Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Icy Shots

It was safer for the moment ? to take shots through the living room window .. it has been one scary day with the weather .. HOWLING winds all night ... now all day .. no snow .. BUT ice big time .. then snow as we decided to brave it for some groceries .. we are nutty Canucks !
You wouldn't know we were driving in the city (and of course I wouldn't bring my camera to prove this) we had white out conditions at times that we couldn't see 5 feet ahead of us on a CITY street ! ..
I had my "Stay-Puff" down filled , "bounce right back up from the ground, if I fall" jacket on, and I was so glad .. I may only use this jacket twice a year if that .. but it does one heck of a job protecting me from the elements ..
Now on the other hand .. hubby .. no scarf .. no toque .. what can I say ? the three letter word ? MEN ????????????????????


kate said...

Those streets look as if they deadly slippery. No wonder you stayed indoors to take pictures.

I have one of those coats so that if I fall I won't break another wrist.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Kate
Yup .. I was bundled up and puffy at the same time .. actually ordered it from Sears when we were in Holland .. they were having one of their coldest winters ever .. the BIG skate race from all the dikes was amazing.
Wow .. broken wrist from fally ? .. that would make you very cautious all the time !