Sunday, 26 October 2008

Mr. WiseA**'s Tag ........ JEEZ !!!!

Mr. WiseA** has done an unmentionable deed. He has had the nerve to TAG me and thinks he can get away with it ... silly bunny !
I have agreed to do HALF of the tag .. to break down the numbers he has been rather "skittish" about .. hey any way a 'witch' can be helpful ?
I'm supposed to tell 6 random things about me but again referring to the number problem "bunny" has .. it will be three and no tagging will be inflicted on anyone else .. BREATH FREELY PEOPLE !!!
# 1 ... My name is Joy and I am a FUDGE-A-HOLIC.
I will do just about anything for fudge .. sad but true !
# 2 ... I am nervous around goats (bunny .. this is for YOU) and sheep .. they have funny eyes .. in fact I have never been able to look a goat/sheep in the eye yet !
#3 ... I live for October .. I absolutely love October .. no one knows that here ... right ?????
There .. the deed is done .. thumping will commence with the long arm of the witch to a certain some one (who also doesn't like goats.. hasn't said why though .. I think it is the eye thing too actually) .. SOON .. in fact Friday when I start up my broom !


our friend Ben said...

Ha! I think goats are actually endearing. But those sheep eyes are a bit much for me, too. So much more alien-looking than cat eyes for some reason!

WiseAcre said...

I'm glad you had the resolve to just say no. Then again it's who you say no to that makes it easy. I didn't have the heart to say no to a regular visitor even though I don't like the "tagging" game. Another reason was to lend some of my 'weight' to a couple others who visit me and give them a 'link'.

It's not their eyes that bother me about goats. It's what they ate. 1/4 acre of strawberries and a 1/4 acre of vegetables all in an afternoon.

I'm looking forward to seeing you Friday. We'll see if you can look this old goat in the eye.

(it's been fun - I've missed our little exchanges)

Viooltje said...

How diplomatic! Getting away with it as well ! LOL I didn't need to be reminded of fudge again. For fudging out loud!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. I'm so sorry about forgeting the tag .. I dropped an e-mail explaining what happened .. and I know .. I have to stop admitting to being a fudge-a-holic !! hahaha

Dear Mr. WiseA** somehow you managed to squeeze a compliment for yourself out of all this !! Shame on you 'bunny" .. I do understand about the tag thing .. I just had to apologize to someone I totally forgot did that to me ..
I may have to look at the top of your head instead of your eyes .. I'm 5'9" .. how about you ? hahaha
Yes .. I miss the sparring matches too .. we have to connect ? more often .. what ever happened to the astilbe competition ? this season wasn't one of my bestest ; )

'ben" .. I do have to admit I think Pygmy goats are darn cute .. we saw a lot of them in Holland.
The eye thing is creepy though .. and I usually like all animals with no hang ups .. but that .. it is creepy ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sheep certainly do have strange eyes. They don't have a round pupil like humans. When light level changes, the sheep's pupil remains wide, and only varies in height. This gives the sheep wide-angle vision, to scan the horizon for predators without moving its head. Like an owl...only not as pretty. :) Some sheep trivia for you.

Oh, and I love fudge, too -- especially good peanut butter!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy ... how did you find out about the sheep eye info ? were you a sheep farmer in a previous life girl ? have you got a sheep fetish ? LOL .. it all sounds very logical .. still creepy ! haha
Ah ! peanut butter fudge .. I love maple walnut .. but that is just my diving board to the rest for the fudge world ? haha

Gail said...


The things we learn about garden bloggers! I am totally not surprised about you and fudge;-) Now I know about sheep's eyes and how they need to be able to scan the horizon! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. isn't that a little known fact about sheep ? .. I had no idea ! .. the fudge thig .. well I so rarely have it, that I think it has become an obsession because of the rarity ? Is that logical ? hum ....

Anonymous said...

Fudge, eh? Mine's milk chocolate Milky Way bars, Skittles and Twizzler's Cherry Pull 'N Peel... pretty sophisticated tastes, eh? Which is why I still haven't purchased the Halloween candy, yet - eliminates the whole repeat buying thing.

Goats & sheep, seriously? I love the eyes - they're mesmerizing, but then I went to school at Essex Aggie and worked with all the animals my first year.

That was a fun post ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. we have yet to buy Halloween candy too .. same reason .. no self control for me ! YIKES ! .. I think if I did a poll on eye contact .. more people would admit to NO thanks ! don't want to look them in the eye ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Joy, it's unbelievable, when I 'fess up, how many other people have to replenish the Halloween candy before the actual day. Almost everyone at work does it - who knew? /Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. I totally think it is an adult Halloween custom .. buy candy .. eat candy .. then buy candy again .. then eat candy again ..THEN wait for Halloween DAY and buy it one more time .. nix the eating until all the little ones have finished .. then tell older ones they are too old to T & T and eat the remainders !