catalog on line by February.
That is my real Christmas time ! .. whether I buy a boat load of plants or not, I love cruising !

I was looking at some of my older pictures ... the changes through out the years with what my garden has gone through .. like a child growing up and becoming more mature ?
Nah .. I'm not as mature as I should be, so how can I ask that of my garden .. as in .. "to behave"?

OK .. so this is my craziest picture ..
July 10th  2010
These weird flies with the red eyes (almost a poet yet don't know it ? .... droll I know .. BIG sigh!)
I just happened upon it at the right time, right light, well all the factors were just right in other words.

Do you have crazy garden related pictures ?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mini Ice Storm and More to Come .....

Well ... here it is the 4th day in the new year and the nasty weather is upon us.
I have waves of guilt looking at my cedar shrubs that I did not support for said nasty weather that would make them into gymnasts ... bending and twisting in surprising manner.
The sound of shovels and snow blowers is the music we will hear for a few months.
Thank heavens Garden PA and I can huddle in our cozy nest and wait it out till Spring?
The rain is coming to break down some of the ice ... then it is going to freeze all over again. According to the forecast it will "feel like" -20 tomorrow ... hum ... wonderful ...looking forward to it?
Mean while a few hastily snapped pictures to illustrate our icy situation !

My poor sweet Inaba Shidare still holding on to some leaves for dear life

Are you shivering yet ?

Even our handy dandy weather machine is a slave to the ice ...

Lastly Cole's Prostrate Hemlock and my rosemary plant encased keeping company with some of the boys in the 'hood.
Spring is a VERY long way off ... BIG sigh !

Wednesday, 24 December 2014