Friday, 11 July 2008

The Black Panther in my Garden

Ok .. having a real black panther in your garden would be pretty awesome .. right ? And if I have to say so , this guy is one handsome dude .. BUT .. and there most always is a but with me ? .. we feed the birds and we have nesting birds .. so this is NOT a good combination .. especially coming from a cat owner who has always had her cats as indoor pets .. So .. next step is the "by-law" route .. now that I have BP mug on file here .. his owners are complete twits who have too many dogs that bark and a squawking parrot from HELL .. can you get the drift that I have had enough noise pollution from them ?
P.S. Gail ? .. does this look like Coal ?


Gail said...


He really does! This is a close to outdoors as Coal would get... a photo of another cat in your garden...courting Emma! Thanks! Gail

Water Roots said...

What a beautiful cat; my daughter - with her obsession for black cats - would LOVE to have that one. Too bad the owners are not being responsible; it's not the cat's fault really. But you do have proof... And you're right: birds and cats don't mix. We have a lot of cats in the neighbourhood, and most of them are outdoor cats. One of them goes around a few times during the spring season and marks the houses, you know what I mean. And it stinks from here to high heaven. We came home one day from the movies and the front door has been 'sprayed'. It took a bottle of Lysol and quite a few days for the stench to clear. It was disgusting...!

Anonymous said...

He IS a handsome boy, Joy! Gotta love him (even if the birds don't). As for the screaming parrot from hell, I feel your pain. Nothing makes a noise that's quite so irritating--screaming babies and barking dogs sound positively angelic by comparison! Too bad there isn't parrot birth control--it's probably hormonal. Bet it's quieter in winter!

Zoë said...

That one looks just like my Mia, except her eyes are more orange, along the lines of her brother 'His Orangeness' who you might recall when I showed you the photos of 'Her Perfect Poshness' who resembles your Sophie. Slinky Milinkis of Burmese heritage where as my spotted one is a Snow Bengal.

I suspect he knows Emma's dilemna?

Best Wishes,


GardenJoy4Me said...

Zoe .. I am still amazed over your cats ! .. and how Sophie resembles her highness ? ... I suspect the same thing .. this beauty knows that something is up at my house ? LOL .. ahhhh ! cat kids : )

'ben" it would have to be a lot quieter ? in winter, or the parrot would FREEZE and fall off the darn perch ? .. we call it the "red neck dog/parrot house" .. but now we know black beauty is owned by these idiots too, so we have to add CAT to the name list .. BIG sigh ..

Hey WR .. that was a lovely thing to come home to ... BIG ugh ! .. yes .. I have had my share of clean ups from ardent? cat suitors ? .. I have to admit this guy is a stunner .. such a beautiful look .. but we (the birds and girls included) could do without his company here .. haha

Gail .. wouldn't it be a hoot if Coal ever met his look a like ? LOL

cindee said...

Oh he is on the prowl for his love Emma! I also have a black cat. He is neutered though and kinda doesn't like Jack and vice versa. They like to play chase.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. at least they like to play chase ? .. could be worse ? .. we have gone through stages with our other little loves introducing kittens when they were 7 years old (Lucy to Molly then Sophie to Lucy) they never bonded or got close like Sophie and Emma .. we caught it at the right time, Sophie being just under 2 years at the time we brought Emma home from the Human Society. It took a little time but it worked ! phew !

WiseAcre said...

You sure do attract pests. I'm wondering what will show up next.

GardenJoy4Me said...

WiseA** .. I do seem to have more than my share of problem critters don't I ? .. some people have ALL the luck .. : )
Hey ... don't be sending over any more from your side of the bridge !!