Monday, 30 June 2008

"Your FIRED !!!!"

First I want to thank everyone for such wonderful comments on my blog .
You have all been so kind it really helps right now when I am a headcase with this raccoon aka "F.B." still laughing his A** off at us .. and now it looks like Emma is going in to an early heat .. if any of you have ever had a cat do that before her spay operation .. well .. you know it is really nerve wracking/wrecking ? .. she isn't 6 months until the 21st of July and her operation is the 24th of July .. so a very hard month to put in until she is a contented ? young miss ?

We went ahead and FIRED idiot so called raccoon catcher .. It was really the last straw when he plunked that cage in our yard with the tin of cat food ... and literally took off laughing I'm sure. I have my suspicions that "F.B." Raccoon and this guy are in it together to make money off poor saps like us.
So .. an official e-mail was sent firing idiot raccoon catcher guy .. come collect your assorted CRAP and hit the road Jack !

Then .. hubby went asking advice from good neighbors who have experience under their belts .. sage, elderly, but very spry guy, has hubby all fixed up with a true one way exit into live trap cage and a premium can of salmon, as fish bait literally ?
Hopefully tonight the whole process will fall into place and hubby will take F.B. Raccoon for a long drive into the country ..
My heart is in permanent THUMP mode, hoping that hubby won't fall off the roof while going through this procedure .. I'm the type of gal who will think of every terrible thing that could possibly happen, playing over in my mind constantly.
Sage neighbor said he is usually up near the appointed time we all hope this will take place .. clockworks in motion, keep all of your collective fingers crossed that we make it out with all body parts in tact .. I say 'we" while "me' as in "I" will be in bed worrying enough for the whole neighborhood. FB Raccoon has been in every one's garbage and business since he took up residence in our attic .. so yes ! the whole neighborhood has a vested interest in the success of this mission.

On the flip side ... we will have to get a contractor in to do repairs to what this nasty bandit eyed FB Raccoon has done to our assorted bits and pieces .. the big bucks will still be rolling out one way or another ... BIG sigh ... I keep rubbing the lottery tickets but I must be rubbing them the wrong way ????

In any case ... this is the update to F.B. Raccoon and the havoc he has reined down upon innocent bystanders just trying to garden and fish ? hubby that is .. me .. I'm GardenJoy4 "what it is worth" .. who would like to be more joyful if possible after this whole mess is cleaned up and sealed for winter laughter ?


Brenda Kula said...

I've kind of been afraid to ask, but what does FB stand for? I must have missed that somehow. And if you've read any of what has happened since we bought this house in January from the landlord, you'll feel just a little better hopefully. (The house nearly blew up from a gas leak. The floor has had to be jackhammered to get to a leak, and at the same time one was discovered behind one bathtub. Flood, flood, flood. I could go on and on...) But suffice it to say; sometimes it's just the shits! (Sorry, menopausal slip) And just wanted you to know that today while here at my computer I heard something like Big Foot running across my attic. Honey, I thought of ya. My dogs went berserk. And this was NOT a bird! Unless Big Bird went to the wrong house for a B-day party and thought he'd shimmy down the fireplace like Santa.

cindee said...

Geeez what a nightmare. I hope that little critter gets in the trap tonight. I will be crossing fingers and toes for you to win the lottery too(-: What a wonderful thing that would be!!(-: Then you could call in the Pet Detective...(-:
Your slide show is just beautiful!! I love all the photos. I wish my garden looked as lush and green as yours. Between the grasshoppers and the smoke its not looking to good right now. I guess though the plants are helping clean the air of smoke as well as they can. So they are doing a hard job and I shouldn't complain(-:

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed that this works, Joy! It sounds like a more reasonable solution than what the "pro" had to offer. When all's said and done, it'll be a story for the memory books. :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Girl, I feel for you. It was funny until it didn't end. Hopefully, your neighbor's advise will help you solve the problem. Sorry about the kitty. That is not a happy noise.

Zoë said...

Fingers crossed Joy that the Bandit is captured.

Hope Emma isnt climbing the walls too much either, most my crew are girls and we have had this problem a couple of times when they were kittens. Just keep her in, every Tom in the district will know her secret too!

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Ack!!!! Between raccoon nightmares and Emma in heat, you must be going insane! Hnag in there, Joy! Poor little Emma. Hopefully she'll be spayed before it happens again, though no doubt she's annoying poor Sophie no end in the meantime...

Darlene said...

You are so funny with your racoon adventure. Our neighbors had a racoon and babies in their attic a couple of years ago. They finally got them all out. Trapped the babies first, then finally got the mama trapped with one of the babies. Another friend took them out to the lake and released them all. Hopefully, they found a great new home!! Hopefully, you will get the same results

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" I couldn't believe it when I saw Emma do her thing in full throttle . she turned 5 months on June 21st ..we haven't had a kitten go into heat before 6 months and has already been spayed. Now we may not get our favorite vet to do the op since he is gone on vacation .. but we have to squeeze her in when she comes off her cycle, some how. The raccoon is still not showing up in the trap .. and our nerves are shot .. have a list of contractors for repairs .. at least we can get estimates and be choosy this time ?

Hi Zoe .. Emma and Sophie are completely indoor kitties so that is not too hard .. until some one tries to open a door and Emma takes a shot at it ? LOL
Still waiting on FB Raccoon to be caught ... BIG sigh !

Hey Debbie .. yup .. when emma starts .. it is pitiful .. she is such a skinny little girl .. I have tried everything to fatten her up a little .. I wish I had her metabolisim ? . calling the vet tomorrow to hurry up her operation .. calling contractors for estimates .. calling the loony-bin soon too !

Nancy .. hope to laugh at this story in the winter time .. for now .. my hair is standing on end ?? LOL

Cindee .. the lush part will probably end now ... we are headed for hot dry days for our summer now .. but it was nice while it lasted ? .. our plants work so hard for us trying to clean the air every where .. tough job !
lottery .. well ... jeez ... any time now would be great ??? LOL

Brenda .. I left a note on your blog explaining about the Austin Powers character FB .. it suits the raccoon to a tee .. my god I laughed at your description of the BIG one footed bird maybe ? ... in your attic ?? .. there is always some one else with a bigger problem than ours ... right ? LOL

Water Roots said...

I've been following the raccoon story since the beginning and I would imagine how nerve shattering it must be to think that this creature is somewhere in there. But is it possible that the raccoon has left from your home on its own? Anyhow, I hope it turns out okay and you can get back to normal - nerves and all!

And I've had my fair share of cats in heat, so I can relate. Many years ago, I had a beautiful Siamese that went in heat when she was about 5 or 6 months old. I scheduled an appointment for her at the vet’s to get fixed, and managed to get one about two weeks down the line, which was great because she drove me absolutely bonkers during that time (Siamese talk all the time either way, but they shriek and cry out loudly when they’re in heat – for hours on end! It’s enough to drive you to drink! LOL)

Anyhow, things went from bad to worse; she escaped from the house about a day after I made her appointment (as if she knew!) and was gone for 24 hours. Well, you can imagine what happened. Yup, she came home pregnant, father unknown (but I had a fairly good idea who it might be). I didn't have the heart to abort the babies, so I let her give birth. The babies were adorable, and I managed to find good homes for all of them, but I never intended to go through that again! I learned to be a little more about closing doors promptly after that! LOL...

Hang in there!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Water Roots .. yes,this is one adventure I could do without .. hubby is going to take trap down tomorrow .. if it hasn't tried for the can salmon by now .. well he figures it can't be in there any longer and I hope he is right.
We call contractors tomorrow for repair estimates .. this is one long involved process that is bad enough .. but with poor Emmie in heat which was totally unexpected at this age .. well I know what you mean about the constant talking .. she is a quiet little thing on the whole though .. so not too bad .. we just feel badly for her .. she is so small .. tomorrow I try to get her operation rescheduled earlier .. this is so nerve wrecking .. if I could drink .. boy ... would I ever right now ! haha
We are very careful about the door thing . but my heart lurches with the thought she could do a runner and we would loose her.
Fingers crossed we can get back on track and have peace in our lives again for just a bit ? : )

darlene ... hello there ! you comment posted in between other ones and I couldn't find it for the longest time .. brain working on too few cells right now. That was great those raccoons could move to a nice lake side area .. better views and life style I'm sure !! haha ... wait a minute ... we could use that as well ! haha