Friday, 15 August 2008

'Pinky" and the Gang

I keep forgetting to post pictures in the opposite order so I have some kind of idea where the text 'marries" the picture .. oops ! .. my text split on me again .. sorry about that. In any case Pinky Winky Hydrangea has suffered through its new home more than it should in a life time .. Curtis our fantastic raccoon man had to put his ladder some where .. and you can guess where the some wheres landed most of the time. I am amazed Pinky even wanted to bloom for me after all of the abuse he suffered. I expect even more spectacular results next year after a good settle in, non-abuse period of time. All of my friends that got a "Pinky" this year are VERY pleased .. hey girls, glad to give you a heads up on a obsession of mine : )
Now .. as for the rest of the front garden .. as I have said so many times .. the rainfall we have had this year has saved my babies from total lack of commitment to watering this year .. my new soaker hose STILL sits in its bag on the deck .. BIG sigh ! I am ashamed of myself but again grateful to the rain spirits ? that saved my butt .. OK .. my plants .. but you get my drift .. guilt obsession now.
The darn slugs have been having their way with my beauties .. slug buffet in fact, but small numerous holes instead of huge gaping ones .. another phew on the books .. so not too bad looking but being the care taker here .. well, I know all of the faults to look for .. passer by people just think it looks nice ? ^..^


Brenda Kula said...

Damned slugs have eaten two of my hostas (only have three) all the way to the ground. It's been raining here the last week, but before that it was scorch city. Now it's scorch city dampened! Your plants and flowers look phenomenal. Sometimes wish I lived farther north...

Darlene said...

Such beautiful pictures.....your gardens are so lovely...I think I say the same thing every time. They are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cindy said...

Such a nice display of Hostas! My husband would be *green* with envy as he loves them and I don't grow them thanks to slugs and too much sun. Lovey hydrangea- add that to my list for next year!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Pinky Winky in a real untouched photo. It is amazing. I have two, but they were very small when I planted them. It will take a couple of years to see their blooms.~~Dee

Anna said...

Ahhhhhhhh--I'm jumping up and down at the Pinkie!!! I looked at mine today while I was pumpkining( did take pics but you'll have to wait..tell you about that later)...and my Pinkie is already a foot tall or more. Remember it started life at 5 inches so that's a big hop in one month. I'm glad to see yours blooming so profusely at its size. And your other gardens look grand too!!! The rain gods were not nice to me this year.

cindee said...

Beautiful!!! I love your flowers!! They always make me smile!!! Thanks You!!!

Northern Shade said...

The Pinky Winky Hydrangea is looking good. You wouldn't know by looking at it of the sacrifices it made for the raccoon removal campaign.
Your hosta, heuchera and ferns make such a nice combination.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Northern Shade !
Thank you ! .. there were a few broken 'arms" on Pinky after the ladder episodes .. but on the whole it survived .. all the better to look great for next year ? LOL .. and hopefully no signs of any raccoons ?!

Where the heck did my replies go from this morning !!!

Cindee .. thank you bunches and bunches girl ! LOL .. this is like the Twilight Zone after I thought I answered all the comments this morning .. jeez !

Anna .. you got me going with the pumpkining thing ! what are you up to already girl !
Yes .. Pinky is a go get'er ? takes loads of abuse and still keeps ticking .. so I can say a resounding YES!! to Pinky !!

Dee .. I sure hope it is sooner than that for you to see lots of gorgeous blooms .. this cultivar is strong,stubborn and wants to bloom for you ! hang in there girl !

Cindy .. hi there ! .. poor hubby, I think slugs are passing the word around about my garden so I think I will have more problems coming .. but I will stand my ground ? LOL
Yes .. if you have a spot for a hydrangea .. Pinky is the one to have !

Darlene .. I was just saying that I responded to comments this morning and yet they aren't here when I check now .. so you are not alone in thinking "I know I just said this not long ago ??"
Thank you !! : )

Brenda .. damn ! that is the pits about your hosta .. have you tried the really thick ribbed ones ? they are supposed to put the slugs off .. and yes .. I know what you mean about scorched yet dampened .. it didn't happen this year but for the last 8 here in Kingston that was the norm for summer. Hang in there girl .. your Spring comes a lot faster than ours !!