Friday, 9 January 2009

Remedies PLEASE ???

No pictures today .. for your own safety in fact. If anyone saw me today .. well ... lets just say you would have to take a "mental health day" from work .. or just turn your computer off at home and start screaming .
I have a straight from H*** head cold with razor blade throat for added enjoyment .. not long after another bug of a fluish nature.
I take so many supplements I'm sure I keep those industries in the black for the profit margin ..........
I was telling Meems, over at Hoe and Shovel, what I look like so she could have a good belly laugh .. "pillow creases in my face, RED nose from all the sniffing and wiping, little red eyes, hair standing on end .. throaty voice which is no where near anything sexy .. more like nails on a chalk board I would say.
In any case .. I'm looking for what you all use for remedies or comforts to help you get through a cold .. I drink a lot of herbal tea (I love Celestial Seasonings, especially peppermint) so that is covered ..
Let the cold remedies challenge rip !!!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I'm so sorry that you are under the weather.

I won't complain about my migraine today as it seems trivial compared to your angst.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Oh Joy, I feel your pain! I'm just recovering from one of the worst colds I've ever had. Mine eventually settled in my chest, and a course of antibiotics (which I usually avoid like the plague!) has made a huge difference, but I felt very sick for almost a week. For a head cold congestion, the thing I always fall back on for relief is Otrivin nasal spray (decongestant) - it moisturizes (get the one with the blue cap) and you only need to use it every 12 hours, so you don't get the "rebound" effect of some of those sprays. It's a lifesaver for me. I do hope you feel better soon -- there's a pile of crud going around here.

garden girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry Joy! Colds are miserable.

I don't like to take medicine, but make an exception when I have a cold. NyQuil is my remedy of choice, day or night if I'm at home, plus lots of sleep, lots of vitamin C, a big pot of homemade chicken soup with matzo balls and lots of veggies, and long, hot soaks in a tub full of cold and flu mineral salts. The one I have has Echinacea, goldenseal, lemon balm, Dead Sea salts, Eucalyptus (really helps clear the sinuses!) tea tree, and thyme. It's so soothing!

Oh, and a nice hot toddy goes very well with the hot bath no matter what time of day. ;) I hope you feel better soon!

Darlene said...

Oh I am so sorry you feel so rotten! I just usually use over the counter drugs such as Contact and Nyquil, try to sleep as much as possible and sometimes use steam. I boil water on the stove and then hold my head over kind of clears up your head and moisturizes your sinus and nose that feels so raw. I also put vaseline on my nose.♥

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I was going to reccomend tea, but you have that covered. Salt water gargles for the razors in your throat, okay? And sleep!

Zoƫ said...

Echinacea is supposed to be very good for warding off colds, boosting the immune system and generally keeping you healthy. I use it for about 9 months of the year between January and September.

Manuka Honey (from New Zealand) and a freshly squeezed Lemon mixed in a mug of hot water to drink. It will soothe the throat, boost Vit C levels and Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic available in different strengths. Its not cheap though. I just eat this straight of the spoon, it has a quite distinct flavour, and isn't so sweet to my palate.

Homeopathic remedy for flu is Gelesium, you can probably find that in a good health store (Bach remedy)

Hope you feel much better soon!


Gail said...

I drink Emergen C at the first sign of a's a fizzy little warm drink that seems to help me! But other folks might have a different experience with it!

I am sorry dear Joy that you are feeling poorly! I hope you get better soon.


Jean said...

So sorry to hear about your cold. Knock on wood I haven't gotten one yet this season. I'm not sure I have a foolproof remedy. One thing that can't hurt is staying in bed and reading a good book. My only issue with that is that I can get bored. So make sure it's a good one! Best of luck.

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I think the best thing for a cold is just sleep right thru it. Your body needs the rest and I don't see the point in trying to stay conscious when don't feel well anyway. I also like to have lots of soup. The warm fluid makes me feel cozy all over. Hope you feel better soon.--Randy

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. Migraines are terrible, so don't under rate them girl ! .. hope you feel better soon too !

Nancy .. girl you made me laugh with the "pile of crud going around" ! That is so true .. and why are there so many people in the stores still ? haven't they spent all their money on Xmas ?? LOL .. Thanks for the advice girl : )

Linda .. that sounds so good ! I don't think I have run across anything like that for bath salts .. we have Epsom ? salts and some bubbly gel to put in it .. but heck ! all of your remedies sound so good I think I have to come over there !! LOL

Darlene .. thank you ! .. yup the steam and the Vaseline are two really good things to do .. when I boil the kettle for herbal tea, I'm breathing that in .. but boy, this sucks .. ; )

Robin .. that is a good tip too, I tell my guys that and forget about it myself ? duh ?? LOL .. and I am on my way to make tea now .. nice honey/chamomile blend .. flannel pajama day : )

Zoe ! You just jogged a memory cell or two here .. I have a friend in Scotland that told me about that honey ! .. I have fresh lemons .. and some liquid honey I could doctor up .. yes, Echinacea is supposed to be great .. and Canada created ColdFX that our hockey players take to NOT get colds .. it seems to work for them.
Thanks for all of the tips girl !

Thanks Gail .. I haven't heard of that before .. I know there are lots of non-pharmaceutical remedies on the market .. I have to investigate more for sure ! : )

Jean .. the bed thing from most of you sounds perfect for me .. I had a long shower and in my flannel pajamas so the cats and I have a date for sure : ) Thanks girl !

Randy .. what a sweetheart you are ! .. I like the unconscious idea a LOT !! .. sleeping through this would be wonderful .. so I am going to try my best : ) along with the warm beverages/soups !

Rose said...

Joy, I do hope you feel better soon. You probably got this from going out to check on the Benchwarmers so often (I hope they haven't caught the virus from you!). I don't believe there is a cure other than time and rest, but lots of hot tea with honey and lemon is my favorite remedy for the symptoms. Chicken soup with lots of onions and garlic is also supposed to be good for you, but I never get that because no one else here cooks but me:) Just take it easy, Joy.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Sometimes I have allergy problems. I occasionally get the flu. I don't guess I get colds, that I recall. Of course that could have gone along with my memory in menopause!

Kate said...

Theraflu, Theraflu, and more Theraflu :)) Here's hoping you feel better soon.

Cinj said...

Oh, poor Joy. I can't stand colds at all. Linda had some of my favorite remedies although if you don't have time for a long bath those shower tabs are nice too. I forget what they're called though. I also use tons of nasal saline to clear the nose and cough drops for sore throat when the meds haven't kicked in yet.

Gail said...

It me again! Here is a link to a concoction my best friend swears by!


jodi said...

awwwww, Joy, I'm sorry you're feeling wretched. The only real solution I know of for colds is time, and products that alleviate symptoms. Buckley's for the cough, and Fisherman's Friend lozenges also for that and the sinuses, hot lemonade with honey and cinnamon...and time. I'll swap you the cold for how I'M feeling, though...

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Here is my remedy for you

1. Forget about the hair.
2. Make a hot tottie (lemon, honey, and a lot of I think scotch!)
3. Drink hot tottie. po q 3 h :)
4. Drink more hot totties.
5. Make sure you're close to your bed.
6. Fall into bed.
7. Repeat daily as needed.

Viooltje said...

Oh dear, I feel for you. I know you will get better soon. Without a doubt. I just hate this rotten feeling, 2 years ago I've had pneumonia for 2 months and then was in a Zombie-like anemic state for half a year. Blackberry wine got me back there among the living. Didn't have anything serious ever since. Well, at -20C that we have now, I don't see how it's possible anyway ;-) I don't even take medicines anymore, I just eat dreadful amounts of grapefruits and kiwis, drink hot honey+lemon for my sore throat, and use the inhalation set with a mixture of essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme and cedar, and menthol which stimulates bronchial mucus secretion by liquefying the thick and tough secretion, and thus facilitating expectoration, while they also have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and soothe bronchial spasms. This way my immunity doesn't just die off after all those antibiotics. So Joy, hold your head up and keep it there, even with hair standing on end. And I think pillow creases and throaty voice are absolutely sexy. Get well soon!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. I feel bad for you that no one else cooks .. go on strike girl !! and stick to it until he/they ? lose 20 pounds .. or cooks .. either one should work !
Thank you for the remedies .. they are popular ! .. The tea is doing some comforting and I can almost breath through my nose ! LOL
P.S. I think you might be right about checking on the Benchwarmers ! haha

Brenda .. too funny girl ! YES .. menopause does some strange things to our memories .. you are not alone on that one : )

Thanks Kate ! I will look for some of that when we get out next time (it is just too darn cold today .. brrr !)That shock would do me in for sure .. haha

Cinj .. thanks for the advice girl .. I think I know what you mean about the shower tabs .. menthol or eucalyptus type thing .. I'm not a bath person .. I love showers. Yup to the nose and throat tips too !

Hey "its me again Gail" howdy girl ! I'll check on that website and have a look at the concoction .. I think I am feeling a wee bit better today : )

Hello Jodi ! .. no swapping here girl ! I don't want to go through what you are going through .. hope you are feeling a little better ?
Yes .. Buckley .. I'll get the tablets (the cough syrup .. well you know .. it makes me GAG ! LOL)
And lots of the tea is doing a good job ! : )

Tessa .. my god you made us laugh this morning girl ! I read your remedy to hubby and he thought it was great (and forget the cold , just do that on a regular basis, and any bugs that might even think of invading the body will pack up straight away) .. Spiced rum (Morgans) would be excellent ! LOL

Violet .. you made me laugh this morning : ) Thank You !
YES ! .. I can't tell you when i was on antibiotics last .. I try to do everything else in the book before that happens .. your inhalant ? new word .. sounds wonderful .. I know there are so many great natural remedies out there when we make the effort to look them up .. so thank you for listing what you know works ! : )

Giddy said...

Well, Deah!

I can't add anything to all this wonderful advice you've been given, so I'll just wish you a very speedy recovery!

J said...

My best cold remedy is a knob of ginger root, unpeeled and sliced and boiled in water to make a brown tea. I drink gallons of that, keep adding water to it, and keep drinking it. I think it actually helps! Glad you're feeling better. Keep this on tap for the next cold (although I know you won't get another this winter!).

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Giddy .. Yup ! I think all the bases have been covered by now too girl : ) Thanks anyways !

Hello there Jared ! .. Yes, ginger is supposed to be excellent .. but it sort of turns me a bit squeamish ? .. I have been drinking loads of peppermint and camomile tea and I think it has cut this cold just out out of the game now ! Thanks for the remedy though and fingers crossed no more colds : )