Thursday, 27 November 2008

VP, Dr. Who, The Tardis, Me, and Gardening ?

OK .. if you have never watched Dr. Who you might as well skip my post because it is going to confuse you .. possibly give you a headache too .. so return to your more comfortable zone of reality for your own good !!
Over at VP's Place & Reality the gauntlet has been thrown down about the coveted "Tardis" that was used at the RHF Show Cardiff .. it is going to the highest bidder plus shipped free of charge and all for the good of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal .. I think that is a wonderful cause. BUT .. VP had to include my frustration in the mix at the point where it wouldn't be free shipping to me here in Canada .. well my happy face dropped into my slipper socks and that was that for me !
So .. in my own small way I will do tribute to the Tardis on its way to some deserving soul in the UK NO DOUBT ?
The above picture is a rendering of the Tardis in what would be a possible garden on another planet .. low maintenance is the key here !
This is the Tardis in an undisclosed ENGLISH garden some where beyond the paparazzi reach .. look how peaceful it stands in all its glory : )

This next shot could possibly be near the coast with more exotic plants to supplement the alien feel the Tardis emanates at times ... well, have you EVER been IN IT ?????
I'm sorry but I can't post without a mention of the Daleks .. I truly believe that if they had been taught to garden they would NOT have gotten up to so much mischief in the universe. We all know that gardening is a huge stress buster and these guys NEEDED THAT !Can you hear that wacko theme music going on ? .. no .. I didn't add it to my post .. too chancy the Dialects would hear it and come investigate it !

Finally one of my favorite Dr. Whos .. David Tennant .. I wonder "who" will be next to take up the stand for the universe ? .. maybe include K9 again ?
I have seen Dr. Who since I was a kid .. that with Coronation Street made me a firm believer that I love British TV shows ... and many more have become favorites along the "time line"
Just for interest I am including a plan from a British designer for a "Tardis Garden" .. meaning little space but big planning !
Thank you VP for giving me this idea and all the memories that came back with it girl ! : )


Jane in Edmonton said...

Please, they're Daleks, not Dialects! Anyway, sorry to be picky. I covet that TARDIS garden shed too. My kids would be appalled...

kd said...

I wouldn't mind a well-behaved Dalek or two lurking in the yard, myself...


GardenJoy4Me said...

Jane if you manage to get past your pickiness and look at the post again .. you will see the CORRECTION .. sorry to have annoyed you .. hey .. you try eating a bag of candy and post something that makes sense during a sugar high madam !! .. if we bid on the Tardis maybe we can cut a deal on the shipping ? .. wait ... I think I am still on that sugar HIGH ?

kd .. thanks for not getting on my case with the spelling girl .. you know how it is after eating Bridge Mixture .. eeuuuwwww ! I'm sick !
PS .. maybe three of us (if Jane comes out of her snit) can bid on it and cut a new deal with the shipping ? hehehehehe

VP said...

Oh Joy - that's made me laugh so much!!!!!! :D

Thanks for all the mentions too :D

I knew it would get you drooling girl!

As for Survivors - you're seeing it at the same time as us?! It's just started over here. Did you see the original in the 1970s? It was by Terry Nation, yes the original Dalek creator!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen all the Doctor Who's at one time or other. My first and last attempt at knitting was a 9 foot scarf ala Tom Baker. I think that owning a Tardis would be the ultimate high. I would prefer K-9 rather than a Dalek.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

OK, I did try to read it, no headache yet. But I am lost, so sorry.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Jen .. not to worry girl .. you have to be a bit of a sci-fi freak to know what I am rambling on about here ... thanks for stopping by though : )

Jill ! I laughed about the scarf because oddly enough I too knitted one very long imitation of Tom's constant protector ! .. K9 would be a "no no " with the girls here but the Dalek .. me too .. a little too annoying eh ? haha

VP .. You are very welcome girl !
Sadly we actually do NOT get it here .. I have my friend near Shropshire that told me about it and got me jealous about it all .. but I thought you would be watching for sure ! .. no, I didn't know that ! wow ! too cool : )

Jane in Edmonton said...

I wasn't having a snit - I said I was sorry for being picky. Obsessive Doctor Who fan, me - can't stand inaccuracies. Anyway, thanks for correcting it. Also? My husband has a 20 foot Tom Baker scarf too - knitted for him by an old girlfriend (before my time LOL).

I actually have a small TARDIS - we use it as our tarp marker at the Folk Fest. It even has a blinky light on top.

If we bid on the shed and cut a deal on shipping, how would we arrange custody?

Crafty Gardener said...

What would Friday night at 9 pm be without Dr. Who??? But I had to give up Heartbeat to watch it ... thank goodness for machines that tape shows. And my weeknights aren't complete with watching an episdoe of Corrie. Do you watch Eastenders? That is the part of London where I was born and lived till I was 8 years old. I know that Walford is a fictional place but it is based on real life places.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Crafty .. what did you think of last night's episode "Turn Left" ? it was great eh ? .. I have watched Corrie since I was 9 or 10 .. and yes ! Eastenders I started while in Holland .. we are two years BEHIND here !
Wow .. you lived there ? that is awesome girl : )

Sorry Jane .. I was on a sugar high .. I hate mis-spelled words too .. we can shake hands and say sorry now ? LOL
Tom .. he was a tall dark and curiously handsome fellow too.
If we crack a deal .. I'm sorry but the top with the flashing light .. its MINE !! all mine !!! LOL ..
PS .. I think that is cool you have a mini Tardis : )
PPSS .. spelling mishaps may happen here too .. EARLY morning

WiseAcre said...

One nice thing about living on the edge (Canadian border) is being able to tune into Dr Who on Fridays.

I miss the 70's show that aired on PBS. Like 007 the original actor is my favorite but I do like the current Dr.

Now if I could only get my hands on a real Tardis I'd almost have enough space to put all my wife's junk. The next best thing would be to have a Dalek trash remover.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. We could all use a little Tardis tucked away some where couldn't we ? .. Hey, who told you that you could sneak our TV shows sir ?! .. I guess I have to cut you some slack .. we are neighbors after all .. hey have you ever seen the Brit show "Neighbors from Hell" ? hahaha