Friday, 11 July 2008

A Halloween GIFT Landed in Debbie's Garden !!!

This was just what I NEEDED ! A shot of Halloween to keep me going here. If it wasn't for Aunt Debbie and her mysterious pumpkin invasion I would never have had such a good laugh this morning and this Halloween FIX ! Deb .. you did me some GOOD this morning girl ... I can't wait to see Linus's "Great Pumpkin" claim his child from your garden come Halloween ! hehehehehe : )


Jane Marie said...

These are wonderful.. I wish I had that talent!

Anonymous said...

Good ones, Joy!!!

Anna said...

You knew I was going to come right along and go nuts over this. Love the pumpkin shadows on the wall. Love it.

Cinj said...

Hmm. How could such a Halloween fan as yourself NOT own "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"? I think I own all of those. I bought them for my kids, but I refuse to ever give them up in case I get that teaching job one day. I suppose I wouldn't be able to show such a movie in school though.... Oh well, I'm keeping it anyway.

cindee said...

wow those pumpkins are cool!!! I have seen the stencils they use to cut them out but I have never tried it. Son't for get to make one with a raccoon face...I have a special raccoon face for you too....

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Why thank you Joy. I had no idea this would make you so happy. I will take extra special care of them just for you.

GardenJoy4Me said...

First I have to say I did NOTcarve these guys .. they are some one else's pride and joy ? .. just pictures off the net I found ! : )

Debbie .. you promise ? right ? and I will be watching girl !!!

Cindee .. I can't make that http address work ; (
Was that part of your plan ? make me so curious I NEED to KNOW ? LOL

Cinj .. I think we had it on VHS and threw it out because we only have DVD players now ? How SILLY EH ??? hahaha

Anna .. I collect these jpegs to make virtual stationery for friends that have mail that allow that type of stationery to display .. I use them a lot : )

Halloween in jpeg form : ) .. so guys .. you do know I didn't carve these right ? 'ben" Jane Marie ?