Monday, 29 June 2009

Is this Monday ???

I'm scatter brained tonight .. I worked too hard yesterday morning in the garden and it packed a wallop to me .. we are in between rain days also .. thus the hands are shaky and the wet garden included don't give great pictures but none the less I feel that urge to share or bore you people so keep your "browser" finger at the ready to escape as soon as possible when the yawns strike !
I had to share this dragonfly (candle holder) I have plans to put a mini me pot on it and keep it with the boys for company.
Jen from her "Muddy Boot Dreams" garden had a dragonfly piece for art in the garden so I needed to share my Home Sense treasure too !
My basil plant is happy ... it is flowering : ) ... and I read some where that herbs are at their peek when flowering .. I better get busy and clip a few leaves !
I love dill .. I wish I could have it as a house plant because that scent sends me to heaven ? I do try and dry as much as I can .. or is that when I can REMEMBER to do that .. more likely ?
This is a very small white rose from a little ground cover rose bush .. it came out just right and I was surprised because white and red is a difficult colour to capture .. but not too bad eh ?
This blue beauty (which reminds me of that famous blue poppy that a certain blogger from N.S. has growing in her gardens .. Jodi .. and "puppy" this is for you guys ? LOL
I found it at a little garden place .. Larkspur (Delphinium) Summer Blues .. and it is amazing : )
Hey Jodi .. Quick Fire hydrangea is setting flower buds like crazy and this one is stuck in a very shaded position under the Bittersweet vine arbor .. I am stunned and feeling a bit guilty for sticking it in a very difficult place .. yet it shines through for me so far : )
I had to throw some astilbe in ... they are my girlie PINK colour ... how can you pass that up ?
And for emphasis .. a deep fuschia in a clematis right above it .. how cool is that ?
I loved the morning light hitting Karl here, against my playhouse .. it just seemed perfect ?
A soaked back garden early in the morning under gray skies ... it dulls all the plant colour but it is LUSH !!
This is one of my fennel plants that looks like it has been hit by an ice storm .. interesting ? YES !!
Keeping an eye on Tiger Eye Sumac.
Finally a rose bud for you all ... courtesy of Morden Sunrise : )


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hi Jan, everything is looking very good despite the rain.

I love your dragon fly stand, we sell them at the nursery, and when I saw it on your blog I went "oh, I know that piece." And I love it, can't wait to see what you do with it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my what an enticing photo of your garden. I want more. I'm totally into the "girlie" pink. My husband calls rain "free water." We could use a few buckets here but, it's highly unlikely due to the fact that we're well into our dry season. Alas the water bill isn't going to be cheap.

Crafty Gardener said...

Your astillbe is ahead of mine, probably because mine is in the shade just about all the time. I love the shot of your garden ... a path going around beautiful garden beds. We had a heavy, heavy downpour this afternoon but I just went out to take some sunset photos. If they turn out I'll post some tomorrow.

Janet said...

Can't believe your basil is going to flower already!! Love your Tiger Eye Sumac, think the foliage is really striking.

CiNdEe said...

Absolutely lovely!(-: Everything looks so pretty! (-: The dragonfly candle holder is cute too(-:

gittan said...

It looks good! At least I like what I see =) Have you seen my post about the Sumac? No fun at all! Hope yours is a bit more polite / gittan

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Lovely my dear! Dill is great, isn't it? Must sow some in my herb garden too, as, like you, I love its scent.

Great overview of your garden, now I have some idea of what your garden looks like.

BTW come and have a look at the new hedge trimmer I've designed. I'd really like your opinion. ;-)

Beth said...

Your flowers and herbs are amazing! I am so glad to have discovered your blog. I am a gardener too! Stop by and visit.

Carrie said...

Not boring at all, lovely in fact I adore the little white rose and the fennel picture and well all of it. Maggie and I have ditched our plans to steal you garden, you look after it fair better than we ever could and it's lovely to visit and not have to do all that work! Hahaha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jen ... I know you meant JOY ! LOL .. we are in for a few days of rain and the garden will become a JUNGLE .. I wish I had secured more vines before it hits. So this dragonfly is pretty popular way over there too ? Darn !! haha
I'll put a wee pot on it with a wee plant : )

Hello there Grace .. It is a cycle we are going through these past few years .. wet summers .. when we first moved here they were very hot and dry and our water bill was illustrating how much watering I was doing .. so I can sympathize (my big rain barrel is finally full ... phew !

Linda .. girl that is what I have been finding out .. astilbe need more sun than you think and they bloom beautifully : ) .. I just took some pictures this morning of the cloudy but bright sky .. a mix of contrasts .. I don't get the sunsets darn it ! We are in for more rain for a few days .. better get my boots out ? LOL

Hello Janet .. thank you girl : ) Tiger Eye is an awesome shrub ! .. and yes this basil is a very happy herb in the pot with the morning glories !

Hi Cindee .. thanks girl .. so far so good, but here comes July now ? LOL

gittan .. I bet I know what is going on with the sumac .. hundreds of babies popping up every where ? .. I have that too .. but I keep yanking then out (good exercise ?? LOL

Hello Beth ... thank you very much ! I'll be over to have a look at your blog too : )

Yolanda .. Are you up to a practical joke girl ?? LOL
I have a larger garden in the back opposed to the front and sides .. it does cover a lot and I love the privacy ... aaahhhh !! : )

Carrie girl .. Now that I know you two won't be over to steal my garden ... well I can close both eyes now to sleep much better ? LOL
That sounds something like having grandkids .. you can enjoy them but not have to really take care of them ? So my garden provides that for you and Maggie now ! LOL

Jamie and Randy said...

Joy, I've never seen so much of your garden at one time before! How beautiful! You know we love grass paths. I never would have guessed all that was buried under that dreadful snow.--Randy

Rose said...

Your garden must be loving this rain, Joy! I saw a similar delphinium at a garden walk this weekend called "Summer Night"; whatever the name, I am crazy about that bright blue. And I am so impressed by those astilbe--mine never look that good!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Your gardens are just beautiful Joy! Is your dill growing in a container? I sure would like to try that. And love the dragon fly stand! You have so many treasures in your yard!! :)

Gail said...

Dear Joy, Please send us a bit of rain and also the soil to grow those lovely pink astilbes! They're wonderful and hate my dry concrete, I mean summer clay soil!

Your TES looks just like mine! What do you think about planting the deep purple of a chocolate epimedium with it...and if I already said that to you~~it's my advancing age!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Randy ... I go through that guessing every winter myself ! LOL
The fear my garden truly has disappeared .. but usually a few plants have given up on me and I replace them happily most times.
I am thinking of replacing the grass path with pea gravel .. are you groaning a "no" over there ? LOL

Rose girl .. that isn't even the best picture of my astilbe .. I do love them too : )
This delphinium is totally new to me .. I have none in my garden so now I am no longer a delphinium virgin ?? LOL

Hello there MT ! .. Thank you so much girl !
My poor dill is trapped in a too small container .. I was very naughty this year and threw dill in containers I know are too small but it still survives in spite of me, phew !

Gail .. you sound like how I feel girl ! haha .. I would send you our rain in a minute (we are to have thunder showers this afternoon .. yikes, we will be down town then)not a good thing !
Yes .. we had talked about the chocolate colour as contrast .. I have meant to get epimedium but haven't seen it so far. I do have "Chocolate" Joe Pye by "Dream Catcher" Beauty Bush and that is looking good ! .. I am an epimedium virgin still ... yikes !!

Dawn said...

Oh dear, I'm in the same boat with the rain, pun intended! Ha!
Beautiful garden and the astilbe is gorgeous!

our friend Ben said...

Joy, that path of yours is just gorgeous! It just begs everyone who sees it to step onto the soft grass and follow its curve until it disappears from sight, revelling in closup views of all the plants along the way. Perfect!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Dawn , thanks girl ! ... and for the corny pun ? LOL .. we either get too much or not enough .. where is the middle road I ask you ?? haha

'ben" .. do you know I have been considering replacing the grass path with pea gravel ? .. I have had enough great comments on it to reconsider my plans .. just when I think I have my mind made up ? ; )

Postcards-Pumpkins said...

Last year I didn't get to the basil before it flowered, but was still tasty for a while. Our dill died in the Fall but a stray seed must have landed in the front flower bed because it has sprung up wonderfully! We also have a borage that never died last year, even under 3' of snow and a few days of sub-zero weather.... lived, grew, and is now blooming! Vee at

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Vee ! I love your blog title .. I am a huge fan of Autumn and pumpkins are definitely Autumn perfection : ) It is funny about some herbs .. I had purple fennel in the garden for quite a few years just from one plant .. seeds sprung up like your dill and I loved it .. fennel and dill .. rosemary and lavender .. are favorites of mine .. I heard that borage is a great companion plant to grow with grapes .. have you done that ? Love the pumpkin picture too girl !

Gail said...

Chalk it up to my advanced age and ...but I meant to write eupatorium! geeze...I am slipping! Maybe I need to start napping! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail girl ... we are all slipping ... it is a wonder I can string a sentence along that makes any sense at all sometimes ? LOL
But hey ... naps are good too !! : )

Jamie and Randy said...

It was more like a gasp than a groaning no. :-)But it would still be just as lovely with gravel. :-)--Randy

GardenJoy4Me said...

Randy to tell you the thruth, I'm just not sure which way to go with this .. I am hoping to get the landscaping done this Autumn though .. those wooden ties are going !