Saturday, 10 January 2009

Baby Its COLD Outside & Thank you !!

I want to say another BIG thanks ! to all of you that answered my post with suggestions and remedies to survive the dreaded head cold .. : )
I slept in a bit this morning .. 7:20 AM .. so I didn't think there would be a "morning sky show" .. but a little glow of pink perked me up when it peeked through the blind .. it was so still, so quiet, and so damn COLD ! haha
Wafting clouds .. soft brush strokes in the sky .. a touch of pink, purple, lovely light to dark blue .. and the back lighting from the sun rise was reflecting off the bottom of one of the cloud groups ..Click on the bottom picture to enlarge and see what I mean about the back lighting ? .. it is subtle but it is definitely there and then overwhelmed with daylight so quickly ..

And ........... now for the COLD .... it was a bit crisp this morning. Even my camera complained about the cold .. poor thing .. how do you think I felt standing there with the open deck door ? ALIVE !! .. that sudden burst of COLD and you feel so alive, or was that my cold saying "what the h*** are you doing woman ???" The sky is a magnet to me so I can't help myself ... but holy mackerel .. cold is COLD but then again, I'm Canadian EH !!Last night would have been magnificent to see .. the clear skies .. stars and that glorious moon was in full throttle but sadly I do have to draw the line some where in the snow and just say no to my impulses .. plus the fact the moon was too over head for me to get a shot .. but that urge was barking ? oops meowing ? at me ; )


Anonymous said...

I believe those lovely morning skies are compensation for the cold temps, Joy. :)

tina said...

OMG! Cold indeed!

Lynn said...

If you read my blog you know I HATE WINTER... But if I had that kind of temp. I think I would really move. We have gotten down to 5 a couple times this winter and I thought that was bad. I just have a real problem with cold.. But Spring is on it's way!!!
Have a great day it is Beautiful there...

Gail said...

Glad you are feeling good enough to brave the cold so we can see your lovely view! Now get inside and don't do that again! We can't have you getting sick;-) Goodness who was I channeling there? Yep, my

greenman said...

In Europe we are also getting very cold weather this Winter.
Last night we had, in Lisbon, -2ÂșC, wich is rare.
The weather man even said that it might snow a bit but that was a promise thaey couln't keep.

WiseAcre said...

I almost titled today's post "Baby it's cold outside.

Sorry you can't take advantage of the raffle. I'd make a special exemption for ya but Canada won't let me in and I'm afraid the USA wouldn't let me back if I did get across the border.

Your head cold gave me a Python flashback:
Nurse! Nurse! My brain hurts!

I'm no doctor but I think it might have to be removed.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Frost on the tootsies?

Hope that you are feeling better soon.


J said...

We're having a little snow here in NYC. Just enough to be decorative, not enough to make it difficult to walk around outside. It's chilly here (31 F), but not COLD. Is that -10 on your thermometer? Sheesh!

Love the photos of the clouds! Stay warm!

Cinj said...

You know, I was looking at that bright, luminous moon thinking I should get a picture of it too.... It was too cold for me too though and I said forget it. Maybe when it warms up.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Joy, I was just about to complain about our 30 degree weather, but never mind:)

Anonymous said...

BRRRRR, too cold for me Joy! Stay in the house woman, before you really get sick. ;)

Patsi said...

Minus 25c...did I read that right?
I understand why you look to the skys with everything frozen.
Funny I can't feel it in the pictures :) Now I'm getting batty!
Award for you if you like to stop by.
Stay warm kiddo.

Linda Lunda said...

Brrr... THAT is COLD!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi There Nancy .. yes, I am thinking the same thing. Mother nature has to trade off some good for the bad, right ? LOL

Tina .. Those words would still be hanging in the air it is that cold here girl ! LOL

Lynn .. Yes, I know there are people who would actually move to avoid our winters .. but if you are a real Canuck it is part of your life ? and we "tough" it out : )

Gail .. I thought your voice sounded a bit different ! .. channeling can be tricky so take a rest now .. collect "yourself" girl !! LOL

Hello Greenman .. Cold weather is reaching further down towards the warm countries .. is this the "greenhouse" affect happening ?!

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. what can I say to you while you are in Monty flashback mode other than "are those rabbits in that SHRUBBERY?" !!!!
I am really sad I can't compete in your contest : ( BIG SIGH

Hi Jen .. Yup ! feeling much better .. herbal teas work a charm : )

Hi Jared .. yup .. you are lucky to just have the decorative snow fall .. we have snow blower snow fall .. and yes .. that temp is without wind-chill calculated in it .. bbbrrrrr !!

Cinj .. You saw that beautiful moon too ?!! .. the snow was reflecting off of it .. just awesome : )

Debbie .... now isn't it a good thing you saw how cold it is here before that whine ? came out of you girl ? LOL

PG .. No problem girl .. I'm in my flannel everything and staying inside .. too cold to even breath out there ! : )

Hi Patsi .. I really wanted to create a "cold button" so you guys could press it and have a cloud of cold hit you girl ! haha

Hi Linda .. yup .. we are in a cold snap .. which makes us snap a little ? LOL

Rose said...

Now, that IS cold! You are a dedicated blogger and a brave woman to get out in the cold to take these beautiful photos of the sky. Glad you are beginning to feel better, Joy.

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm so glad your are feeling better now! Don't over do it. :-)--Randy

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. I don't know about the dedicated part but I seem to be addicted to taking pictures ? LOL
Thank you ! I am feeling a bit better .. all the herbal tea makes you more zen-like ?? haha

Hello there Randy ! .. Those pictures of the clouds and streaming sun light were wonderful ! .. I am so guilty about not reading my camera manual .. I have to DO THAT !! it might make my pictures better .. duh ? LOL
Thanks for the kind thoughts .. more herbal tea should do the trick : )

cindee said...

Brrr there. It was very warm here and I was able to be outside most of the weekend doing clean up chores. I have a lot more to do and then of course pruning too. I hope you feel better. Its a nasty virus going around out there. Have a good week!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. I can't imagine being in the garden (no matter the clean up part ?) this time of year ! .. we polar bears are still in COLD stage girl ! haha
Yup Thanks .. loads of herbal tea has been washing the bugs out I think : )

susan (garden-chick) said...

I love that you included the photo of the thermometer - now you can't be accused of exaggerating!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Susan ... Thank you ! .. the next few days it is supposed to be even colder .. so the thermometer might just be included again for a few more shots : )

ldybug said...

ah, the perspecitve you captured in that banner gargoyle shot is awesome!

GardenJoy4Me said...

ldybug .. Hi there and thank you ! .. sometimes, after so many pictures that you take .. one really jumps out at you ? LOL
Thanks for dropping by : )