Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My sky .. the dark and light of it lately

I'm a sky watcher, as anyone who has looked at my blog knows .. I'm hooked on the sky and clouds.
I've missed those dramatic fiery sunrises of Spring and Autumn .. summer doesn't have them because the sunrise happens too far left of my view. But summer has amazing cloud action. The different high and low pressure systems with hot and humid to cooler weather literally drives the clouds across our sky.
Sometimes gloomy gray weather .. sometimes crystal clear with the most amazingly puffy white clouds that convince you they have to be made of cotton wool balls .. that if you ever got the chance to stand on them , you could !

This was Sunday's cloud action .. I missed some great ones but the criss cross patterns here were awesome !

I did say PUFFY .. didn't I ? ; )

Then just the brightest crystal clear ...........


Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Amazing clouds !
I could swear you were up in a plane taking some of those pics.

Our skies are gary almost all the time...we did have 15 minutes of sunshine the day before yesterday.

Cinj said...

Wow Joy, that's beautiful! Are those airplane trails? I don't get such amazing sky shots because of the towering pines but I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Janet said...

The dark cloud photos look like snow clouds....!?!?!

Tatyana said...

Very puffy. I did notice that you like sky Joy. Good pictures. I like the criss cross especially and of course, the fluffy, i.e. puffy clouds.

gittan said...

Hi Joy, I do love those heavenly pictures of yours. You wondered where my pictures of the sky where. I read somewhere that I didn't have to show them immediately (could have been on your profile...) "LOL" Hope you'll have a great day / gittan

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

You and your skies, perhaps we should re-name you Skyhawk or something cool like that? But the skies you showed were lovely, no doubt about that. You must have enjoyed the huge skies here when you were living in The Netherlands.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey there Patsi girl : )
I didn't get the best most dramatic clouds that day .. the sky changed too quickly with the winds .. we are having some sun these past days .. I hope you get some soon too !!

Hello there Cinj ! Thank you girl : ) Yes .. those are plane trails .. there were even more that day I didn't catch .. it was an awesome day for clouds and plane trails : ) Those pines must be beautiful .. I would love to be in a forest situation like you too : )

EEEK ! Janet !!! LOL .. thankfully we are out of that weather .. I'm sure you would be shocked how HOT and HUMID it gets here .. the power was off for a while early evening since it was a HOT day .. everyone in Kingston turned on their AC ?? LOL

Hello Tatyana ! Those criss cross ones reminded me of checkers .. not quite lined up correctly but it would have been funny to see ? and yes, PUFFY !! : )

gittan .. you caught me saying that girl !! LOL .. I think I was just so eager to see a nice red sky I gave you a nudge ?? LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Yolanda girl .. I missed you some how .. were you hiding in my blog ?? LOL
I loved the skies in Holland .. but we had some hills in South Limburg province .. we were lower in our house in Schinveld .. and working in Brunssum gave us a higher view though .. BUT .. when we toured around it was awesome .. to know this tiny country has so many people living in it .. and yet so many beautiful open spaces for farming .. those years were amazing to us Yolanda .. the people were so nice to us Canadians : ) I worked for an astounding library manager : )

Anonymous said...

Fastastic cloud patterns Joy. I'm a skywatcher too, the colors of spring & fall can't be beat. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Racquel .. it has to be the angle of the earth during those seasons that give us so much more a dramatic sunrise/sunset .. I guess we can't have it all, at the same time can we ? LOL

Commonweeder said...

I love your photos of those clouds. My husband is a devoted cloud watcher - and we have lots of sky to monitor here at The End of The Road.

Gail said...

Hey Joy! I was so thinking of you the other morning when I looked out the patio door and missed the sky...I thought how you always have wonderful sky shots and here they are! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there CW ! .. Thank you : )There is just something magnetic about clouds to me .. I watch them as we are driving around the city doing errands .. I watch them through the windows and deck door .. I watch them any chance I have when they are active and gorgeous : ) It is so nice to have company doing this too !

Hey Gail girl .. it has been HOT here lately .. we even lost power for a while last evening because everyone in Kingston turned on their AC ? haha
I miss those red sunrises but I know Autumn will bring them back : )

Anonymous said...

Love your sky shots. If I shot a photo out my back door right now, it would look like your last four shots.
We have had so much rain lately, the blue sky looks wonderful.

Oh, I love that frog down below!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello FWPG !
Thank you so much : ) We have heard a lot of thunder today but no rain .. which we could really use right now. Isn't it always this way ? too much rain or not enough .. no middle road ; )
I have a thing for frogs in the garden along with my gargoyles LOL

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Joy;-) Amazing shots you captured there! Clouds just never cease to amaze me...they can form such varied shapes and the sky can change it's hue depending on the lighting of the sun. Lovely, girl!! I captured some pretty cool ones lately, myself. I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet, but you've inspired me to do so;-) Take care, Jan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jan ... thanks girl !
I am listening to the thunder outside right now .. we have had hot humid weather and now another front is trying to move in with more rain .. the garden can use it though ; )
Clouds can be awesome and I wish I could capture every line of them .. the white puffy ones make me want to stand on them ? LOL