Friday, 15 August 2008

A Load of YELLOW !!

Ok .. I squeezed an almost non-yellow picture in here .. but I have a mystery plant I am not totally sure of what the HECK it is ! Yikes .. talk about brain freeze ; )
I can't think of more cheerful flowers than those bright smiling faces of Rudbeckias in the late summer .. they put up with so much abuse they must be into S&M ? LOL .. hey .. just a little humour .. crack a smile !
In any case .. I guess you have seen Goldenrod all over creation and you must think people have to be crazy to have (albeit a cultivar) it in their gardens .. but why not ? I plant for 3 seasons, obviously the snow has its own season .. BRUTAL .. but Autumn, as most know about me, is my favorite so I have to cover all bases when it comes to Autumnal ? quirky word eh ?colours .. and yes .. Canadians spell colour(s) just like that .. a quirky British 'hangover" ? So there we are the beginning of the Fall parade of colours to come .. aahhh ! ^..^ Only 77 days till Halloween !!!


garden girl said...

Joy, your garden is just so pretty! I really love the way you combine colors and textures.

The Hunky Gardener said...

I really like the goldenrod. Does it spread a lot in your garden?

Anna said...

I want more yellows too! They are everything you just said and more. Of all things--they are especially fall!

Do you tire of hearing me whine about what I don't have right now? I had to buy bathroom toilet brushes today so everyone would have one:(---some were complaining who actually clean the toilet when they get up....TMI right?( I should have hauled mine over from the old house---but would you believe those new owners wanted them? yikes!, now I know why..they cost $5 each!) Well anywho---that means less flower money.

I want my garden to be lush and full right now---not in three years! I don't see why we need more than one toilet brush anyway.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna ... my god girl .. thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning ! I never thought toilet brushes would come up as a topic on my blog, but now I can say we have discussed just about everything ? LOL

Hello there Hunky Gardener .. not the cultivated ones, these aren't the ones you find in the 'wild" ? haha .. I haven't got the names to them right now but they are well behaved so far .. loads to choose from depending on the size of space you want it for .. go for it !

Thank you so much Garden Girl ! .. things are beginning to wind down and I have so much to do it is overwhelming .. I want to get some mundane ? chores out of the way today .. then write down all the 'moves" to make before the snow flys ... yikes !

Rose said...

I don't have goldenrod, but from what I've read, it's gotten a bad rep. It's a lovely yellow accent in your garden. Ooh, but Pinky has won my heart!

debbi/kurtsmom said...

Hi Joy, You have just inspired me to go by some black eyed Susan seeds to plant with my cone flowers. Thanks


Gail said...

Lovely, Joy, my favorite autumn flowers, although it is still quite summery here...temps into the 90s on Monday! I like the strong purples like ironweed with is way too tall for my garden over 6 foot. If you know of a cultivar, please let me know!
I grow Zigzag goldenrod...the stem does zig and zag and would look cool in the snow, unless it's deeper than I imagine!

Have a great weekend!


The Hunky Gardener said...

There is a pic of me in the sidebar so the fans can judge the hunk factor. I have been told I am hunky (ok, it was by my grandma when I was 14, but still!).

I live for 'adds' so add me up and thanks for it! Anyone who owns a gnome gets a link from my blog!

Have a great weekend!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Hunky ! thanks ! .. I like to ask before I add and I know I have missed a few that I intended to do .. brain is on strike ..
Hey .. we gnome people have to stick together .. right ?? LOL

Hi Gail ! .. I had to dig out my plant tags from last year to find at least two of the Goldenrod .."Golden Baby" which is smaller but very pretty .. and "Crown of Rays" bigger bolder but still great for not taking over its place. I have Purple Dome aster to contrast with the yellow of the golden rod .. but they are slower to flower out right now .. and the mums have lots of buds as do the sedums .. I hope they will all look good. Are you looking for a shorter ironweed ? .. I don't know of any cultivars that are .. I'm not familar with ironweed although I love the look too !

Debbie .. you can't lose with BES .. they are so bright and cheery .. that yellow just puts a ZING in your garden girl ! LOL

Hi Rose ..the breeding for goldenrod cultivars has been great .. lots of new ones that aren't huge and non aggressive .. Baby Gold is a nice one to have so have a look at that if you are thinking maybe ? .. and yes .. Pinky is a winner with me ! : )