Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A proper garden post for headache relief ?

I know .. this is some what a 'fishing" post .. I'm sorry about that .. I just SO NEED a diversion from all of the raccoon craziness and now poor Emmie and her lusting that came way too early and took us totally by surprise .. she gives proper love bites i can tell you .. talk about hickeys from a little cat in heat ?
OK .. beyond all that silliness. This is Franziska Maria clematis. One of my spectacular bargains from last year closing garden center finds ! I don't usually go for such frilly clematis .. I like the almost species appearance with simple petals and forthright colours.
BUT .. due to the I can't believe it cost $2.00 .. how could any gardener turn this down ? .. and yes .. lighting makes a huge difference in its colour .. it is in morning light afternoon shade and blooming so gorgeously I can hardly believe it survived me slamming it into the ground with very little preparation or care ... Guilty feelings flared when I saw it actually grow and form flower buds. It is supposed to be very hardy and not a tall grower .. which is perfect for where it is. I would love to hear from other gardeners that might have this one too ?


J said...

Joy, that clematis is beautiful! I bought one at an end-of-season sale last year, too, and I think it's a relatively simple Jackmanii, but the color is definitely knocking my socks off this year. It would look great with yours!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jared .. I love end of season sales but I don't think we will have a lot of bargains this year. The growers want their stock back to replant and sell next year .. it was great while it lasted ? LOL
Take a picture of yours so I can see it ?

J said...

The last picture on my post "june 2008: flower portraits" is of my clematis. Dark purple, which would look great with your lighter purple.

Gosh, I hope you're mistaken about those end-of-season sales. I'm counting on picking up a bunch of dollar plants!

Anonymous said...

Sorry dear, I don't have it but as you know I'm a huge fan of clematis. These photos of your beauties are lovely. I did find my Ramona clematis and am experimenting a bit with it. Since it's not going to be hardy up here in the north, I have it potted in a 3 foot pot and will end up boxing it in a bat of fiberglass insulation and blanket it up in the garage for the winter. I lost a few of my clematis over winter, even the super hardy Jackmanii! By the way, if I had come across this beautiful clematis of yours for only $2 I most certainly would have taken it home too!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Diane .. I still can't believe how lucky I was to get such mind boggling ? bargains last year .. garages fascinate us both .. hubby for our vehicles .. me for over wintering touchy plants .. it sounds like you have it down to a science ! .. but wow .. loosing Jackmanii ? that is a tough one to lose .. Henrii is a beauty .. he is flowering with Niobe , Niobe lots more flowers though .. I have to get up to date pictures so you can see ! : )

Jared .. just had a quick visit over at your place and YES ! that is a beauty .. I really like the petal structure and that nice dark purple is so pretty : )
Fingers crossed for more end of season sales ?? LOL

cindee said...

That is a beauty!! I don't have that one but I do love clematis(-: I wish they bloomed all summer! My Jackamanii does bloom a few times through out the summer though. I love that about it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. I was really surprised this one took from last Autumn. I wasn't nice to it at all when it was thrust in its spot .. phew ! I have taken quite a liking to it now. I think that they will breed clematis that is hardy and will bloom all season, eventually .. so we just have to wait in the wings for that goodie ? : )