Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"Mums" the Word

Lots of buds on my mums that seem to be opening in stages .. thanks to pinching them back at different times. I'm hoping I still have some rust and burgundy coloured ones left but I sort of lost track during some "make hay while the sun shines" days .. rearranging plants has its dangers .. number one is heave ho of good ones I thought were not so great ... terrible I know but hey .. that sort of thing happens in the HEAT of the moment ?

So these plumy purple ones seem to be the major budders right now .. I wonder which ones will pop forth next ?


Brenda Kula said...

I wish I'd planted some. I've always had them in pots and then they die. I need to get some in the ground so I'll be surprised like you next year! I did buy one yellow pot of them today.

Anonymous said...

I need to add some mums to my garden now for some fall color. Yours look great. That purple is vibrant.

Darlene said...

Oh, I LOVE mums. I can't wait till it gets cooler out and I go buy some to put out front in my Fall display with my pumpkins. Your purple ones look BEAUTIFUL....

Guess what???? My daughter had just fed a cat that is hanging around outside our house when we heard a sound....turned around and there was a raccoon on the fence...ARGH!! I hope it doesn't think it has a home with free food around here!!!

cindee said...

Yay I love mums!! It is fall when mums are blooming for sure. I have some little yellow ones blooming. Thats it so far. I pinch mine too. A pinch to grow an inch? LOL Oh thats a birthday saying...except mine...because I don't need to grow another

debbi/kurtsmom said...

Wow joy, your mums are sure popping early. Mine don't even have buds yet

Frances, said...

Hi Joy, I love your mums. We have only a couple of varieties, Sheffield Pink is one I could not live without. The ones from the big box stores sometimes come back, sometimes do not. I love that butterscotch color one that is not as hardy as your purple pretty here. Funny about pulling things out in the heat on the moment. I have done it too and then groan for I know it cannot be replanted and survive in this drought. Sigh.

Frances at Faire Garden

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. that is something I think we all do and yes ! misery loves company .. I feel like an idiot when I do that ! ... There is something about mums and Autumn that just connect .. Costco has some gorgeous BIG pots for the front step that I have to get one soon .. or they will all disappear .. I htink I know that butterscotch one you mentioned .. it is so pretty too : )

Debbie .. Ontario is on a quicker schedule than you down there girl .. remember we have WINTER up here fairly fast ? LOL
If I hadn't pinched back they would have bloomed even quicker !

Cindee .. too funny .. I hadn't heard that one in ages girl ! haha
I try to remember to do all that pinching late June for the sedums too .. but I ruined my Monkshood .. I thought it was too tall and lanky .. now it has weird stunted buds .. another leasson learned !

I do all of that too Darlene .. pumpkins .. grass, mums .. maybe cat tails and cornstalks .. just some fun Autumn decorations !
Oh my god .. not another raccoon adventure in the making ? keep an eye on that crafty beast Darlene .. you just never know ! LOL

pgl .. and the funny thing is when I bought and planted them .. I don't remember getting this colour .. another incident of wrongly named plant ? but I'm not too disappointed .. it is unusual ? LOL

Brenda .. I think I have to get out and buy my mums today .. you inspired me .. heck, hubby is out playing golf so I can cruise the stores quietly ? LOL

Rose said...

That purple mum is the perfect color! I'm ashamed to say I buy the potted ones each fall and then throw them in the compost heap when they die. I did save one last year, which isn't quite ready to bloom yet. I'm going to try to be better about "recycling" them this year:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. don't be silly girl ! I still buy potted ones and they last until they give up on me and then go to the recycle compost dump. I'm just lucky to have some in the garden that actually survive ! LOL
And .. I did just buy a huge potted one from Costco for the front step .. I was too late to get those beautiful deep wine coloured ones .. so I ended up with the ones Frances said she liked .. butterscotch ! haha

kd said...

I love the jewel-like colours of the fall mums -- around here (Montreal) we can also get pots of purple asters. I just bought 2 more pots today. I've never planted them in the earth, just placed the pots strategically throughout the yard. Can these potted types survive the winter or is the small plants that are sold along with all the perennials in the spring that last?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi kd .. as far as I know they are the smaller perennials that are sold in the Spring/early summer that survive our winters .. although I think I have heard of some that have planted them from pots that survived .. the garden ones I have were perennials bought in the Spring .. but sometimes to get the good fresh ones you have to go on faith that the lable is right ? LOL
I love mums in the Fall .. the smell the look .. they are just beautiful to me .. I have Purple Dome Aster .. still just buds yet .. so I'm looking forward to seeing that PURPLE again : )

The Hunky Gardener said...

The plumy purple mums look like dahlia flowers!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Hunky (makes me laugh when I say that name in my head : )
That is what struck me too .. the flower structure isn't a typical "mum" look .. it does give me bang for buck when I bought these a few years ago !