Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Robin Point of View

Another bath time over with .. phew !

Can you see the family resemblance ?

My imitation of a rooster !

"Ah ... what the heck .. SPLASH !

"You said no one was looking !"

" Shy Guy" ... needs encouragement

Are YOU looking at ME ???


Brenda Kula said...

Oh how cute! I just love the birds. I don't have a window out to my gardens. So by the time I get out there they flap away! Love your birdbath!

Sheila said...

What lovely birds Robins are. We only spot one or two a year that are migrating through in the spring in this neck of the woods.

Laura said...

great pictures! I like the action shot of the robin shaking the water off. Very nice! :)

Darlene said...

Oh my did you get those up so close?!? I just love watching the birds do their "thing". Too cute!!! Great pictures as usual!!!

Northern Shade said...

Your robin bathing shots are so fun. It always makes me smile when they really get into their bath and the droplets are splashing all over. Do they use the perch in the middle of the bath much?
I get a lot of entertainment from watching the birds at my birdbaths.

cindee said...

How cute(-: I saw a bird taking a bath in my new bird bath today! It was so cute(-: No picture though. I wasn't fast enough with the camera!!!! 106 today and 113 yesterday here. Its to hot even for the birdies.)-:

Roses and stuff said...

They seem to be enjoying themselves!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Katarina .. they were too cute to believe when I was watching them : )

Cindee .. my god ! now that is hot .. hard to believe anything can survive those temperatures .. and wouldn't you like to slug the person who says something stupid like "hot enough for you ?" hahaha

Hello Northern Shade .. birds are so entertaining to watch .. at feeders and baths .. we really enjoy them .. I have a lot of driftwood around for perches but sometimes they actually do use the birdbath perch too !

Hi Darlene .. I have a good zoom lense, so I didn't have to scare the heck out of them .. although they are very used to our back garden and not really frightened of us .. sort of a sanctuary but I have to keep an eye out for neighborhood cats .. DRATS !

Hi Laura .. I love all the water droplets too .. makes it seem like they are really having FUN ! LOL

Sheila .. I would share our robins with you if I could .. we have so many that they have a problem sharing our garden at times .. we have nests too, so they keep coming back to raise families : )

Brenda .. isn't that usually the way when we really want pictures ? LOL .. your garden is so beautiful I know you have a lot of native wildlife there most of the time .. some day you will just happen to be at the right place, at the right time, and have your camera with you too ! : )