Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Busy Bees and Party Poppers

You would not believe how noisy this little guy was yesterday morning .. I kept hearing him no matter where I was in the garden, so naturally I had to take his picture !
`Butterfly `weed`is what I call party poppers because soon there covers will pop and that amazing silly seed strand thing will happen and I turn into a kid for a few minutes ... OK .. maybe longer .. and have fun blowing them around : )
I know other gardeners have Sweet Autumn .. so they know how great a clematis it is for the Fall .. those who don`t should get on the band wagon because I just know there is a place in your garden that It will look perfect !
The scent in the air from these fantastic plants is always a wonderful surprise .. I`m not sure why I keep forgetting how my snakeroots are all round winners but I`m glad I keep collecting them and have them for presents to myself this time of year : )
The rain did weigh down some of the plants but yet in turn with the morning sun those droplets did appear to be gorgeous on each strand of grass
The yellow Waxbells are always such a tease .. I keep thinking they have to open more so I can see inside and what the mystery is in there !
The garden seems to be going through one more flush of happy colour which in turn makes me a happy gardener !
It is almost like some plants have weather proofing on their leaves with so much water still laying on them
 The ornamental kale drank the rain up, and it somehow had a satisfied look to it : )
We had lots of wonderful rain the night before last .. so drops were left shimmering in the morning and they were like tiny jewels : )


Anonymous said...

I agree, Sweet Autumn is a showstopper and a great Fall garden plant. I have one I had for many years and it never ceases to amaze. Your pictures are so pretty of it and I take photos of mine because the flowers are so many and so delicate looking at the same time. I just love your decorated pumpkins. Great time of year.

Marguerite said...

That clematis is stunning. You're right, I will have to get on the bandwagon and find a place for one of those.

Jean said...

Isn't Autumn clematis the prettiest thing? Here in Tennessee mine is just about finished blooming but you can still smell the fragrance. I have two of them and the one in more shade does better than the one in more sun. Love your flowers!

Anonymous said...

The bumbles are very noisy...I see you weren't afraid of this one, :)
Love water droplets on plants, makes for fantastic models!

Karen said...

A gorgeous series of shots from your garden. I like the sound of the party poppers!

Lona said...

Joy your kale looks so pretty. Girl I hope when my Sweet Autumn clematis grows up it looks just like yours. LOL! So pretty and full of blooms.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I have Autumn Clematis but it is so high on the pergola, I have to go up to my bedroom to enjoy it. It is wonderful this time of year. You need to do a post on all of your Heucheras some day, I know you have a lot of them.


Lola said...

Isn't it wonderful that the plants look so good with droplets from rain or sprinklers. Even in the very early morning with dew still on them. I use to love to sit in my hunting stand and watch the plants dry off from the warmth of the sun. Sometimes it would look like a mist rising. Enjoyable.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Donna girl : )
Sweet Autumn is a real show stopper for sure this time of year and here I am trying to figure out where I could squeeze one more in ? LOL .. once you hit a great plant you want to have a few more of it eh ?

Marguerite this clematis will take shade too .. something like morning sun afternoon shade or even afternoon strong sun as my other one takes .. you can not fail with this one I promise !!

Hello Jean thank you and thanks for stopping by : ) I find it does well in both conditions because I have that too ! opposite sides of the garden and they almost compete ? with each other! LOL

Darla girl this bumble was almost frantic trying to collect all the nourishment that she could .. so I wasn't afraid .. I was still careful not to get in her way though ! LOL Thanks girl : )

Thank you Karen girl : ) it is fun to call plants in the garden funny names at times .. party poppers just came to mind when I was taking a mindful sweep of my plants smiling at me ;-)

Lona girl you are too sweet thank you ! First time I have grown kale (now i have to figure out how to make it look great on the entrance way steps !) Don't worry about Sweet Autumn she is one determined clematis that will look fantastic no matter what !! :-)

Eileen girl thank you and I have this project in the back of my mind to list all of the heuchera/heucherella/tiarella with pictures some day .. a winter project ? same as with my hellebore and a few other favourite plants : )

Lola girl did you say 'hunting " ?
I'm going to try and not think of that ... eekkk ! .. but yes looking over an area and seeing a mist rise with the morning sun growing stronger is a beautiful event .. I would love to see that!

Meggie said...

Your clematis is gorgeous!I'm totally taken with admiration. It is Clematis vitalba? Isn't it?
We have planted one last year too and it is 2-3 m high, but it has not one single flower.I am very sad.
Why don't they bloom?
Many greetings from Northern-Germany

Patsi said...

Many of my plants faded do to heat.
Your Sweet Autumn is amazing...soo full. Everything is looking great !

*~* Linda *~* said...

Everything looks so healthy and vibrant! I can see why you love the clementis and fun curvy ones! The water droplets turned out great in the pictures... and the bee.., wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy!!
The rain has made your garden sparkle. It looks fabulous. I bought a waxbell after seeing it on your blog and I keep thinking those blooms are going to open more too. I'm finally catching on this is IT!
I've hardly seen a bumblebee this year ~ isn't that strange? Plenty of honey bees & yellow jackets but no bumbles.
My sweet autumn clematis looks pathetic compared to yours. You just have a green thumb. Everything (remember that passion vine) just goes crazy in your garden.
Also, I am feeling more and more I need to move my bugbane ~ it's got one lone bloom on it ~ isn't that sad??

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Meggie .. I'm not sure if the clematis you have mentioned is the same one I have but this different name. I also had Virgin's Bower that looked very similar. Plants are strange miracles that are hard to figure out at times ! LOL
Thanks for dropping by : )

Patsi girl I know what heat can do to plants so I understand .. been there myself girl ! Now what do I watch Sunday nights ?? LOL

Thanks Linda .. the scent from the curvy ones (bugbane) is very special too ! .. the bee and I had an agreement we both kept our distance ? haha

Kathleen girl hello there .. Oh my, I hope you weren't too disappointed in the waxbell .. I have it more for foliage than flower and yes, you keep thinking "is that it ? when the flowers keep almost closed all the time ;-( LOL
I have had next to no butterflies .. although a few "jet" by before I can grab my camera .. now that is disappointing! My goodness girl .. I just have a wee bit of luck with some plants but not consistent .. that passionflower vine never made it through the second year darn it!
My bugbanes are mostly in Morning sun afternoon light shade and I have to admit it takes a few years to have them look good .. they smell wonderful too .. so patience is a huge factor with those plants!

kacky said...

Great shots! The clematis if gorgeous. I have been pondering what to plant for the fall garden and the kale is on the list. I am opting for the ornamental kale myself- so pretty then some greens. Your photo reinforces my decision. =) Just waiting for it to cool down a little bit first.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Kacky : ) I tried to leave comments on your blog but it wouldn't process them .. very frustrating !! eeekkk !!
Yes the kale is a pretty addition to Autumn settings and this was my first year growing them from starter plants .. not too bad ! : )

Lola said...

Stand was only for observance of activity. I do miss it.

kacky said...

That is frustrating I know- I have had a few people say the same thing about not being able to leave comments- I don't know why- especially when you are on Blogger as am I. I don't know if the "new improvements" they made as of late have fixed that or not- I haven't heard that comment in a while but don't know the last time you tried. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I always enjoy reading yours- I don't always comment but do enjoy your posts!!!! I put you on my roll so I always know when you have a new one up ! =)

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Joy, I have seen some of the autumn clematis around here so it seems to be quite hardy. I am tempted...!!

Love the halloween-y look to the blog these days. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola girl .. PHEW !!! I'm so glad you only use it to see way out there ! LOL

Kacky I thought I could work around it especially when you are on my blog list too .. but it still won't behave .. it is so frustrating at times isn't it .. especially when we are on the same blog program ! argh !!

Ms. S girl : ) Thank you !
You have to have at least one of these .. I have two and I think I will add more next year to creep on top of the fence .. it is wonderful and it would look amazing in your garden !!