Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Foliage Slide Show Post for Emma @ IndyBlog


Cinj said...

Nice variety. You're getting pretty fancy, huh?

garden girl said...

Wonderful slide show Joy. You have so many great foliage combinations. Everything looks so beautiful!

Victoria said...

That's a really lovely mix of colours and textures. I'm so glad you managed to get the Slideshow working. It's easier than you think, isn't it? And it looks so fabulous.

VP said...

Absolutely gorgeous Joy and no problem re pinching the Slide idea - I love 'em!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey VP ! .. I'm so glad I did this .. I have wondered about it and wow ! it works great ... thanks for the idea ... and I want your patio girl ! LOL

Victoria thank you so much : )
I was amazed it was much easier than I thought since it is set up for so many server programs .. Great little gimick !

garden girl ... thank you ! .. the hardest part was trying to figure out which pictures to put in it and what the limit was .. I haven't reached it so I might put a few more in : )

Hey Cinj ... you got to love these types of things .. it really wasn't a problem at all .. very cool idea from who ever set it up !

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Oh, that is so pretty. Must learn to do it. Thanks for the ideas. You've got some beautiful, healthy foliage.~~Dee

emma townshend said...

Dear Joy, I can't believe how beautiful I find some of your colour combinations, done completely without flowers. There's one of a blue-grey hosta with yellowish Heucheras that just makes my heart sing! Thank you so much.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Emma thank you too ! .. I did this in a bit of a rush . so many other thngs going on here .. but I really wanted to join in on this wonderful idea !

Dee .. it is really simple .. if I can do it anyone can : ) .. the hardest part is trying to organize the pictures .. haha

Northern Shade said...

You have so many beautiful foliage combinations. The coloured heuchera and green hosta do look good together. You have a delightful shade garden.

Gail said...


My dear this is a lovely, well, no it's a fabulous slide show...when will you come to Nashville to redesign my gardens? You have a wonderful eye for texture and color!


Rose said...

I'm so impressed with your slide show--not sure I could figure out how to do this! All your plants are just picture-perfect; they must receive lots of TLC.

Hope there's no Raccoon story Part VII. I don't mean that to say I'm not interested, I mean I hope he finally is caught! You know what I mean, don't you??

Toby says "hi" to Emma and Sophie. He left a reply to their comment, but in case you don't have time to check, he's a little wary of Emma, but he would enjoy a nice quiet dinner with Sophie. Hope the girls don't go outside anywhere near that trap!

Anonymous said...

Lovely slide-show Joy. You have some wonderful foliage colours.
(I am so glad that the Raccoons did not get in the way of you doing this. I have been following your saga with them)
An Artist's Garden

GardenJoy4Me said...

Karen .. thank you so much ! .. I feel stretched to the limit with the raccoon saga .. I'm going to post where we are with that after I have answered these wonderful comments here .. : )

Rose .. this is easy to do ! I can do it .. anyone can for sure girl : )
That is sweet of Toby .. and I think Sophie being the mature "woman" she is, she would be easier on Toby .. Emmie is all over the place .. I think she is going through an early 'heat' she is scheduled for her Spay on the 24th of July when she is 6 months .. so this is a bit of a shock ..
the girls are totally indoor cats .. but Emmie is trying to do a Houdini ? thing at the deck door every time it is open .. nerve wracking ? wrecking ?? LOL to say the least !!

Gail .. you are too sweet to me .. I am a madwoman gardener .. no one can be near me when I get that glint in my eye for doing things .. it is kind of scary at times ? You are better off at a safe distance ? LOL

Thank you so much Northern Shade ! if it came down to a choice .. I would have to choose shade gardening .. easier on my when the hot flashes come storming in ? LOL

shirl said...

Hi again Joy, sorry to be so late getting here :-D

Wonderful, wonderful!! Like everyone else I love your fantastic selection of foliage plants. You have a great eye for your planting combos.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your slide presentation and I also viewed your plants singly too. Your garden looks a fantastic place to be in right now. I am guessing you really en'joy' it :-D

Have a great week :-D

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks Shirl !
This has been a great break from the worries here .. I want to enjoy everyone else's postings too once I get a sane ? minute to myself again ? LOL
This was a great idea for everyone.
Thanks again for letting me know about it all : )