Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Garden Assortment Pictures

These pictures are a few days old. I haven't been up to par in the garden lately and I have to "fudge" my earnest actual day pictures.
I laugh at this shot because I feel this is the real me ? sitting on the handrail thinking about what I have to do next and STILL SITTING ?
What happens when a gardener procrastinates ? .. the garden itself TAKES OVER !!! Yikes !
So I'm soothing my soul here with some not too bad pictures and promising the garden I will get SERIOUS SOON !


Brenda Kula said...

At any rate, whenever you took them, the photos are beautiful and a far cry from what's (or what's not) blooming in my yard. And I ask you, what did Laurel there ever do without Hardy? Or Hardy without Laurel? They look utterly "undividable" if there is such a word.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda .. my god girl ! you are fast .. I just finished doing these posts and there you are : )
You would never think in a million years Sophie puts up with what Emma does to her .. but there you are .. two clowns at it ! LOL
Autumn is sneaking into town and I can't wait for it ! : )

Anna said...

Your garden is so smartly laid out. It's like a lot of little masterpieces all tied together. I love it. I too procrastinate--not a good thing for a gardener.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Anna .. thanks ! .. this year was not a good garden year .. not with the stress of the raccoon adventure then the bedrooms in upheaval with changes .. but I hope to get a few things sorted before the snow flys .. if nothing else this year went fast ? 71 days till Halloween !!

cindee said...

I am way behind in my posts. Of course you know I love your garden(-: So I guess if I miss a post its o.k.???

Anna said...

I'm always one post or reply behind this conversation. I just commented that I thought your gardens looked amazing this year and wondered what you had done. I wanted to know if it was some magical food you were feeding all the babies to make them grow so large. I sure can't see that it's a bad year---just some mishaps and changes;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. I think the key to how well it did this year was with so much rain .. we usually have drought summers .. and I would have to water a lot .. but thankfully mother nature took over for me .. I was so distracted with the raccoon thing then the bedroom thing .. and Emma's spay operation .. just a bunch of things that bowled me over !

Cindee .. don't be silly ! you are here so much at times it amazes me .. take a break girl !! LOL