Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Top Ten Picks (For now ?)

I thought it might be interesting to post some "Top 10 Perennials" that I would like to plant this year .. well, at least try to ? .. if I can find them and if I can find the room too !
"Pinky Winky" Hydrangea ... I linked to Proven Winners because I have bought quite a few of their products and they really flourish .. great plant tags with lots of the right information .
I am totally in love with Little Lamb from last year's show of flowers .. so now I am SMITTEN with the thought of having Pinky Winky in my front garden. I think it will be a true show stopper for those nosy people pretending to walk their dogs ? haha

"Tiki Torch" Echinacea
My link is to "Garden Crossings" yet it is a Terra Nova cultivar .. good information at either source .. I so love that gorgeous ORANGE colour and in a cone flower to boot ! I'm a fool for cone flowers and I will never grow tired or bored from them. The more the merrier !

"Blue Mouse Ears" Hosta
Another Nursery I love is Plant Delights .. thus the link .. great picture with information ..
I looked for this last year and tried the "waiting game" with a garden center here .. and lost out .. note to myself .. don't be stupid .. grab the plant ! .. where it will go I have no idea .. but I WANT IT ! .. so darn cute .. I want to squeeze it's little cheeks all day long !

"Candy Mountain" Foxglove
Back to garden Crossings for a look at that one. I have tried I don't know how many foxgloves .. I get the rosette ? of foliage but never the flowers .. I am determined that this one SHALL succeed. It is unusual that the flowers are faced upwards instead of down .. they look stunning !

"Canary Feathers" Corydalis
I am taking this chance on a friend's success and admiration of this little gem. She said it bloomed it's little heart our all season no matter our hot humid weather. So .. even though it says zone 7 .. ugh ! .. I will try if I can get it !

"Mardi Gras" Helenium
White Flower Farm is a wonderful site with beautiful pictures and loads of information.
I really enjoyed the helenium I had in my garden .. some times it disappears .. so I'll restock/replenish if there is any left of my 'Red&Gold" with this pretty one and look forward to the Autumn to see it shine.

"Tiramisu" Heuchera
I have a thing for Heuchera .. and this is a gorgeous cultivar with colour change for the Autumn to look forward to as well. I linked to Walters Gardens, which is another awesome source of information and pictures. So much to see ! .. in one of the photos they have it placed near a Blue Star Juniper .. I have two of those sweeties .. so maybe I can emulate that planting idea in my little Eden ?

"Pirate's Patch" Tiarella
I find it too hard to resist this one .. the dark middle to the change of colour for Autumn, let alone the nice show of flower stalks that last such a long time. My Pink Skyrocket still makes me stop and stare at it when it is in all its glory .. so I have high hopes for this one.

"Twilight Prairie Blues" Baptisia
I have the standard False Blue Indigo .. it took a few years to really impact where it is in my garden but it fulfills all the promises made ! .. so now .. I see this knock out coloured one and I am in love with it .. yes .. I am willing to go through the waiting period for it to mature into a gorgeous member of my garden !

"After Midnight" Echinacea
Yes .. I am wrapping up with another Echinacea .. but that is my passion .. I love these plants.
I have Pixie Meadowbrite and last year it really put on a wonderful show. So now I am thinking another dwarf but in this spectacular magenta colour with dark blue green foliage, what a beauty ! ... the hunt is on !

So ... these are just 10 fantasy picks .. if I can find them ... there WILL be room at the inn. Even if I have to get that secret plant "shoe horn" out and really be brutal .. ignore the screaming and crying .. it is only me tearing my hair out trying to figure or configure ? my garden babies.


jodi said...

Great choices, Joy! I am especially partial to echinaceas myself, so I hear you. Did you threaten your baptisia with removal if it didn't flower? I did after four years of waiting, and it's behaved beautifully ever since!

GardenJoy4 said...
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GardenJoy4 said...

Thanks Jodi
It is so hard to narrow your choices but I literally have so little room .. yet I manage to squeeze them in.
What the heck is it about Echinacea .. I just adore them .. glad they are the downfall of other gardeners too ! haha
I have a Jeckle and a Hyde selection of Baptisia .. one has flourished the other is wincy .. so .. we shall see ! haha
Joy ; )

Stuart said...

I've never seen tiarella before but it looks very interesting. Kind of like a mix between a coleus and a salvia. Beautiful.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Stuart
Tiarella is a little gem everyone should have tucked away in their garden. I think they tend to be over looked.
Your description is amazing .. I hadn't thought of it that way !
Thanks for stopping by : )