Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Touch of "Glass"

I love my touch of "glass' in the garden. I wish I had more pieces.
It was a wonderful surprise when one and only son remembered that favorite and bought a piece for Mother's Day .. how often does that happen I ask all the moms out there ? haha
My favorite is that old blue iridescent piece I have had for ages. But for some reason I went picture happy with these yellow pieces and thought they would be interesting as a post. So here they are for "glass in the garden"


Brenda Kula said...

Yellow is my happy, happy color! And here's what I do. I pick something out for the daughters to get me for the garden come Mother's Day! Have you gone to I have many lovely sculptures of hers in my gardens. Wonderful place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But you can shop online.

Cinj said...

Oh, pretty! I'd love to have some glass like that. I must say I never get what I ask for, so I'd be completely shocked if I ever did. LOL.

cindee said...

I love your glass too!! It really adds sparkle to the garden(-: It is nice when kids remember and get something you really love(-:

Aiyana said...

The yellow ones are nice, but I like the blue one you showed before. As a matter of fact, I went looking for one after I saw yours. No luck yet though...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Aiyana .. I too am looking for another gorgeous blue one .. why is it when you find something you really like they seem to disappear ?? .. keep hunting ! .. I know I will be keeping an eye out as well : )

Cindee I was so surprised ! .. I just asked for a car wash for Mother's Day .. but got the glass and a cute key "safe" for the garden .. and such pretty ribbons and packaging .. it was a WOW ! moment ? LOL

Cinj .. hang in there .. they have to get it right some day .. just don't faint ? when it happens ? LOL

Brenda .. I have to go look at that place on line .. the only problem is , ordering from the States has that customs crap that come with it .. we end up paying a lot for something that was a great price to start out with .. but hey .. I can look can't I ? LOL