Monday, 19 September 2011

Butterflys and Beer ?

Seems like she is down sizing right ?  But this new home will keep her safe and at an even temperature/humidity hopefully !
Well I have waited since August 31st for Madam Butterfly to emerge .. but nope ! .. she isn't ready and what I have read this means she is going to over winter .. two choices of where to put her for this hibernation are an unheated garage or the fridge .. so the fridge wins since we don't have a garage .. rats !
So then .... moist paper towels and a jar are the order of the day .. gently transferring this little madam and making sure through out the winter to re-moisten the paper towel to keep some humidity in her space .. typical gal ?
Yes .. the best thing for madam Butterfly is to feel absolutely at home in my fridge so having a bottle of Canadian beer will keep her in a great mood  .. er? company ? as she snoozes !
Now how GOOD can it get for spending a Canadian winter next to the liquid gold ? wink wink
Click on this picture and see how fine a "thread" she hangs by .. it is all very amazing to me and I so hope to keep this precious life alive and going until the Spring .. fingers crossed !


Rose said...

Your title certainly had me intrigued, Joy:) I've never brought a chrysalis in the house before, so I hadn't the foggiest idea how you would take care of it. Hope she enjoys her new home and emerges for you next spring.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm curious to see how this turns out~~!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is one pampered crysalis. I hope it survives all the partying. :)

Marguerite said...

I inadvertantly put a cricket in the fridge with the tomatoes the other day but I never would have thought to purposefully put an insect in the fridge. Hubby thinks it's bad enough with all the seed packets.

Karen said...

And I thought it was strange for Hubbers to keep dew worms in the fridge! ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rose girl .. actually I had the caterpillar first and waited for the chrysalis to happen which I was in awe of (over night it was suddenly there !) I waited since August 31st for a butterfly to emerge but then read about if it is too close to Autumn they over winter .. and putting them in the fridge is as close to what can be done for them .. I so hope it all happens : )

Darla girl I am too .. I just hope it does HAPPEN !!!

Lisa girl I'm not sure if there will be a bottle of Molsons left if she partys hardy ? hahaha

Marguerite I never thought I would be doing this either .. but what needs to be done .. gets done and I am so hoping this will turn out right for madam butterfly !
Did the cricket come out of the fridge ??

Karen girl .. a lot of strange things happen in this house ! LOL