Thursday, 21 June 2018

Garden of Summer Solstice

I always mean to post on Summer Solstice every year but some how mange to miss it .. this time even though this is very much an on the fly post (I have errands to run SOON!) ..I thought I would just post a few pictures to celebrate that my garden is alive .. and has a few creatures, caught having some fun in it as well ?

I call her ? Ms. Chips mostly .. she is part of a generation of chipmunks that have lived in the back garden for years.
It was complicated this Spring when the new patio was put in .. she had to move temporarily .. and we did worry about her a lot .. but Garden PA saw she had her family in our neighbor's rather neglected back yard (neglected being a good thing because she and her babies were safe there)
The babies have long gone .. like the babies of the Robin .. but Ms. Chips has stubbornly made a new home in our new patio .. who could kick this little soul out ?

I know .. a rather odd ? picture .. chickadees are so quick it is extremely hard to get a picture of them .. especially since our Goldfinches usually drive them away from the feeder .. but I just couldn't resist. Their song is so sweet to hear as is the House wren .. which now I can't find that picture.
They are so hard to photograph .. so quick .. never settling for more than an instant.
In any case .. there are two little creatures that enjoy our back garden !

Of course more allium .. these bloom later than most
Gladiator is a tall one  .. needs a bit of help standing.

A smaller cat mint ..
Baptisia leaning out
A wall of clematis
My new bush clematis
One of my Japanese maples that survived that harsh winter thankfully !
Amur is a pretty one in the corner of the garden
Autumn Brilliance serviceberry .. before it usually gets a hit of "rust" which seems inevitable each year ... the birds love the berries of course !
I am thinking of Fall already with the bulb catalogs arriving ...

Monday, 18 June 2018

The Light and Dark ....

Well .. we are due for intense heat and humidity today .. with a promise of a possible thunder shower to break it up to a lesser degree.
I have to face the fact SUMMER is breathing down my neck.
Saturday I worked on the back garden .. with a good deal of guilt I left the front garden to fend off the weeds and much needed adjustments to it's own devices until I can rescue it ?
So .. for now this is post about the "light & dark" of the garden.

A sprinkling of light plants in dark situations is rather eye catching and soothing in the heat of the season .. a trick of the mind to think you feel cooler looking at them ?
I am trying to train this bright little shrub into a mini-me tree ? .. it lights up a rather shaded curve.
Can you make it out to the back right of this picture ? .. in real life it shines in that area.
I have to mention the morning back light against the Chinese Fringe tree makes it glow, very pretty!
I have something a little different for a shaded ally-way ..
A Kiwi vine .. it has been growing there for years .. it struggled with a much too enthusiastic Sweet Autumn clematis that virtually drowned the poor thing .. now it is a singular attraction.
The pretty white, silver and pink pigments are coming in to it's own .
Next is something so bright white it is hard to look at in complete sunshine .. I should have attached my polaroid lens to the camera .. but you know how you take pictures on the fly at times right ?

Twinkle will age with a slight variation of blue streaking eventually .. which is quite nice.
White isn't the only shot of "light" under shady circumstances ... yellows ...

Even shades of "brown" with just the right lighting can perk the scenario up.
Silvery blues are almost better viewed in part shade .. other wise they can looked washed out.
They can act as a pretty foil to other colors and  many shades of green.
Full in your face sun can be a bit hard to handle .. so this was at it's height of "glare"
I try to keep a little supportive water out for the insects .. hopefully the beneficial ones do benefit ?
The blue marbles are for my benefit, portraying a hint of "water like" subterfuge ?
Pinot Gris heuchera looks amazing no matter what light it is in .. this is an old plant .. maybe as old as 7 or 8 years believe it or not .. now that has to count for something ?
Again variegated whites really do catch your eye in the shade.
I developed a "thing" for this "Evergold" Japanese variegated sedge.
I have these two sedges across from each other and they truly compliment their placement.
Something just for fun is the allium that I am going to try and keep for the season in it's bare bones state .. I love the structure of it and how it almost looks artificial
Talk about "green on green" .. but I have fallen for it ..
Nature's cool sparklers !

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A year ago ...

Well ... this post is about what I posted almost a year ago and then dropped out of sight.
I am hoping this isn't a prelude to that again, but there is no point in not admitting I am struggling still.
But ? .. onward and upward ? with what this post is actually about !
My wild child peony, Green Lotus , is blooming again and making me happy enough to put some effort into an actual post.

I took a few pictures in shade so the dark background brings out those hits of pink and green in it more than last year's "in the sun" position.
I took it with my Nikon D3100 and a 40 mm lens around 10 AM on the 11th of June.
I want to make an effort of recording exactly what I did so I can actually REMEMBER ?

I , or should I say my garden, has taken a lot of "hits" from this past winter and it has been rather discouraging ... from many Japanese maples either dead or half dead (I haven't been able to bring myself to dig those out yet .. some are sprouting from the root stalk .. they want to live ! )
In fact I  have a strange situation of two varieties possibly? growing from the root stalk and the graft.
Has anyone tried to accommodate something like this?
The original was named Emperor 1 .. all red leaves .. am I mistaken as to what is happening?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

Monday, 21 May 2018

Fothergilla Obsession

It has been a while ... I have "picked" at trying to get my garden up and running for the season but it has been haphazard at best .. between the freaky weather and my physical condition, to say it has been a bit difficult is a bit of an understatement .. but ? here I am yet again !

I'm mainly posting about my obsession for fothergilla gardenii dwarf variety ..
Those Spring flowers just grab me every time .. thus the many pictures of this remarkable little three season shrub (and yes .. I always want more of them once bitten !

Even in "bad" lighting  this little shrub has a load of appeal to me.

There are other plants waking up finally .. but I have so much work to accomplish yet before decent pictures will be posting.

On a happy note we have all the wildlife in our back garden that we had before the patio work.
Mr. Chips, our chipmunk, has managed to dig a hole smack in the middle of foot traffic .. what can we do ? We had been so worried the construction would drive him completely away.
Sophie, our cat, even kept watching the deck doors for him .. he comes to eat sunflower seeds there.
The robin family has at least three babies in their nest now .. two little beaks showing.

I guess I have to admit to another obsession of Dre's Dagger fern
The texture against other plants fascinates me .. it is smaller than most and so easy to manage.
It is very friendly ? with other plants .. always a little touchy feely ? LOL ..

Well .. today is the 21st of May , our official long Victoria Day weekend .. also the official "get gardening" day for most Canadians ... so I, and Garden PA, will be out there doing our best to whip the gardens into shape.

My sad note is that I fear the majority of my Japanese maples have been severely damaged by this unbelievable winter .. I have an "expert" coming to tell me whether I can save any of them or if they are toast .. it is amazing how attached you can become with these little beauties.. I just have to bite the bullet and move on ..