Thursday, 15 January 2009

Deep Freeze .. and what do you do ? Part 1

Another morning of this type of temperature .... our high for the day has been -17 .. where is the sunblock and sunglasses when you need them ?
The morning sky wasn't spectacular .. I am so jealous of Nancy's fantastic morning red show .. it was stunning !

I don't know what it is about extreme cold snow but it is different from regular cold snow .. I can't nail what it is but it is there !

This was from two days ago .. I have to say I love looking at snow fall when it is safely from the house and no one had to go outside ? .. makes it more delicious ?
And of course the Benchwarmers looked especially wintry under their little fluffy blanket .. muttering away to themselves ..

Emma was having the most wonderful nap .. she makes me feel sleepy just looking at her there.
Sophie is slightly more dignified and ever watchful for anything out of the ordinary ... you never know ?
Ok .. one more of Emma since she is in cute mode .. she made the extra effort so I had to follow her lead !

I just realized I hadn't said what we do during frigid days ... other than play on here ? I'll have to think on that one again .. Emma is making me very sleepy !


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Yikes, I can't even begin to imagine what -17 (or minus anything) would feel like! You can keep the arctic air, but I have to admit, I am a bit jealous of your beautiful snow!

Frances said...

Hi Joy, a nap sounds good to me. Your girls are so cute, I have tried in vain to take some cute shots of my cats Kitty and Hazel. Kitty looks fairly handsome but Hazel looks like the devil in every shot, her eyes look transparent. I should try when she has them closed maybe? HA Do stay warm and safe, Joy.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Ohhh the kitties! I wanted to cuddle up right next to them.
Brrr again! Glad you can stay inside and be warm. Can you even get out..are the roads really, really bad?
(remember, I live in Texas!) :)

Rose said...

I have been following my Toby's lead on these frigid days--naps are a number one priority:) I've also noticed BlogLand much more active the last few days; I think we all want to take our minds off the cold! Have you checked Dave and the Benchwarmers lately? Do they need some extra scarves?

Gail said...

Joy, Your cold weather is unimaginable. I would be pacing and eating! Watching the kitties, blogging and posting are good alternatives! Gail

Jamie and Randy said...

It's going to get very cold here tonight for Alabama. I think the northern section is supposed to be 9° tonight. It's already cold outside... I'm baking fresh bread and the house smells wonderful and all is cozy here for a snuggly evening.-- Randy

jodi said...

The frigid weather has found its way down here too, Joy, but since I haven't been out of the house in a week except to go out to the mailbox, it's no biggie to me. The cats that go outdoors for potty break (there are two of them, the oldest two and they refuse to use the litter box) go out, do what they have to do and come right back to the door complaining!

cindee said...

Yikes and it was 80 degrees here today! I feel bad writing that...The snow is pretty for about a day then I get tired of the cold/wet whenever its here.
I can't imagine how your plants survive that extreme cold and everything looks so beautiful after that. That is really great. I really wish it would rain though. We need a lot of rain and we are not getting any lately. I am going to have to water some stuff if we don't see any soon! Hard to imagine! I am having fun though being able to get outside and play in the yard(-:

tina said...

You know I never get tired of looking at the pictures of the snow. Pictures that is!:)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Emma is making me sleepy too.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your sweet kittycats set the best example of what to do when it's so cold. What are you still doing behind your computer, girl? Go and snuggle up with them. ;-)

Have a great weekend and keep warm.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nola .. girl that is the price we have to pay for snow .. COLD temps but we tend to go to the extreme because were are Canadians .. EH ! LOL

Frances .. so many times Sophie's eyes look red when I use the flash .. talk about a devilish look ! I try to take pictures of them when they are sleepy ? LOL seems to be easier some how ? haha

Hi MT .. I did a quick post on "black ice" .. when extreme cold moves in and the salt we use on the roads won't melt because it is too cold .. so that causes accidents with careless (aka STUPID) drives : )
I'm happy to be indoors with the cuddle girls : )

Rose girl ! Dave and his crew say thank you for asking after them .. they are a little warmer with their blanket of snow over them for now : ) ... Napping is a very serious "" during times like these !

Gail .. yup , pretty much what I do .. I discovered "honey dates " before Xmas and I am now totally addicted to them .. they are nature's "fudge" !! LOL

Randy ! are you teasing me ?? LOL .. I would be outdoors with sunblock and shades on ! LOL
There is nothing like the smell of home made bread .. can you waft some over here please ? : )

Jodi .. I can imagine the complaining girl .. Emma found a little spider the other day and she "talked" to it for ages while playing with it. Cats can be so vocal it is amazing .. and I bet they did their business FAST !
We heard parents were picking their kids up extra early from school because of our arctic blast making its way down there .. now that is funny ! : )

Cindee .. I am so jealous of you girl ! and a big YES !! to the miracle of what our gardens do when Spring and summer come .. it amazes me every year after such extreme weather .. it makes me crazy waiting for Spring though.
I have my fingers crossed for rain for you girl .. rain dance perhaps ?? LOL

Tina .. you are a tease for sure .. I get that part about LOOKING ! .. all the perks and none of the problems ? LOL

Debbie .. Emma has the power over all of us to make us sleepy .. like a kitty hypnotist ?? LOL

Helllooo there Yolanda ! .. you are perfectly right .. what the heck am I doing on here when I could have a wonderful nap with my furry girls ! Thank you !
Have a great weekend too !!