Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Summer Wine & Dreamcatcher

My apologies for some blurry edges to these pictures. I went straight out after the rain halted but the wind picked up and there I was snapping away. I wonder if I'm obsessed because the season is coming to a close and the hard cold facts of a Canadian winter are going to be faced ? Is that why I baked carrot bread and oatmeal raisin cookies too ?
There is a sneaky GREEN branch in my Summer Wine Ninebark .. the contrast
was astounding and I had to take some pictures but I am wondering if I am supposed to cut out this branch in case it is a reversion. I think that subject matter came up on some one's blog a while back with Echinacea. In any case it is a beautiful foil against that dramatic black burgundy colour of the proper ? branches .. I love it !

I transplanted Dreamcatcher Beautyberry at the foot of Summer Wine but Dreamcatcher will stretch up to catch up with it in no time. I'm counting on an extraordinary foil of colours from them both and the added bonus of them both tolerating shade .. soil conditions not fussy .. all over two very beautiful and easy care shrubs that I hope will look awesome next year together .

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