Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pink and Gold

I know there is a small following of Pinky Winky fans out there .. and it just keeps getting better some how ! I am amazed with the colour and vigor this (new to me) hydrangea is. I am so glad all that reading this past winter did some good : )
If I had the room I would plant a "drift" of these guys .. they are eye popping, flowering, no care, ok .. little care ? shrubs !

My mystery goldenrod is a great foil for pinks and purples I find. It jumps out when blended with all the other plants .. some what like BES does. That punch of colour ? Soon Purple Dome aster will open and then another intense hit of that colour will lift the front garden .. can't wait !

This is a neat and orderly goldenrod. I find even the old and very new flower heads interesting .. baby buds to old woolly heads is how they strike me : )


Anonymous said...

Your Pinky Winky is a beauty! That one was on my wishlist so I ordered it. Nice to see it your garden and thanks for the info! I'm glad I ordered it! I love that Goldenrod, it looks well behaved. Your garden is gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

Your pictures of the goldenrod are just beautiful today! The yellow is really popping and looks great next to the pink hydrangea.

Brenda Kula said...

Oooh! I love that goldenrod!

Louise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your garden is beautiful! Your cats are adorable. I noticed you're from Kingston, Ontario? I'm from Toronto, Ontario, moved to New York 4 years ago.

Gail said...

The perfect foil! I was commenting to myself earlier today that pink and gold look gorgeous together. I have a little pink alpine verbena and a cup plant bloom that looks lovely.

Northern Shade said...

Your plants are still looking good, and Pinky Winky is adding lovely colour. It's a greatlooking Hydrangea.

Anonymous said...

Count me as a fan but you already knew that! I might just plant them in a mass as you suggest---when I get the money.

I've always wondered how you keep from getting mildew on any of your flowers. They always look so good. Do you have high humidity like we do in NC. It was so bad today that you could see it in the air.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. A big YES to the mildew problem .. my two special Ninebark are absolutely covered in them .. on the whole this year though .. most of the perennials have been good because they were well watered in June by rain .. so that tells you something right there .. if plants are too dry underneath the soil they are more likely to have a problem with powdery mildew .. I hate the stuff !

Hi Northernshade .. I do like this hydrangea a lot .. trying to figure out if I can squeeze it in some where else in the garden ! LOL

Gail .. the verben and cup plant must look pretty ! .. smaller scale flower structure has great impact with the colour foils .. have you taken a picture of them together ?

Hi Louise ! .. New York from Toronto ! .. wow .. I bet it is safer in New York than TO now a days .. that city is going dowhill fast with all the violence .. very scary .. yup ! I'm in Kingston .. it is going through growing pains with more business moving in .. but so far so good !
Thank you for dropping by : ) I liked your blog very much !

Brenda .. now you have mums and goldenrod in your mind for the garden ... right ? LOL

Hi Cynthis .. Thank you ! yes .. they really look good together .. so that is a nice combination I'll try to fit in other areas too some how ? LOL

PGL .. Thank you ! I hope your Pinky Winky gives you just the right look too ! .. now we have all winter to make our next wish list ? LOL .. I have to say I love searching .. it breaks up the winter blahs wonderfully : )

WiseAcre said...

Who came up with that name Pinky Winky? Someone in a trench coat?

# cheers for someone who allows Goldenrod in the garden. Most people can't get past the 'weed' reputation and are taken aback when I suggest using some. It's no more aggressive than a lot of garden perennials but somehow Goldenrod gets a bad rap.

walk2write said...

I am really beginning to like goldenrod. It goes so well with so many colors, especially blue and pink. I said beginning to like it because years ago I remember thinking it caused allergy problems in the late summer and early autumn when I would see it blooming on roadsides everywhere. It was really the ragweed blooming at the same time that was the culprit.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi W2W .. There are great cultivars of Goldenrod to choose from these days .. and it is well behaved too ! LOL .. Yes .. I think a lot of people thought it was a culprit for allergies .. Ihave some bad ones but I have never had a problem with Goldenrod : )
And .. how can you beat that beautiful gold ? LOL

Hello there Mr. WiseA** : )
I wonder about that too .. trenchcoat breeders coming up with these names .. there has to be a reason for all of this nonsense !LOL
Well aren't you my "knight in shining armor" ! ..
YES ! people can't get their heads around the weed rap .. and can't understand how many new cultivars there are of this fantastic Autumn flowering perennial ; )
I try to see the flower in the bouquet when ever possible .. instead of the whole affect ?
I'm nonsensical today .. storm is coming .. every ache possible is smacking me down .. brain left for the hills ? LOL

Giddy said...

OK, Pinky Winky goes on my wish list for next year. I have had lots of luck rooting my Annabelle Hydrangea and a slip from a neighbor's Endless Summer. The ES was rooted 6 weeks ago and I already have a bud. Now, if it will just bloom before first frost!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. ya' gotta' have PW .. I won't leave you alone until you do ! I just know you will love it : ). I have one of the "Cityline" cultivars, Venice .. put it in a few weeks ago .. it is just foliage for now, but my curiosity was really peeked ? so I hope to see what it does next year .. you always have something to look forward to every "next year" with gardening !