Monday, 8 September 2008

Opinions Please? Best and Worst Plant of 2008 ?

I was answering some really nice comments on my postings this morning. One responder asked me what was my favorite plant this year .. and now it is going to take the whole day (while multi-tasking of course ... SCARY trying to do that) to figure my best and worst for 2008.
So ... I would love to hear from all of you too, about what you consider the best little gem of a plant and the worst culprit who annoyed you to death plant, in your garden this year ?


Anonymous said...

The best plant for me this year was Salvia 'Mystic Spires'. It's been blooming nonstop since May. The worse plant of 2008 was the Forever & Ever Hydrangea. It is a thirsty plant that requires constant pampering to keep it looking right.

Rose said...

Well, I should think about this some more, but what pops into my mind are these: Best--purple coneflowers, but they always do well, so I'll give the nod to a new plant this year, gaillardia "Oranges and Lemons." They really have bloomed as well as the catalogs said, and have survived flooding and drought!
Worst--astilbe, the "winner" every year! I love astilbe and every year I plant at least one or two new plants, and every year they die on me. You'd think I'd learn:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. how true about conflowers , they are the best ! LOL .. I wanted that gaillardia too and it was no where to be found here in Kingston .. You have me curious to know why on earth the astilbe won't work for you though .. they are usually pretty hardy .. what have you been doing to those poor things ?? LOL
Thanks !

hi pgl .. I had to look your two plants up .. Mystic Spires would be an annual here .. looks very pretty though !
The hydrangea .. yup, the sites admit to the fact this one NEEDS a lot of water and attention .. so that is a pain for sure ! Thanks !

Brenda said...

Well, my Shasta daisies I planted last year did really well. But then I planted them last year. This year what I am most pleased with is probably my sedum. I am loving their unique textures.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Brenda .. I have to say sedums are a favorite of mine too .. they take such a beating and still keep ticking no matter what !
Thanks !