Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Locked in Ice

I love these pictures because the grass is literally locked in ice .. but it almost looks like a purposely posed picture .. and again, the ice has total control of the grass .. freezing it in that pose .. even though the grass seems delicate the ice maneuvers itself to not break it as much as encase it. It always amazes me.


Patsi said...

Boy, you are really cold !
I see everyone is slooowwwing down on their blogging. Kinda nice to have a break. I'm finally getting some cleaning done :)

cindee said...

Wow cool!!! Looks pretty chilly there. I hope you are staying nice and warm and cozy(-:

tina said...

Are you sure the grass is not in control of the ice-showing the ice where to freeze:) Sure, once frozen the ice rules. Looks a bit slippery up your way. Stay safe.

Roses and stuff said...

Beautifully captured! Frost and ice add beauty to the plants, I think. I'm still waiting for the first snow...wondering if we'll be getting any at all this mild winter.


greenman said...

Very beautiful.
Here in Lisbon, we do not have freasing temperatures like that, so we never see this beautiful sculptures made by mother nature.

Thanks for sharing.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Greenman !
Thank you : ) I don't mind sharing our weather with my pictures either ? LOL .. I can't imagine a winter without snow and ice !

Katarina .. I will be curious too as to whether you get some snow .. make sure to post with it if it does happen ? .. you can be a Canuck for a day !! LOL

Tina .. you might be spot on with that deduction girl ! .. how ever it is constructed, it really "wowed" me : )

Hi Cindee .. warm and cozy here .. love our fireplace for a top up on heat if I need it : )

Patsi .. how true is that girl .. I am running out of anything interesting to post about other than the regular ice and snow .. yikes ! .. but you are right about the other chores in life getting done too .. haha !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so descriptive! Your gardens provide a never-ending opportunity for interesting photos.

I'll be looking for lots of snow shots on Friday and Sunday - we're due for substantial amounts, according to the weather folk. /Deb

Connie said...

We have cold and snow here too, but no ice...thank goodness. Another snow storm heading our way tomorrow, so it will be a white Christmas for sure.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Connie ... We are going to have the same storm system as well .. hubby was out with the snow blower yesterday for some time .. a white Xmas for sure ! LOL

Hi Deb ... Thanks girl ! Now whether I will actually go out of the house for those shots is another question ? haha : )

Anonymous said...

We've been in such a deep freeze up here that I sometimes forget how harmful ice can be -- mind you , yours is so pretty!

Life's Sweet Ordinary

Cinj said...

At least I'm not the only person living in a world encased in ice. It would be nice if temps could approach 20 so we could at least get the ice off the streets though.

I wish I had a fire place so I could curl up by it with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. it took us a very long time and a lot of moving with the military before we could buy our own home .. and have the fireplace installed (plus the AC .. other wise I would go completely insane here during the hot humid summers).
It is such extreme weather we have from the ice locked months to the dripping hot humid summer ones.We do appreciate both the AC and the fireplace .. so it doesn't fall on deaf ears about being lucky enough to have the fireplace : )

Diane .. the ice can be very pretty as long as we aren't sliding away on it ? haha .. big snow storm headed our way for tomorrow .. so the snow blower will be getting its work out again ! .. weather all over is getting quite extreme .. good for pictures .. not so good for people , animals or plants though ?

Rose said...

Joy, you are definitely making the best of a bad situation; lovely photos!
Everything here is covered in ice, too, after a night of freezing rain. The roads are treacherous and schools are closed. Now I have no excuse not to stay home and get my house in order for Christmas:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. thanks girl ! .. yes we are locked into a storm here too .. we did as much shopping as possible yesterday .. but number one son is off to work .. at least it is within the city .. I feel sorry for the people that have a long drive to and from work .. it is just plain mean out there !

Genevieve said...

Gorgeous pictures! I was pruning a bamboo the other day and was alarmed to find little popsicles inside the hollow stems! Whoa!

It's so pretty how the grass is encased in such a casual pose.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Genevieve ! Thank you : )
I actually have some bamboo in this zone (I'm 5b) but Green Panda is supposed to be hardy to 4 .. so this should be interesting to see after this winter we are locked into .. bamboo popsicles .. that could be a great idea ! wink wink