Monday, 8 September 2008

Some Grassy Thoughts

I have to give credit to my experiment of buying some plants from a mail order company. That is where I found my incredible Karly Rose fountain grass .. you can't even see the tallish obelisk it surrounds. It is an exclamation point in the back garden. I have had friends ask for a piece of it .. and I seriously did try to hack off a little chunk .. but Karly was not having it .. so sadly or gladly she was not letting even the smallest part of her leave my garden !

The individual feather ? seed heads are amazing to look at I find. This is a good clumper that does not misbehave .. and a great spotlight plant for wow factor !

I was promised this little bronze carex (exact name .. not sure) but it is supposed to be hardy to our zone .. how do you know one way or another with the colour being that of dead grass ? LOL
But I just liked it and had to have it .

Now this is the view from my Karl F. in the back .. a little fuller with more oomph ! it truly is a great ornamental grass to have and I see it being used more and more all the time !


Anonymous said...

I've always liked the look of grasses but they tend to take over in my garden. I do grow the annual Purple Fountain Grass for it's beautiful burgundy foliage & pinkish blooms. :) Yours look like great selections.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi pgl .. Thank You ! I don't think I have ever run into anybody who doesn't love that purple fountain grass .. it is just so pretty .. reminds me of the Autumn because that is the time you see it the most. I can understand having a problem with some of the grasses .. I had a self seeding one "Moudry" and learned quickly not all fountain grasses behave ! So I have to be careful and do some research before I plunk som ein the garden, for sure !

Megan said...

I know it's mostly a rhetorical question, but I have killed the bronze carex, and you can tell when its dead. It loses its luster, gets dry and curly looking, and eventually, you'll be able to give it a tug, and tufts will start to pull out in your hand. It's a sad day. I love those guys.

WiseAcre said...

I know somebody who likes grasses more than you do. And the funny thing is - I just posted their photos before I came here.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** ... I am totally , utterly in LOVE ........... with that gorgeous huge cat !! who owns that beauty ?? I love what your camera is doing for you too ! Awesome .. and I do mean that .. awesome pictures .. BIG sigh .. I'll have to live through your photography, and read my manual more intently ?
Seriously .. the pictures are beautiful .. love the thoughts the cows had via your fuzzy ? brain linking attempts ? haha .. LOVE the frog !

Megan .. I'm obsessed by them too. I did have another one a couple of years ago .. and yes .. I was pretty sure it went to grass heaven .. but I plan on a few more grasses .. I just can't help myslef !!! haha

cindee said...

I love grasses too. I tried the fountain grass and it didn't last through the winter. I wonder if it was an annual. I have several fescue grasses and I love the color of them(-: At my GP's house he planted pampus grass when he was still alive. Its blooming now. He loved that stuff. I love to see it bloom but thats about it(-: I also have plants that look like grass. (-: Hey...That could be a whole post. Grass like plants(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee ... yup a lot of pretty fountain grass are annuals. I have Fescue too and love them ! .. When we lived in Holland our Dutch neighbors had a huge clump of pampas grass .. it was beautiful but wow it was sharp .. I tried to cut some for inside ..ouch experience, but I still think it is gorgeous : )