Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thursday Morning Sunrise and Mums Again ?

There was a nice sunrise this morning .. which seems to be getting later in the morning even now .. how has that happened so soon ? what was I doing that I didn't take notice of it ? So a few pictures of that .. and a tale of slight "woe" .. I missed buying the gorgeous deep burgundy mums at Costco .. I settled for the rusty butterscotch coloured ones but still loads of unopened buds so it should last the duration hopefully. That was my Thursday adventure !


Eve said...

Fantastic skies!This is inspiring. God really has the best color schemes, does't he? : )

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Eve .. thanks ! it is hard to catch just the right light .. now if only I had a good view for a sunset ? LOL

kd said...

Those are gorgeous photos of the early morning skies!
What time is sunrise these days, anyways?


GardenJoy4Me said...

kd .. I think it was past 6:30 .. and after 7 when I took these pictures .. I don't know where the time went or how I missed the shift in time with the dawn, but it is happening for sure now : )

Gail said...


This is a fantastic post. Do you know about Skywatch Friday...I know it's a site that you can post your photos of the sky...way cool! Gail

Cat said...

Hey there, what beautiful pictures.
Hope all is well for you, I know I'm moving toward my scary time of year when the cold hits my bones.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cat .. thank you ! .. yes, I know what you are talking about .. my hands are hit the worst most times .. the change in temps from inside and out here in the winter are extreme .. I dread it as much as the heat and humidity .. probably more because of the actual pain verses the sweat factor .. grin and bear it ? LOL

Hi Gail .. I meant to go there so many times ! I truly am going over to that site and investigate it : )