Friday, 17 October 2008

Shimering Colour ... then .. POOF !

I wish I had the time and energy to go out every day to find new sources of fantastic colour with our country side.
I just can't squeeze it in though, and I know it won't be long before this time of year starts to fall apart and end up on the ground. Leaving just the Hallo-weeny ? tree skeletons behind after such a beautiful shock of colour that can't last long enough for me.
I have heard a nasty rumour that we just might see some snow flurries Tuesday .. how dare they say that when I haven't even gotten my Halloween gear out on the front step and garden. Who started this rumor ? some smart alec weatherman/woman that thought it would send a jolt up our spines ? .. and ignite the "Canadian" in us for winter .. it must have .. because hubby who is in the family room, came up to the kitchen putting on some extra clothing .. muttering "it is time to turn the fireplace on !!!"

This is the POOF !! bit .. I couldn't resist it .. I have a weakness for this "pod of poofiness" : )


Patsi said...

Give me color.
Love the tree leaves changing color.
Very cool pods!

Did you say snow ? :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Patsi .. I love this colour time too .. hate to see it go .. I just watched the weather now and I didn't see any sign of snow coming .. how bad is that when some one starts a rumor like SNOW !

Gail said...

Joy, I have to enjoy your color we really haven't any yet! Beautiful color on the trees...and then the poof! I love the pods and seeds too!


joey said...

Yes, time to stoke the fire and light the fireplace, enjoying the 'fruits of our labor' (once we all have put our gardens to bed ;)

tina said...

Poof indeed! Those milkweed pods can substitute for snow when they are so prolific. Fall is here indeed.

jodi said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly the leaves go from being at the peak of their colour brilliance to a more bronze or even drab shade--or whip off in the October winds before they even hit their peak? Just since yesterday I see a lot of changes. Tomorrow I plan to go take many photos before the next rain. I love the poofy milkweed pods--can't resist them either!

Defining Your Home said...

Beautiful fall colors!

We're just now seeing the first signs of color here. It was in the 80s until today and now it's cooler and rainy. I think we'll see the color pop out next week.


Anna said...

Awww!, I'm sorry about the snow. That happens up North. But wow what a fall show of color. We had better color last year.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi anna .. well I think the snow thing was just a naughty rumor .. we have seen the long range forecast and it is 10 degrees and RAIN now ? LOL

Hi Cameron .. soon we will go into the rainy cool to cold days too .. hope it is clear for Halloween with the little ones .. then it can pour ! haha

Jodi .. I think it is the KID in us about those milkweed pods .. we just have to play with them ? LOL
Yes .. it can happen so quickly .. I think we hit our top colours two days ago and now they are falling fast .. I wish I had taken more pictures (that is my mantra every Autumn !) .. enjoy today girl !

Hi tina .. it is almost hypnotic watching these poof and float on the wind .. some things you just never forget from childhood and it carries on for ever ? : )

Hi Joey .. I love our fireplace too .. and a good down filled duvet to snuggle up in .. all signs of hibernation time for Canucks and you "northern" Americans too ! LOL

Hi Gail .. Not every year is great colour like this .. that is why I become obsessed with getting photos .. and hey, please enjoy them all you want girl ! haha
Most of us are suckers for those pods ! : )

Rose said...

Enjoy the moment, Joy! You are much farther along in the fall color show than we are, but it has just started getting cooler here with a possible frost warning this week, so maybe the trees will hurry up then. I am NOT ready for snow, though! Every year I hope we have enough time to enjoy the colors before a storm comes along and blows all the leaves off--let's cross our fingers:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. I know what you mean about that "golden time" to enjoy the leaves before storms whip them off the trees .. we have reached our peak and now they are falling quite fast .. but it has been an awesome year for colour .. I'm glad I have some pictures but I always wish I had taken more : )
Just enough snow for Xmas and then get back to Spring ?? LOL

Aiyana said...

Lovely photos of fall foliage as we have no trees that turn the beautiful reds and oranges of other climates. Also, I keep forgetting to metion how much I like your whimsical header photo.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Aiyana .. Thank you ! .. I missed these colours for a few years while in Holland .. glad to have them again : )

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Well, here I am in shorts and t-shirt. But then, I rarely seem to feel the cold. When others are bundled up, I'm the odd woman out! But then again, we don't get Canadian weather here.

Megan said...

I for one am jealous of the snow forecasts. I wish for snow every year and I never get it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there megan .. girl if I could send you snow .. I WOULD !!LOL .. Canadians (other than mild areas like Vancouver etc ..) get twitchy about the coming winter. Hubby tested the snow blower weeks ago to make sure it remembered how to turn on ? haha .. just enough for Xmas is good .. banks and banks of it literally .. is not for my winter blah mood... ; )

Brenda ... I think you may have a bit of Canuck blood in you .. but then again menopausal blood heats us up terribly .. I hate this "time of life" and hope it passes soon ? haha

Anonymous said...

Awesome color - love the milkweed pods! You're right... we wait so long for autumn's splendor, but it really is a fleeting thing. ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. that is so true .. I adore Autumn and it seems to fly by. I always wish I had taken more time to enjoy it .. and certainly more pictures too !