Sunday, 7 December 2008

What we look at .. and what we see ?

I was going to go cold turkey today .. I was not going to get on here and post .. I have been posting every day and I think I may have a problem ? .. is there a group for "blog posters anonymous" ?? or dependant "spell check" groups as well ? .. this is serious stuff I am talking about here !
I haven't gotten any Christmas decorations up .. I just barely stuck to my schedule of cleaning the house .. it must already be clean because it doesn't look any different .. no little kids running around may be the key to that one ?
In any case .. what this post "that shouldn't be" is about .. exactly what the title says ..
"What we look at " vs "What we see" ... this morning as I stood barefoot outside the deck door in the snow (crazy Canadian EH ?) .. all I could really focus on was that beautiful sunrise horizon line with the cloud edged in the lightest of pinks shouldered by the beginning of blue sky .. it is very subtle but I was so entranced by it.
Also the pattern of the snow on the back of the bench ( the Benchwarmers were not in a good mood .. very cold last night) .. so I just saw the pretty pattern and caught that with the camera ...
So the next time you take pictures ... ask yourself what you are looking at ... and what you really see ?


Thanks For 2 Day said...

You speak my language, Joy! Honestly, keeping up with the garden blogging does require quite a bit of time. About looking vs. 'seeing',,,that's a good point. We are usually in such a hurry that we look right through or beyond what is there, and don't really get to see it! Jan

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I am sooooo jealous, we rarely ever get enough snow to even make a decent snowman!

Gail said...

Smiling with you! I spent the day cleaning...stacks of notes on possible posts...a sentence here and a sentence there! Boy am I lucky we have recycling!

Your view out the door is delightful! I see trees and have to go around front and onto the driveway to see the sky, but never the horizon!


Darlene said...

Gosh, it really looks COLD there!! We might get a light little dusting of snow on Tuesday of this week.

Blossom said...

You crazy Canuck you :) My grandmother would be convinced that you will die of a terrible cold this week!

This is a good question to ask ourselves when we're taking pictures. I've been thinking about this very idea quite a lot over the last few days.


VP said...

Hi Joy - I think I need a blogposters anonymous too!

The great thing about this time of the year is that sunrise is at a reasonable hour and you can have a really ggod look whilst actually being awake enough to appreciate it!

Can't wait to hear what you thought about the Dr Who finale!

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP .. I really think we should start s support group girl ! .. Yes .. sunrise is later and we can have a look 'see" what is out there : )
I have to send you a message on the finale .. saw it Friday night and WOW ! what the heck happens next ?

Hi Amy .. Your grandmother would be totally shocked with me girl .. I know my feet were darn surprise ! haha
Yes .. and the other side of the coin is what we miss, but what our cameras pick up for us .. I have been astounded to see things in the photo, I missed through the view !

Hi Darlene ! .. it is minus 20 here this morning .. but windchill is about -26 .. so it is Brrrrrrr ! time .. we don't have much snow yet though, that usually comes in January around here .. then you hear the snow blowers like lawn mowers but noisier ? haha

Gail .. now that is quite funny ! .. I do the same thing with note pads .. a few words , numbers, sentences ..random notes .. we recycle too phew ! .. I still have house tops to focus around .. but I am lucky with sunrises : )

Nola .. girl you wouldn't be jealous of having to move snow from the driveway or walkway .. we don't have much at all really .. but I know hubby loves his snow blower to bits : ) LOL

Jan .. aren't I terrible after saying I wasn't going to post today and I DID after all ? I really need help .. YES ! .. that is what did it for me .. I didn't have really good pictures to make the point with but that is what a lot of us do I think .. too much in a hurry and we miss the real point of the picture a lot of times : (

our friend Ben said...

Brrrr, the poor Benchwarmers! It's freezing down here too, and we also have a dusting of snow, but I was lucky enough to see a spectacular sunset last night and even see a great sunrise today (usually I'm too busy posting around then to notice... uh... what was that you said about a support group?!). Really seeing something means taking the time to stop and LOOK. Thanks for the reminder!

GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" .. I am in sad need of a support group .. I said I wasn't going to post today and yet I did .. holy cow !
I wish you had taken some pictures of the sunset and sunrise !
I'm obsessed with the sky .. it is so beautiful .. but like you I rush things and don't really SEE what I am shooting for pictures : (