Friday, 28 March 2008

Introducing Emma

These are not the best pictures .. I gave it a shot to put them up quickly .. go figure the one with Sophie and the knife box ? .. (just bought new ones to replace the 20 year old ones .. dishwasher ate the old ones up) .. but maybe there is something Freudian, Sophie is saying "what the heck is going on here ???" .. all in fun .. she just looked funny .. I think they are going to be great friends eventually .. Sophie has been pretty good about it all.
Emma .. seems to be so at home with us so soon .. in fact it is erie ? .. I said to hubby, could this be animal reincarnation ? .. it feels so connected ..
I'll get back to say hi to my very nice commenters .. thank you for being so kind and thoughtful !


WiseAcre said...

Emma is too cute. What a little darling. I'm happy for you all.

Now I'll play the big meany and leave you a link. I'm such a bad boy.

Kitten Cannon

Vanillalotus said...

What a cutie Emma is. She's a beautiful girl. I think Sophie will learn to love her soon. What breed cat is Sophie by the way?

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

She is darling. Congratulations on the new addition.

Cinj said...

How adorable is she???? AWWW. Almost makes me want to run out and get another one. The picture on the stairs reminds me of the day we brought our Reggie home. I should do a post about my cats one of these days! Heaven knows there no garden to blog about right now. I kept trying to snap good pictures with the old camera, but that thing was so slow they had always looked away before the camera took the picture. I'll have to try it out, I've attempted to capture many amusing moments! I must admit I always failed miserably too.

This snow is enough to drive any of us nuts!!!!

jodi said...

Joy, how wonderful! Congratulations to you and hubby and Sophie on Emma's arrival. Now you know, my seeing kitten pictures is a dangerous thing. I'll just have to avoid our no-kill shelter for a while til the urge passes. Glad you took the plunge, and I'm sure Sophie will adapt to having a new sister again after a bit. The cat children here all send their hugs and purrs and congratulations, too.

Gail said...


She is adorable and certainly not shy, look at her look right at the camera, another cover girl.

There is nothing like a kitten, nothing in this world....almost went off into song, but there is nothing like a kitten...they run around like crazy and then sleep for hours.

I am on the road so I might not be able to post or comment for a few days.

Tilly, my first ever 'just my cat' and I were like that...we knew each other, she comforted me when I was sad.


Crafty Gardener said...

OMG Joy she is so adorable. I sure that Sohpie will make friends with her. They will have so much fun playing together.

Melanie said...

OMG she is just the most adorable kitten in the world! What is it about kittens? They are so delightful and grow up to be such wonderful creatures.

easygardener said...

I'm a three cat person and I can keep it that way as long as I avoid all kittens, friends with pregnant cats, pet shops, cat rescue societies and so on.

She's very sweet, I'm quite envious.

Bek said...

Such a cute little fur-ball! She looks full with energy:)

VP said...

Oh Joy, she is so gorgeous! Sophie must be a far more tolerant kitty than our two. They beat each other up, never mind a new kitten :(

Anonymous said...

OMG, she's so adorable I can't stand it!!! And luckily for you, she looks more like Linus than Layla. You're going to have a real beauty on yoru hands when she grows up!

garden girl said...

Aw, she's so precious!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Wow .. I couldn't get into EBlog until now .. kept saying something about cookies .. heck ! how did they know I was eating cookies while on here .. jeez !

Thanks garden girl ! .. yup .. precious ! : )

"ben" .. what a cute blurb about Layla and Linus .. the beauty and brains bit made me smile .. I think she is pretty darn smart so far .. and most likely knows she is too cute as well .. Sophie doesn't think so .. but then she is slowly becoming enamoured ? or just tolerant for now ? LOL

VP .. oh no .. they do the "whooping ass" thing to each other .. awwwww ... I guess they just have to go through the motions of trying to show each other "who" is boss ?

Thanks bek .. yup .. energy wrapped in a furcoat .. fur-sure !

easygardener .. you are in the right zone then .. three is purrfect for you .. cheesy aren't I ? LOL

Melanie .. it is called kitten magnetisim .. all cat people are affected greatly by this condition .. we can NOT help ourselves around them ... done deal! haha

crafty .. I think they will .. certainly Emma thinks so .. Sophie will eventually .. as soon as her Siamese side calms down ? haha

Gail .. I hear you singing that all the way over here too !
Yes .. she is a camera hog .. knows she is a looker too ? haha
And a huge YES .. our cats leave a life long impression on us and if we are VERY lucky we do have that special cat once in our lives .. maybe twice if we are very lucky .. I know exactly what you mean. Have a good and safe journey .. bring back more Spring like Wiseacre is supposed to on his trip ! : )

Thanks Jodie .. we feel good that we have a shelter kitten. We did with Lucy as well. It just seemed so right yesterday .. I really didn't mean for this to all happen. But fate stepped in and now here we are with two of our girls again. Sophie will get over herself .. in time .. haha
Kitty hugs back to your kids too !

Cinj .. you have a cat named 'Reggie" ! .. too funny .. I love that .. and yes .. I take a load of pictures before I get one decent one usually.
The sun is shinning here .. some of the snow is melting ever so slowly .. rain for Monday supposedly .. so that will help get rid of more .. yes though .. this is taking forever .. and YES .. we are NUTS ! LOL

Hi Debbie .. thanks .. big step again .. but I think we needed it.

Hi Vanillalotus .. yes she is a cutie .. Sophie is Siamese/Main Coon .. not an official "breed" but wow .. I have seen so many of her "clones" it can't be that haphazard .. her Main Coon is fine with Emma .. the Siamese takes a little longer to get over it ? LOL

Wiseacre .. I haven't used the link yet .. but I will .. I have an idea that you are a VERY VERY mean WRASCAL !!! hahaha

Viooltje said...

How sweet! Emma seems like the most captivating little kitten, but don't they all? She's going to be a proper little menace, we can tell. And Sophie will have to get used to the idea. We hope she'll be kind and affectionate to the new family member. We know we would be.
Kristy & Krusty

gintoino said...

She is adorable! I hope she and Sophie will be great friends.

Brenda Kula said...

Emma is absolutely adorable! Get lots of photos of her while she's in that kitten mischief stage. (I know you will follow her around with that camera in tow!)I look back at my albums and the cats at that stage and just laugh. They were so cute and funny. Now they just eat and sleep and act like cats bored with everything and everybody!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Brenda .. I have to take some time out and do that ! I love kitten/cat pictures .. yes they have such an active kittenhood ? LOL .. but I don't mind the adult stage at all .. in fact it will be nice to arrive there .. so Sophie and Emma can be in sync ? This is all good for Sophie too .. we made her an old lady cat way too soon in her life .. she needs the activity !

Hi gintoino .. thank you for stopping by .. yes we are almost all smitten by her .. Sophie will relax .. in a while : )

Hello Violet .. oh yes .. the drapes are going to catch "heck" with her for a while. Sophie is doing well .. typical reactions though, we have gone through this twice before .. so things are normal. Emma is cautious not to force things with Sophie .. slowly it will come : )
Kitty head boinks to Kristy and Krusty ! haha

Anna said...

That's just totally not fair at all. I'm in full blown jealousy. She already looks like she'll be full of it like her momma. Was it that crazed look in her eyes that drew you to her!! I want to see her grow up so please keep us posted.

Cinj said...

My cats used to climb the curtains. You should have seen the poor curtains when they were done with them. It seemed worse when there were 2 young cats though, they made each other all the more mischeivious I think!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cinj .. that is my theory too .. it is great that they have company right off the bat with each other .. but talk about destruction .. it must have been pure havoc there ? LOL

Hi Anna .. she has a funny old cat soul , look to her eyes .. she just struck me right in the heart .. I can't explain how it felt .. we had looked at different kittens .. none did until I saw her for some reason.

Giddy said...

What a beauty! She and Sophie will become fast friends soon. It took our Spike a couple of weeks to warm up to Sluggo, but once he did, it was amazing to watch them play together. Sluggo, is a bit of a thug and although Spike outweighs him by a good 6+ pounds, he loves to pounce on him instigating a wrestling match. They are so much fun.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi giddy ! .. thanks for stopping by .. and thank you for Sluggo and Spike's story .. it is heartening to hear of other cat acceptance stories ? LOL .. your two sound like "hell on wheels" once they play ? .. Sophie is really doing well with Emma .. I think things wil work our nicely .. fingers crossed ! : )