Sunday, 17 August 2008

Who Says Bees Get to Have All the Fun ?

I noticed that these 'green" flies have a thing for my mini sunflowers .. either that or the darn thing just wanted a soft bed to snore on ? .. I had some great shots of a bee on here .. but they got jinxed .. perhaps the fly thought it was time that he got the spot light ?


Brenda Kula said...

Well, you know that's my color!

Gail said...

There are so many different pollinators that I have learned about since I started paying attention and blogging! Your flowers are lovely and very healthy looking! Gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. it is a huge world of knowledge Gail .. it is amazing. I absolutely love it all .. except for the aphids and slugs and earwigs ? LOL

Brenda .. who can't love sunflowers ? they are like flower *smiles* when you see them ?
I love yellow .. I have a pale creamy one in the kitchen .. so yes, I too am a fan !

Barbee' said...

I agree, they are like smiles. There is a sunflower named 'Big Smile', there is a newer variety with Smile in the name, but I forget the other part. They are short ones that can be grown in pots. I grew some 'Big Smile' plants in pots one year from seed.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Those minis must look amazing in a vase!

Anna said...

Before the last storm and I had a front yard full of sunflowers, I noticed that they really fight over flowers. I mean they just don't like to be around any other bug. If two got close to each other, they'd act like it was bee war. But they sure never cared if I took their pic. I think some even smiled for the camera.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. I think a lot of them love to get their picture taken and we don't catch on to their smiling bit ? LOL
I love these little ones but can you think I remember which ones these are ? aarrgghh !

Nancy .. I haven't had the heart to cut them yet .. eventually I will put them on the patio table for the finches to enjoy .. I do love the mini ones though ! : )

Barbee .. I don't think I could go a summer without growing some kind of sunflower .. or Cosmos .. although they didn't show up and I don't know why ! BIg sigh