Wednesday, 24 June 2009

PENSTEMON Elfin Pink : )

You are at the right post .. I just couldn't resist this sunrise picture of my Royal Purple smoke bush .. "Elfin Pink" penstemon is right below ..
I had a hard time trying to post something this evening .. I felt driven to post , guilt feelings of missing two Hodge Podge Fridays ? .. touch of a bug .. trying to do too much (aka painting the bathroom) I used to be able to do that and more but the list is getting shorter and shorter.
I'm taking some refuge in the garden even while it is screaming at me to DO something in it for heaven sakes .. forget taking pictures, do REAL work to tidy us plants up lady !!
But no .. today it was some pictures in the morning .. some watering of the deck plants (I will fall over them if I don't .. sort of a trap I set for myself) ... only 120 days till Halloween folks ; )

Lady's Mantle, Lambs Ears, Balloon Flowers, cone flowers ... a real mix of odds and ends like floppy shoe laces ... and now the roar of lawn mowers .. time to close up shop and fall on the bed !

P.S. I went to Home Sense (for those who know this store) .. and only bought scented oil/sticks .. I couldn't find anything that would go in the garden .. but .. I did buy some Fiskers tools at Home Depot .. so does that mean I DID buy for the garden ? .. OK .. some purple fountain grass that was on sale ... there goes that theory out the window !!


Carrie said...

i just want to make sure you see my thanks for the comment left on my allotmentherapy page. Big hugs x

CiNdEe said...

Looking great there(-: I know how it is working too hard and all that. I use to be able to go all day without eating and working outside till dark! How did I do that? I hate old age..(-:

Today I went and got some soil. 1/2yard, and unloaded it into my new rock garden beds. Yes that is multiple(-: I added 5! Yikes what was I thinking? They are small. Just made them around the trees in the yard. The good part is it all only cost me 1 cent...LOL No kidding. The rocks were free I just had to go pick them up (labor no cost except backache) Then my husband found a 20 dollar bill on the ground! I swear! We are never lucky! Anyhow, he gave it to ME!!! He said go buy your dirt so of course I didn't say no...(-: Off I ran this morning and it was 20.03 with tax. I only had 20.00+ a penny! I always have random change in my purse but not today. Just one lousy penny! Anyhow....The nice man at the store said he had 2cents in the cup on the counter! So, It only cost me 1 cent! Don't you love it?(-:
Now, I am moving plants and dividing etc!! I hope to get a pony pack or two of something colorful in the next day or so and then maybe I will get some pictures! Right now its kinda barren but at least the hard part is done! Yay!!!!
Have a great evening!

Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Cute! I don't have that one....might have to look for it. Take care hun!

gittan said...

Good morning Joy, we do have a lot of plants that's the same. A bit funny, you call it smokebush, in Sweden we say wig-bush =)So you actually did bye somethig for the garden "LOL". Fiskars tools are my favorites I have them all. Maby not, but I do have a lot of tools from Fiskars. Today is another warm summer day. Yesterday we had a temperature close to 80 degrees and no wind! Today it'll probably be the same but with a small breeze. I'm heading out in the garden with my camera, no hard work today / gittan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Carrie girl ! I'll be over to see you in a minute : )

Cindee .. when I read all that you had gotten done .. the funny strokes of luck you had .. I was nodding and laughing at the same time .. we are the same way here girl .. "found" money is rare and we get such a kick out of it .. my hubby is like yours , he would do the same thing for me : )
I can't wait to see how you make out with these new spaces .. I LOVE rocks too !!

Hello Brooke ! .. Do you know I wasn't sure what the heck it was until I saw it on Teza's garden ? Now that is funny : ) Thank you for stopping by !

Good morning or should I say afternoon by now gittan ? haha
It is amazing how many plants gardeners from all parts of the world can share .. I love knowing your name for this beauty : )
We have very humid hot weather .. tires you out quickly when you work in the garden .. and I have a lot of work to do .. so I will be throwing on the jeans soon and digging in to weeding out and tying up supports .. I want to try out my new Fisker tools ! LOL
Enjoy a no work day today girl !

Meems said...

Good morning, Joy,
Royal Purple smoke is very pretty and colorful foliage. I DO love colorful foliage as my garden is dependent on it for color that will last through our dreadful summers.

Hey, I've been going at this high impact gardening pace since January ~~ I keep trying to find a stopping place but the ideas keep coming. My blogging suffers. Not to mention my back.HA.

Your garden combinations look like they are thriving... don't work too hard.
Thanks for the fave over at blotanical, too.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Tatyana said...

Penstemon blooms look lovely. Are they short-lived plants? Mine just almost disappeared after 2-3 seasons of crazy blooming. And what a gardener we have among your readers: to use 20-dol. bill found on the ground to buy dirt - she is a real gardener!

Rose said...

My garden is becoming more and more of a hodge-podge, too, though yours looks great to me--all the plants seem to coexist quite happily. I keep looking at one of my flowerbeds thinking I should move things around and then I think how much work that would be...

Ah, yes, the good old days when I worked all day, then came home and worked some more. I'm getting tired just thinking about it...

tina said...

Yup, Fiskars counts. I hope it cheered you up. The garden looks super.

Kathleen said...

Elfin Pink is a beautiful penstemon Joy. I hear you on multi-tasking. I can get myself completely lost trying to do too much of that anymore. I think it's good to slow down anyway ~ maybe we did too much before?? lol on 120 days till Halloween! My daughter would be counting down with you. She loves it. Your roses (in a previous post) are gorgeous. You are spending enough time in the garden if they are looking that good. I can't remember if I told you I transplanted "Maypop" to a pot or not?? Anyway, I did, and I think it's finally ready to grow. I wanted to have it in the ground and test the zone 5 hardiness theory but I guess I never found the right spot to make it happy?? Can't wait to see yours ~ I know it will bloom WAY before mine.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Meems ! .. You are most welcome girl !
Yes, foliage is a huge part of my garden too .. flowers are just icing on the cake ? LOL
Once our summer hits .. it HITS with heat and humidity and boy, if I don't get my chores in the garden done before noon it is almost impossible for me .. am I getting old ?? LOL
There is ALWAYS something to do in the garden .. no matter how "on top " of things we think we have gotten .. but what would we do without a garden ? : )
I was out in the heat all morning so now I NEED a shower .. LOL

Tatyana .. I am still giggling over Cindee's golden dirt ? she can squeeze a rock and get three more out of it I'm sure too ! LOL
I have had my penstemons for 3 or 4 years now .. perhaps it depends on what type it is ? It is always weird when some plants decide to up and die on us for no apparent reason !

Rose girl .. those good old days are so long gone now it is getting harder and harder to remember how much we could do in one day and night ? LOL
I'm never going to change my scatter brained way of gardening .. hodge podge and all it just seems to want to flow out that way .. I think we need to relax a little by now eh ? LOL

Hi Tina ... YUP, girl it cheered me up with nice new shiny tools .. husband just sharpened up some other ones for me now : ) Thanks girl !

Kathleen girl ! I was just talking about you to husband .. we were both out in the garden .. hubby helped by watering things and holding the ladder while I turned myself into a pretzel trying to trim the Bittersweet vine.
I think I made a mis-calculation on Halloween .. I think it is 127 days .. and I have a counter on my site ? LOL
Yes Elfin Pink is a pretty girlie one : ) Thank you on the roses !
I'm going to post a picture of my Maypop and I am determined to plant it in the ground come Autumn to see if it will over winter ! I'm not done experimenting with this one girl ! LOL

Andrea said...

Everything is tidy in your garden. You should see ours after all the rain we've been having. Lots of cleanup to do. I have bought so many new plants which need a spot. so I guess I have a hodge pot garden too? ;-) Take care, Andrea

GardenJoy4Me said...

Andrea !! I was just at your blog and WOW ! it is a beautiful design and construction you have there : )
Can you come over and do my blog for me now ?? LOL
Truly gorgeous and it show cases your plants in an awesome way girl!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty Penstemon Joy and it looks great combined with the Lady's Mantle. Your garden is looking better than mine at the moment, this heat wave is giving it a desperate look. :(

GardenJoy4Me said...

Racquel, thank you girl ! ..things are getting to that stage here too .. we are having a small bit of rain just now .. but never quite enough ? just a tease ? LOL
I was never sure which penstemon that was until this year .. now isn't that BAD ? haha