Monday, 7 July 2008

Summer Sky ? and the Porcelain Berry Vine

I'll admit right now I'm not totally sure that this echinacea is "Summer Sky" .. leave it to me in my great haste, to not make note where I plunked a load of new echinaceas this year .. I thought I would "KNOW" which was which .. well .. don't we all have that thought at one time or another ? BIG sigh ... in any case the colour is so delicate and soft .. I think it could very well be what I think it may be ? Now for the Porcelain Berry Vine .. variegated .. it has the most amazing blue coloured berries in the Autumn .. it can be a bit naughty with reaching out to touch some one when it should be clinging to the arbor .. a little touchy feely kind of a vine .. but not a thug like our Engelmann .. some where in between .. and oh so pretty .. and there we are .. two pretty plants sharing close proximity and looking good !


Jane Marie said...

I have procelain berry vine. Love the color changes. Pink stems, green and white leaves, and blue berries. I get lots of comments on it also.

Amy said...

Whatever your echinacea is called, it's absolutely gorgeous! I haven't heard of porcelin berry vine before, but it looks like a neat plant.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Amy .. I have to get over to your site and see how you are doing girl ! thank you for stopping by mine : ) I feel so naughty for not keeping a written log this year with the garden .. i have the plant tags in a box but do you think I know which echinacea is where for sure ? jeez ! The PB vine has been a favorite of mine for a few years .. it really is pretty and the birds love the berries !

Hi Jane Marie !
Yes .. it is one of the under used vines I think .. I don't know why because it is a great vine to have on an arbor and birds love the berries .. nice to know some one else has it too ! : )