Friday, 28 March 2008

Quickie .. new arrival

I might miss a few days on the blog front. We .. ok .. me ... got swept up by a kitten tide .. I didn't mean to .. but I think hubby knew my heart was still so sad about loosing our Lucy in January ..
I tried really hard to move on and be a one cat mommy .. but today we talked .. looked .. talked again over lunch .. talking is always better on a full stomach .. less likely to follow impulse ? .. my theory ..
Then we went to the Humane Society .. where we found our Lucy over 8 years ago. Sophie was a pet store baby .. who was well loved from her family but they couldn't keep all the kittens.
In any case .. the Humane Society told us of a satellite pet food store that was taking care of kittens for them . The mom was a pregnant stray who gave birth to these beautiful kittens there at the Society.
The long and short of it .. I fell head over heals in love with a little gray and white "miss" .. she is home with us and Sophie isn't too bad .. some moaning and groaning about her .. but I'm hoping this too shall pass and Sophie will actually enjoy having a sister again .. she isn't even two herself yet .. and if we were going to do this ever .. this is a good time ..
So .. it isn't that I have lost interest at all about my garden or chatting to you guys on here .. but this takes up a lot of what I have for energy .. I might not get on here for a bit.
I want to post some pictures I took .. we aren't sure of her name yet .. Emma is a contender though. I think Sophie and Emma will be good for each other once the settling in process is over with.
Our son Ian doesn't know yet .. he is due home from work soon .. this should be interesting .. he loves cats and misses our beautiful Calicos so much .. another addition is a lot of work .. but I think we so need to go back to a two cat family.
Pictures to follow !


WiseAcre said...

Good for you and even better for 'as of yet unnamed' since she found a good home. I'm a bit jealous of your kitten since there's no way can I add to our collection of 7 cats.

Sophie and Miss Behaving will soon be getting along and running amuck. Good times with knick-nacks flying are just around the corner.

I just stopped by to say goodbye. I'm off in search of spring tomorrow. Hopefully it will get here before I return in a week or two. If not I promise to grab it by the tail and drag it north.

garden girl said...

Aw, congratulations Joy! Few things bring as much joy as a new kitten! I'm a cat person from way back, but DH isn't. I'm not itching to have a kitty at this stage in my life. Plus George is getting up in years and he's used to being an only child.

So I'll enjoy a new kitten vicariously through your blog! Can't wait to see some pictures of your new little sweetie.

I'm sure Sophie will adjust and be happy to have a companion. I've never had a cat that didn't adjust to a new kitten, or even a new adult cat.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, you gotta have two cats. If you can have one, why not two? I got one nine years ago, (actually my stepdaughter found him in a dumpster), then quickly got another kitten who made its home on a used car lot! Named them Bonnie and Clyde. What's a Bonnie without a Clyde? You made the right decision. And as with all mothers who have just given birth, you need to bond with your sweet baby. We'll all wait till you get back from maternity leave. Now go be with that new baby and get her to purring!

Cinj said...

Oh, what fun! I know that kittens can be very demanding of time. Or was it they're so cute and fun to play with that you can't put them down? Anyway, I LOVE kittens. Last time we got new kittens was almost 4 years ago. We couldn't agree on just one, so we went overboard and got two!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I can't wait to see the pictures -- Sophie is so gorgeous!

Crafty Gardener said...

Oh-h-h a lovely cuddly fur baby friend for Sophie. Can't wait to see some photos. She will certainly keep your thoughts off the weather for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I think Emma's a lovely name--goes so well with Sophie, too. I'm so happy for you, Joy! You're right, a new kitten requires a lot of time and concentration, but somehow along the way you both fall in love and it's so healing. Enjoy your special time with her! Post pics when you can. My Layla's grey and white as well--smartest cat I've ever had, save one. Ironically, it's her brother Linus who's the gorgeous one, but though he may have gotten the looks, I think she somehow ended up with his brains as well as her own! Fortunately, they're both very loving, as is our Maine coon cat, Athena.

Melanie said...

Well Joy, when I suggested you go out for a day I didn't expect this! Congratulations on your new arrival. I'm so happy for you (and yes, a bit jealous too). Sophie will be so happy too once she realizes that she has a sister.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. yup .. it takes a few months to get into a good routine and for Sophie to feel comfortable with Emma .. but fingers crossed they will be just the right company for each other .. Sophie isn't even 2 years old yet .. so she needs the activity and interest just as much as we do : )

Brenda .. wow .. those kitties are lucky to have a home with you .. what a sad life they started out with but in such a good home now !
Yes .. we had gotten used to having two cats .. it was so sad here during these past two years .. now with Sophie and a little sister .. things hopefully will feel just right again. They make such a difference in our lives. YES what would Bonnie be without Clyde ? LOL

garden girl ! thanks ! .. I was picturing George with a kitten hanging around his neck .. it would have been cute .. I think he is a lovely dog : )
Yes .. you have to feel "right" in the moment of your lives to take on a new life .. it will be a bit of an adjustment for Sophie .. but she is young .. I think she is going to appreciate the company very much eventually ! : )

Wiseacre .. are you headed south for a bit of sun and warmth ? hum .. are there ... astible where you are going ? ... are you trying to out do me already ? LOL
Thanks .. yes .. I think all will be well in time for me to save some of my drapes from the clawing ? LOL ..
Miss Behaving is now Emma .. but your name made me laugh .. so thank you !
Have a good time during your search for Spring .. bring some warmth back with you (no astilbe though !) .. see 'ya later !

GardenJoy4Me said...

Boy .. EBlog is weird today .. just saw more comments on here I missed.

Nancy .. Sophie appreciates her fans now that she has to share with Emma ! LOL

Yes crafty .. she is quite full of activity and for herself as well .. it is so funny to see a kitten have a ball playing on her own .. haha

"ben" your cat family sounds wonderful ! .. I love the beauty and brains aspect : ) .. and you have a Main Coon that looks at both of them and wonders "why" probably ? LOL .. names just seem to be the right ones for each little furry soul don't they ?

melanie .. I could have sworn you said .. " and go look at the shelter for a kitten while you are out on the road !" .. I think you did say that and you forgot ! LOL