Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Simple Tuesday Post

This is just a simple post with some "green" pictures to rest your eyes upon ...
My diving frog starts you off with his comical pose ? .. I wish I had a tiny pool for him to dive into here .. but you can stretch your imagination, right ?
A few rain drops on a blade of day lily foliage ..with lavender supporting them ; )
I have dill, butterfly weed, cone flowers upon cone flowers this year .. a geranium or two on the side .. but truly as much as I can plant to attract those winged wonders to rest in my garden.
Sidalcea 'Party Girl"with 'Summer Nights" heleopsis, still very green but biding their time to shine at the launching party when they bloom !
Royal Purple Smokebush ... you can not beat it for fantastic rain drop bubbles ... it is perfect : )

Just a little look through the astilbe .. Black Lace Sambucus,... to the other side of the border : )
My Japanese Painted Ferns .................. tell me that they are not restful and I will say "You are not looking close enough or long enough !!" keep looking and RELAX a little !

See what I mean ??


CiNdEe said...

I love everything(-: The frog would probably love a little pond to hop into on a warm summers day! Maybe you could put a bucket out there for him?(-: I of course love your painted ferns. My Japanese one took a frying. The temperature was 108 here the other day even in the shade it was blistering and he was a new planting. I watered but...Not sure what will happen. Hope he survives. I am watering twice a day in the heat so we shall see!

Janet said...

The pink Astilbe with the Black Lace Sambucus is a nice contrast. I like Purple smoke bushes...on my wish list.

heirloomgardener said...

Great rain bubbles!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Everything looks lush and green and beautiful.

Is your Black lace sambucas hardy? Does it get any winter dieback?


Anonymous said...

Wish my garden was suited for painted ferns. Sadly, they burn up. Love your gardens Joy--it's all soothing.

Linda Lunda said...

Ohhhh soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Green has always been my favorite color. Especially in the hot summer months, green is an immediate coolant, a respite. It can literally boost my mood. Lovely photos.

Tatyana said...

Joy, thank you so much! I was admiring the first picture for several minutes, what a beautiful part of your garden! Just wonderful!

Sunita said...

I love the look of that Royal Purple Smokebush dotted with raindrops !
And yes, your little frog is too funny. I got a big grin on my face just looking at him! :D

Carrie said...

LOVE ferns - very restful, you're right. And I have a smoke bush in the back garden too, they are heavenly in strong sunlight (when they glow) and after a shower just like your fab photos show. Great plants.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey there Cindee girl ! Thank you : ) .. I wonder if a method I know of to keep plants "moist" might just work for you with the ferns ? .. what you do (and I know you probably hate to dig it up for this .. but I swear this might just do the trick ... dig it up and take a plastic bag .. punch some small holes in it .. then plant the fern with a fair amount of soil inside the bag .. plant it all into the ground again .. mulch .. water well .. and this should keep the roots cool .. keep them moist .. cut back on your worry of watering so often .. and see what happens ? .. this method is great for plants that need a moist base and to keep a bit cool !

Hi Janet .. YES ! thank you , I think it is a great contrast : ) You will really love purple smoke bush : )

Hi there heirloomgal ! ... Champagne bubbles for all !! LOL

Thanks Jen .. yes it is hardy to our zone .. it does have winter die back .. but so far I haven't had a problem other than impatience waiting for it to GROW ? LOL .. A great pairing with it would actually be another sambucus .. Sutherland Gold, because they both have cut leaf foliage pattern .. wish I had thought of that when I planted them ? LOL

Hi Anna , thanks girl ! .. have you tried the method I just told Cindee about a few comments up from here ? .. the plastic bag with small holes but keeps the moisture in ? Give it a try and see how they might recover and behave for you ? : )

Hello there Linda ! Thanks girl : )

Grace ... I find that too with green upon green .. a trick I use when I am working in the garden and I'm HOT ... is to stand under the arbor that my Bittersweet covers and I swear the temperature is MUCH cooler there .. it is amazing : ) .. helps me get back to work ? LOL

Hello Tatyana ... thank you so much girl .. it was one of my first borders .. I have changed a few plants but I keep it as much to the same eye level as possible and try for a riot of colours with the foliage : ) and whimsy ?

Hello Sunita ! .. Yup .. you need "smile stations" dotted through out the garden don't you ?
Rain drops on cotinus are beautiful but more so the darker ones like Royal Purple .. Golden Spirit has the same structure of bubbles .. but that gold is too bright most times I think .. but what gorgeous "trees" they are !

Carrie girl ! I'm glad we share this beautiful shrub/tree ? .. and sunlight through the leaves is awesome .. I'm so glad you have a thing for ferns too girl : )

tina said...

Love that astilbe. It looks like the rain has made everything so lush.

Jamie and Randy said...

Everything in so lush and beautiful!--Randy

cat said...

simply beautiful!! :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tina .. yup .. we have been lucky to have a couple of rainy summers (not great for doing a lot of things) GREAT for the garden though ! : )

Thanks Randy .. I asked mom Nature for some help ?? LOL

Thank you cat : )

Anonymous said...

So many lovely things blooming in your garden these days! It's makes the long, cold winter worth it in the end. I always think of you when I capture my pretty sunsets. The sunrises are blocked by other homes, but sunsets are a quick trip down to the pond for me. Just wait, I have more!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey there Robin : )
Those sunsets of yours are truly awesome .. so here is the deal .. you do the sunsets and I'll do the sunrises and we will do a coffee table book as a collaboration ? what do you think ? LOL
There is just something so wonderful about capturing the sun like that .. it amazes me every time !