Monday, 22 June 2009

Frogs .. goat .. flowers and sunrise reflections

A flying frog dancing with the grape vine ?
A stone "watch-frog" at the door of my garden playhouse .. next to a cozy copper light ?
The beard of a goat on green leafy stalks ............
My first berries from a tree mixing company with pea like flowers from an old friend, Baptisia.
Impossible white daisy like flowers .. showing off ?
Royal Wedding poppy ... where are my gorgeous red ones ?
Morden Sunrise softness in a rose ..................
Angel Face in a few different poses ? Outdoor and indoor faces ?

Sunrise this morning ... smudgy clouds
Soft morning sun reflected ....

Winthrop's head and wing tips caught up in the glow : )


Lynn said...

Those roses are just beautiful, that is one flower I have never tackeled... Those pictures may just persuade me into getting a few!!! Have a great evening...Tell Mr. Frog he is just too cute!

Gail said...

The roses are deliciously beautiful Joy and the poppy is perfect! I miss the sunrise in the morning, the leaved out trees cover it up! gail

Town Mouse said...

Well, I haven't been by for a while and your blog does look different in summer! Beautiful roses...beautiful sky.

Janet said...

Really love the different shots of the pink rose.

Helen said...

Beautiful blooms. All that rain was good for some things, anyway.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful photos(-: The poppy is gorgeous. I wish I could grow those. I have never had one! I love them(-: Everything is looking beautiful there!

gittan said...

Mmm... enjoying every picture... Royal Wedding that's the one I'm going to plant after succesfulle have sown this spring. I thought about you the other day when the sky was "burning" here in the eveningsun / gittan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reflections today Joy. I love your roses, so gorgeous. Everything looks healthy & happy in the garden. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lynn, Mr. Frog loves having a fan ! : ) frogs know they are too cute ? haha. Roses can be tricky .. but I have a few that aren't too hard .. I do have to keep an eye out for aphids and 'black spot" but they are so worth it .. you have to get at least one and please get a fragrant one or you will not love it as much ! LOL

Gail girl .. I miss our fiery red ones in the summer .. the angle of the rising sun is further to the left and I can't catch it before it is too bright .. so we share that problem right now : ) drats !
My oriental red poppies are all foliage no flower stalk .. I think the lack of consistent sun is the problem .. darn !

Hello there Town Mouse .. thank you girl ! It does change quite a bit through the seasons ; )

Thank you Janet .. I was fixated on it that day ! haha

Helen .. I still can't get over the strike in Toronto .. you guys must be so fed up especially when it happened just last year the same time too ? More rain on the way .. I am glad not to drag the hose around .. phew !

Cindee girl thank you ! ..
You don't have the "California poppies" ? even my friend in the UK grow them girl !! haha .. those are just right for your conditions and they are supposed to be very easy from seed : )

Hello gittan ! Now we are sharing another plant : ) that is great ! They are beautiful aren't they ? .. I wish I could have seen that sunset .. I really miss our red sunrises .. they don't happen during the summer and the sun's angle is different .. but come Autumn I should have better sunrises to catch finally : )

Hell Racquel .. so far the garden isn't too bad .. other than the aphid beetle party going on. I think I got off to such a confused start I was not prepared .. but the garden HAAPENS no matter what state I am in ? LOL

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Great blooms! I love that Angle Face rose and the poppy! My red ones didn't show up this year. I think the birds ate the seeds! When I pulled out some of my pink poppies and piled them to the side, the cardinals were all over the seed pods trying to see what I left for them!


tina said...

The goat's beard looks great. The flower stalks stand up so much better than mine. Did you know the flowers are also called bridal feathers? Love the sunrise shots-I like never see the sunrise here.

Giddy said...

Words escape me. Your photos of the dusty pink rose deserve a spot on a calendar! Simply beautiful and the composition could not be more perfect.

Carrie said...

Just gorgeous! I warn you Maggie and I are still planning a trip to steal your garden! I adore the poppy, omg, it couldn't be any more perfect! Love it, thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Love your flying frog -- and that poppy is just out of this world! Gorgeous! You've got all sorts of creatures and plant life abounding in your garden already, Joy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Cameron ! Thanks girl : )
I'm wondering about my red ones , if they are just waiting it out for more sun or toying with me ? LOL .. sounds like a very good lunch for the birds over at your place ! ; )

Tina ! No I didn't know they were called that too .. but it seems perfect with the structure of the flowers .. the older they get the more beautiful they become (too bad that doesn't work for us girl ? LOL) .. I miss the fiery sunrises .. I'll have to wait for Autumn for them to start up again ; ) You can share mine girl !

Giddy .. I know you are a photography student and nut like me .. so that is one heck of a compliment, thank you girl ! I saved the full pixel picture and I'm thinking of getting them printed to picture .. I just experimented with them and loved the result too ! : ) I need to experiment more ?? LOL

Carrie and Maggie .. I have set out more solar lights to keep an eye out for naughty garden imps that might just try to grab my garden, so you are forewarned girl ! LOL .. Yes ! this is a new poppy to me and I love it .. now if only the red orientals would bloom at the same time it would be perfect !

Nancy girl thank you ! I love having all sorts of surprises in the garden along with the plants .. it adds character and smiles that you just can't help ? LOL .. I'm always hunting for a new creature (I haven't been to Home Sense in ages .. do yo have that store down there ? .. it is great !) .. the Royal Wedding poppy is an eye popper for sure .. I need more !! LOL