Friday, 26 June 2009

Sunrise.. to SCARY !! on Hodge Podge Friday

This morning's sunrise was a pretty one. Calm cool blue and shades of white/yellows.
It looked to be a very nice day even if too hot and humid for me.

Doesn't it just make you relax a little looking at nice calm shots of the clouds in the sky ?
That amazing reflection of light shining from the bottom of the clouds ?
Then .. the afternoon brought rather scary weather with such clouds in turmoil I truly wondered what would happen next .. click on the pictures to see the most amazing patterns .. ripples in the clouds as they churn in the sky !

I left the edges of my house and the neighbor's houses so you can see this really was my sky this afternoon !

I have never seen clouds suck the colour out of everything like these did .. I have to say churn again because the motion of them was exactly like that, as if the sky had severe heartburn and needed to burp badly ?.. I stayed out long enough to get these shots then sheets of hard rain came down .. not the least were the thunder claps .. the girls and I were a little edgy ... OK ... ME , I was EDGY !
On another note (not to dwell too long on that storm .. it rather unnerved me ?)
This part of my post is for Kathleen of Kaseys Korner .. we are both trying to grow zone 5 winter hardy passion flower vines "Maypop" is its name.
Mine is to the left .. the other vine is Gravetye Beauty clematis with some sempervivums for company ? I am also growing Moonflower and "Chocolate" morning glory .. Moonflower is also on Kathleen's list so we will compare pictures of how they grow too I hope !

Of course I have to have Dave .. WG (who was well impressed with today's weather !.. being the "weather gargoyle" he is) and Mista G all the way from California thanks to Cindee from Cindee's Garden .. the boys just had to say hello !!


donna said...

Okay, so now I'm a little dizzy from looking up at your clouds. Nice weather story you told with the photos. Nice post. Good luck with the "Maypop" and I like the sempervivums in the pot with the clematis.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

What a sky!


CiNdEe said...

Wow I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv the clouds and rain! I wish I was there. Its a hot one here today and I had to go turn on the cooler for the girlfriends! They have their own water cooler now. Last summer they were so hot and I felt so sorry for them so when they went on clearance at Lowes the DH picked up a couple(-: They love to lay in front of it and cool off(-: Its so funny!
Mr. Smiley is still smiling! He doesn't seem to mind being in the shade on a hot day!(-: Wait till tomorrow though... suppose to be 106! He might be packing his bags and moving back to your house!!! LOL

Janet said...

keep that Passion vine in the pot!!! Rhizomes travel long and far.

Jill-O said...

I hate to say it, but the afternoon photos looks like tornado weather to me. I'm glad you got through it without any difficulties.

gittan said...

Good morning Joy! Wow, such clouds you had there! I LOVE thunder and lightning in company with a heavy rain mmm... cosy!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Those are some threatening clouds. I'm glad you lived to tell about it. LOL.

our friend Ben said...

Our weather did this yesterday, too, Joy! Started out pretty and then, just about the time we were picking snap peas at our CSA, the black clouds and thunder turned up. Yikes! We barely got home and safe indoors in time! Your vines and semps (and, of course, gargoyles) look great!

garden girl said...

Wow Joy! That's one threatening-looking sky! Glad it had more bark than bite.

Anonymous said...

That was one scary looking sky Joy! Did you get lots of rain? Nope don't even tell me, since I am currently in a dry spell with no sign of relief in sight!!! ;) Good luck with your Maypop, hope it blooms like mad for you.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Donna ... thank you girl .. I got kind of dizzy from looking straight up like that with the camera : ) I'm hoping to overwinter that Maypop in my garden .. Kathleen and I are pretty determined I think, LOL

Cameron ... that is what my mind kept saying too .. what a sky !!!

Cindee girl ! wish I could send the rain there for you too .. I hope it filled my rain barrel up to the top this time : )
We are on our second water cooler since we came back to Canada .. I really NEED cold water especially when I'm having a hot flash ?? LOL
Hubby would know what that temp is like .. he was in the Gulf and the Middle East a lot .. but it is dry ? heat .. I know .. it doesn't make it any better ; ) LOL

Janet girl .. I'm afraid our Ontario winter will cut the travelling a LOT ! LOL

Jill ... girl I bet you would be surprised to know that south eastern Ontario has had tornadoes .. we do get a bit nervous in this part of the province .. but they have happened more (when they do happen) to the south of Kingston .. so girl I too was worried they way the clouds had bright spots then the churn around them .. I thought the SAME thing !

gittan good morning back girl ! It would have been cozy if it weren't for the little scary thought of possible touch down from the clouds .. thankfully nothing happened .. phew !

Hi Grace .. so am I girl ! I was expected the hail thing to happen .. two years ago around the same time frame , hail ripped through so much it wasn't funny .. the garden was hit badly .. another phew ! we escaped !

Hey the 'ben' ! I'm glad you got home in time too .. I was out most of the day as well and I am VERY glad to have gotten home in time and kept the girls company .. hubby was out in a golf tournament !! men ??? LOL

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Great cloud shots, and yes they are amazingly soaking up all the color in the surroundings.

Kind of like a prairie sky, out of nowwhere...

The dragonfly bird feeder is a gift, and the friend loves to not disclose where she finds me these treasures. But she keeps coming up with more, I might have to go and check out Homesense.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Re your comment on Bootsie, yes he is a handsome fellow, [and he knows it].

We did finally find out last summer who owns him, they live in the apartments across the street, and they are very nice people.

But I have come to the conclusion that Black and White cats are just headstrong, they do exactly as they want to. And in this case, Bootsie has decided that he lives at both places, he eats and sleeps here.

While we realize that he is not ours, and have offered to give him a home if he requires it, he still loves his first family.

He divides his time equally between us, and gets the best of both worlds. We get pillow talk, and no hairballs.


Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Some change in just one day.
You do a great job in capturing that mysterious feel in the skies.
Say Hi to the boys !

GardenJoy4Me said...

OK Linda ... how did you get squeezed in between comments like that girl !! .. the sky was truly scary looking and only just moments of rain .. not enough to really give everything a good soak .. but we are supposed to have more this week coming .. fingers crossed ! I dragged the hose around today and I'm tired ; )

Hi Racquel .. you are another one that got lost in the comment shuffle girl ! .. don't be jealous of my clouds ..we didn't get enough rain to do good, so watering was on the agenda and I hate rushing into it (did it when we got home from shopping and saw SAD plants in the border !) phew !
Thanks for the good wishes with the Maypop : ) I hope it survives our winters !

Hi Jen ... I think Bootsie is a VERY lucky fellow indeed ! He knows how to work a crowd ? LOL
I'll have to take a picture of my dragon fly thing (I think it is actually a pillar candle holder but I love it for the garden area).
No hairballs eh ? .. wait for it ! LOL .. actually my girls don't throw any as of yet .. I guess I will be waiting for it too ? ; )

Patsi girl the boys say "Thanks girl !" haha .. it can be a little unnerving with the sky changing like that .. an extreme weather cell can pop up and I will be under the kitchen table with the girls !

Helen said...

Looks like you got some of our wayward weather from T.O. Did the clouds actually burst forth, or did they just sit up there leering threateningly?

On a more cheery subject, I'd love to know how you're doing with your passionflower... keep us posted. My sister has a, well, passion for passifloras.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Helen .. YUP ! They burst forth but it didn't last long enough to give the garden a good soaking .. I was out there yesterday afternoon, after running raggard shopping (yes .. a couple of plants fell into the bags ?).
The garden was looking wilted so I had to drag that damn hose around to quench some of the poor darlings.
Yes ! I will keep updating this passion flower .. I bought it from Vesey and they say it should make it .. I'll be planting it in the Fall .. in the sun bed, so it will be well cared for there : )

Gail said...

There you go again with wonderful sky shots! It's a magnificent display~~Good luck with the May Pop! It's a native and shows up here and one time there was enough sun to get it to bloom, but it has been years...It does provide food for Gulf Fritillary caterpillars. Even tho, it might travel a bit in my zone 7 garden...I let it stay. gail

Cat said...

What a sky!

Naturalnightdew said...

Beautiful shots.The fifth picture looks like a giant hand.Imagination is running wild ;-)
Here in Malaysia, it is rare to have the sky without clouds.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Gail girl !
Mu husband loves the passion flowervines so much because we had them growing in the garden of our Dutch home .. I have bought them potted as an annual display but never thought I might be able to get them through our winters. And they feed those butterfly babies too ! Fingers crossed : )

Hi Cat .. how are you with all of your garden babies ? I have to pop in and see : )

NND ! Hello there and YES ! I saw what you meant by the fist ! LOL
I can't imagine being that sun and clear sky deprived .. that would make me feel 'blue" ? LOL

Anonymous said...

The garden has been good to us, I've been jamming and pickling and with make squash bread (like zucchini, but with crooknecked squash) soon. I may finish work tomorrow and could have more time at home to deal with the garden, we will see.

GardenJoy4Me said...

knittnkitten !! You have been one busy gardener with all of that baking and jamming ! I bet the aromas around your house are pretty spectacular girl ! I have to come over and see what is going on : ) .. isn't it always the way, that we need more time in the garden ?

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

It was amazing, Joy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jan girl .. I was just glad NOT to see a real funnel cloud .. the girls and I would be under the kitchen table .. I think hubby was playing golf for heaven sake ! LOL