Friday, 19 December 2008

AShot of Green with a Touch of Colour NEEDED !!

I know ... this is not fair .. these are pictures from months ago .. just random pictures I was scrolling through as I am watching this BIG winter storm happening here south east Ontario .. Kingston is a piece of work when it comes to snowfall .. but that is another story altogether. Minus 14 degrees Celsius and wicked winds with "white outs" happening.We scurried yesterday while there was a pause in the weather to buy "supplies" ? .. meaning right up to the turkey dinner time .. with naughty treats and all.

So here I am in my blue polar bear flannel pajamas ... dreaming of what it was like to walk around my garden .. all of the beautiful plants I have collected in the past few years especially .. no gardener goes a season without learning something new .. either in plant selection or gardening method .. it is always something different every year and that is what I love about gardening .. the adventure !

Well .. I just had to have a "shot of green and a touch of colour" as we dig deep here to really hibernate as all good Canadians in "winter country" do .. I just needed this to hold me over for a bit longer .. it might happen again early February .. but I will try to hold on ?


Anonymous said...

You could have knocked me over when I saw the colour coming up!!! Joy, you are quite a character, considering the snow that you (and we) are receiving. This is pretty wicked.

patientgardener said...

and there was me being jealous of the gorgeous plants you had flowering at the moment! I felt better to hear that your garden is as dull as mine at the moment

Gail said...

Sigh...I needed that! It was really lovely Joy, just lovely! Even tho, I've been having a good time in the garden, now don't be's 65 degrees today (Monday it will be 17 F) cleaning out what the guys didn't get to before my budget reached it's limit! It's been a delight but there is no color, just green cedars and brown leaves! In a few minutes I will be lying on the floor trying to relax my back~~but I wantd to see what you had posted and say hello. Take care. Gail

Stuart said...

Your plants look gorgeous no matter how old the photos are. It must be quite depressing for you seeing your garden smothered in snow when only months ago it looked like this.

Look on the bright side, another four months and you should be heading into some decent gardening weather again.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Stuart .. I think that is what makes us exceptionally appreciative of what months we do have to enjoy our gardens .. in a manner, we start all over again from scratch .. but cabin fever can really get to me so I have to think of inventive ways to hang on to my sanity and be ready to burst out of the gates when the garden race starts again !

Hi Gail .. Jeez ! You had to go and tell me that didn't you ! LOL
I would love to smell some cedar right now .. I should have gotten some branches for indoors so I can do that : )
I do yoga to help relieve some of the tension in my back .. and there you are on the floor girl ! LOL .. hey, what ever works is good with me ; )

patientgardener .. my garden is buried under more than a foot of snow which is gaining height rapidly here with this storm ! A white Christmas is nice .. but this stuff is going to stick around a long time yet .. you will have beautiful blooms way before me girl !!

Rose .. good grief this is one heck of a storm .. and there is another one on its way for Sunday they are saying .. i know we need it for ground water but wow .. this is going to be a long winter .. are you sure we can hold to the pact of not buying seeds ? ... jeez !!! hahaha

DougGreen said...

Can't see the shore 50' away. Gonna be one super dig-out tomorrow. Thank goodness for "Buck" the new Deere.

Crafty Gardener said...

What perfect photos for today - I needed to see them. The winter storm hit with a vengence and boy, am I glad I had a vacation day from work, which meant no driving for me. I took lots of photos from inside the kitchen so I'm going to be playing around with them this evening. The blinds and curtains are all shut so I can't see all that white stuff outside.

tina said...

Now just why isn't it fair? You can post ANY pictures you want-your blog right?:) I think they are wonderful and I almost felt the warm breeze as I walked along your lovely gardens. Love the hosta/heuchera picture!

Yup, nice and warm in Tennessee but it is turning cold soon. We sympathize! So Gail will have plenty of time to relax soonest! She is too funny.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Oh you poor thing! I was so happy to see your beautiful garden...I think it's ok to publish photos like that every day if you feel like it!! I've been going through mine too, and I have so many that I've never published that I just might start doing something similar!!

I will say though, that I wish we could have a big storm like you--but then, have it melt about a week later:) I want my son to have fun playing in it. But of course, I want it gone in a hurry!!

I feel for you way up there in the cold north. You sound cozy in your polar bear jammies:) Hang in there Joy, just keep looking through those cheery garden photos! Jan

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Your photos are wonderful!

I think we're all counting the days until spring!

Stay warm, stay happy!


Water Roots said...

I hear ya Joy...sigh... It's terribly cold today in my own Great White North region. The snow you are dealing with is not here yet but it's on its way. We will not be spared. Oh how I hate winter...the cold...the snow... And how I miss spring...the warm weather...the flowers...sigh...

The pictures you put up are much-needed eye candy for this time of year. Even if they're just a tease...LOL...

Stay warm! Your benchwarmers must be freaking out :)

Cinj said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see something in the garden right about now? Something other than white or brown would be a terrific improvement. Soon my browns will be covered with white so I suppose I shouldn't complain too loud. Sigh.

Thanks for the memories of warm days in a bright sunny garden. We need to hold onto those days to get through the long, cold winter.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Cinj .. the season has just started .. I don't think we have had the first official day of winter yet ! Yikes ! .. this is going to be one long winter : (

Hi Martha .. Yup . the naughty Benchwarmers are so mad at me they have all given me the naughty "finger" .. so I'll not take pictures of them before they finish that pose ? haha
I don't mind winter .. but it seems to be just so long .. shorten it up by 2 months and I'm good with that ! : )

Hi Cameron .. thanks ! .. yup, staying as warm as possible .. I have to watch out for the hot flashes though .. and hope that Spring will come early ?? LOL

Jan .. it actually does help to look at pictures of the garden in its glory .. it really impresses me that I have such a pretty one ? LOL .. almost like .. wow !! did it really look like that ?? haha
I think we should start a post domino (the others will follow) of highlights of our gardens ?? : )

Hi Tina .. you are funny too girl ! Yes, Gail will have some down time soon .. now only if she had 3 feet of snow to go with it ? hehehehe ! .. Thanks girl .. I'll try to imagine that warm breeze too .. except for the4 noise of the snow ploughs and snow blowers going (I'll pretend they are lawn mowers ?) haha

Crafty .. that was a good move to take .. you need extra days off especially with storms zooming down on us .. another one Sunday I heard ? .. I'll have to check on your snow photos girl .. I just have day time ones .. I still need to read my manual !! LOL

Doug ! You are a comedian buddy ! Buck should be getting one heck of a work out where you are ! Hubby is so glad to have his toy too : )

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was a wonderful shot of green, texture & color on a cold December day Joy! I don't blame you for wanting to relive the glory days of this past summer's garden. :)

Lynn Coulter said...

LOL at your comment...there is no such thing as too much chocolate!

Your flowers are gorgeous!! Hope your winter storm eases up soon!

"Master Blogger" for Atlanta's 2009 Southeastern Flower Show

Andrea said...

Nice to see flowers in this cold. You had me wondering for a moment. :-) Anyhow, wishing you nice holidays, Andrea

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Andrea .. OPS ! Fooled ya' ? haha .. I'm just in need of a garden fix to remember how beautiful my garden is beneath the snow ?

Hi Lynn .. Thanks ! .. You are right, there is no such thing as too much chocolate a consensus is forming about that one !

Hi PG : )
I don't know how I am going to get through another long cold Canuck winter .. but my pictures do help a bit thank goodness !

tina said...

Ha Joy! Here we still have lawn mowers going here, so yes-do pretend they are lawnmowers. The neighbor thinks lawnmowing the leaves away is way better than raking so he was at it all day yesterday. Too funny. I missed your response earlier, been in the garden. Stay warmest!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

We needed that! It is always wonderful to see colorful garden pictures.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi There HHG
Yes .. I was in a slump yesterday thinking about how many more months of snow we will have .. and I just had to do this .. to keep some what sane ? haha

Hi Tina : )
YES !!! blindfold is on and I am going to pretend they are lawn mowers girl .. hahaha
I have to laugh at the mowing of leaves bit .. hubby thinks that is the way to go now too : )
I have all sorts of warm pajamas and fuzzy robes with socks to match girl .. I am the "queen of warm here" !
PS ... then I have a hotflash and it all goes wonky on me .. haha

Sylvia (England) said...

This is just what we need to help us plan our gardens for next year. If you want some more help with 'cabin fever' some tips on planting combinations?? Yours are lovely and I am always looking for ideas.

I am fortunate that living in a temperate area I do have a few flowers in winter and it rarely snows (we got a lot more snow when I was a child!). But I am dreaming of next year as well.

Best wishes Sylvia

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Sylvia ! .. every once in a while I have to do this or be consumed by winter cabin fever !
It gets so dramatic I can't believe at times I have such a great garden ? LOL
Hey ... thanks for stopping by and maybe you will get a white Christmas yet ?? : )

sowing the seeds said...

Such amazing colours in your garden. It all looks so beautiful and lush. I love the contrasts of colour, just beautiful. Thankyou.

Garden Lily said...

Those are great photos! Nice combinations of colour and texture. I think these are the kind of photos that help us gardeners survive the winter, so thanks for posting.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Garden Lily !
It is hard to believe my garden was so beautiful after going through withdrawal here .. but thank goodness for digital cameras, so I can shoot loads of pictures to keep me going through winter is right ! LOL